Mudigonda Lingamurthy

Mudigonda Lingamurthy, shortly Lingamurthy (Telugu: ముదిగొండ లింగమూర్తి) (10 October 1908 – 24 January 1980), was an Indian film character actor known for his works in Telugu cinema, and theater.[1][2]

Mudigonda Lingamurthy
Born10 October 1908
Died24 January 1980(1980-01-24) (aged 71)

Life sketchEdit

Mudigonda Lingamurthy was born to a Hindu Shaiva family in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh. He used to play in school dramas in his childhood. He was very fond of arts and was introduced to Sthanam Narasimha Rao, a very famous Telugu theater artist and a Padma Shri awardee which kickstarted his journey. He joined Rama Vilasa Sabha of Tenali where he portrayed different characters in Kanyasulkam, Pratapa Rudreeyam and other dramas. He became popular and earned fame for his portrayal of Ramappa Pantulu character in Kanyasulkam drama.[3]

He moved to filmdom in 1937 and acted in the movie Tukaram along with Chittor V. Nagaiah. He later joined Vijaya Vauhini Studios and was associated with them for about 7 years and acted as Ajamisa in Bhakta Potana, Gangadu in Swarga Seema, Abirama in Yogi Vemana and Ramadas in Peddamanushulu. He was closely associated with Chitoor V. Nagaiah and acted in his films like Tyagayya, Naa Illu and Ramadasu. In total Lingamurthy acted in about 70 films in his illustrious career.

Lingamurthy wrote some playlets including Venkanna Kapuram, Pelli Choopulu, Thyagam. They are played widely across theater screens and have won many prizes. Some of the above have been translated into various languages.

He was founder member of Cine Technicians Association. He also held the post of Secretary and Chairperson of the Association. He retired from the profession after his Sashtiabdhapoorthi celebrations.

After the death of his wife, Durgavardhanamma in 1974, he took Sanyasa as is custom in Indian families. He died in 1980. He was survived by 4 sons, namely, Mudigonda Prabhakar Rao, Mudigonda Chandrasekar, Mudigonda Thyagaraju, Mudigonda Sivashankar and a daughter.

A mini hall named after him still exists today at the place where he lived in Nana Street, T. Nagar, Chennai.


This is partial list of his films. Please help expand the list.

Year Film Language Character
1937 Tukaram Telugu
1939 Vandemataram Telugu
1940 Sumangali Telugu
1941 Bhaktimala Telugu
1941 Devatha Telugu
1942 Bhakta Potana Telugu Ajamilini
1943 Panthulamma Telugu
1945 Swargaseema Telugu Father of Subbalaxmi
1946 Narada Naradi Telugu
1946 Thyagayya Telugu Japesen
1947 Yogi Vemana Telugu Abhirama
1947 Palnati Yudham Telugu Narsingaraju
1949 Dharmangada Telugu
1952 Dharmadevata Telugu King Veerasena
1953 En Veedu Tamil
1953 Naa Illu Telugu Dhanraj
1954 Peddamanushulu Telugu Newspaper Editor
1954 Bedara Kannappa Kannada Kailasanatha Sastry
1954 Sri Kalahastiswara Mahatyam Telugu Kailasanatha Sastry
1960 Mahakavi Kalidasu Telugu King
1961 Batasari Telugu Diwan at Zamindari
1962 Mahamantri Timmarasu Telugu Hamvira
1962 Sri Srikakula Andhra Mahavishnuvu Katha Telugu Mahendrajit, the minister
1964 Ramadasu Telugu
1965 Zamindar Telugu Narahari
1965 Pandava Vanavasam Telugu Shakuni
1967 Shri Krishnavataram Telugu Shakuni


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