"Mortada Mansour", by Carlos Latuff, 2011

Mortada Ahmed Mohamed Mansour (Arabic: مرتضى أحمد محمد منصور‎; born 17 June 1952 in Cairo) is an Egyptian lawyer who was elected as the chairman of Zamalek SC on 29 March 2014.[1] Mansour announced his intention on 6 April 2014 to pursue the presidency in the 2014 Egyptian presidential election,[2] though he withdrew on 19 April and announced his support for former defense minister Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for the presidency.[3]


Considered by some to be the worst president for Zamalek FC, Mortada is a very controversial figure who consistently makes the headlines for challenging those that disagree with him. One of his main court battles was against the ultras, which he saw as a national security threat. After years of battles in the courts of Egypt, Mortada Mansour achieved his aim and ultras were banned in Egypt.[citation needed]


Mansour is a member of the Egyptian Parliament.[when?]


Mansour has called the day of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, 25 January, "the worst-ever day in Egypt's history".[4]


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