Moon Hee-joon

Moon Hee-joon (Korean문희준; or spelled Moon Hee-jun; born March 14, 1978) is a South Korean pop rock singer-songwriter signed under SidusHQ. He initially rose to fame as the leader of former boy band H.O.T. under SM Entertainment.

Moon Hee-joon
((TV10) 문희준이 밝힌 소율과의 결혼 소감 (feat. 크레용팝 빠빠빠) 1m14s.jpg
Born (1978-03-14) March 14, 1978 (age 42)[1]
Seoul, South Korea
OccupationHost/mc, singer, dancer, choreographer, composer
Years active1996–present
(m. 2017)
Musical career
  • Rock
  • pop
Years active1996–present
LabelsIOK Company
Associated acts
Korean name
Revised RomanizationMun Huijun
McCune–ReischauerMun Hŭijun


1996–2001: H.O.T.Edit

Being the second member to join H.O.T. after auditioning, Moon made his debut as a singer as the leader of the boy group. The group debuted with their first album, We Hate All Kinds of Violence in September 1996, which was accused of being plagiarized and lawsuits were placed against them. Despite their controversial debut, the group eventually rose to fame with their first hit, Candy and We Are the Future, which the latter won them a MTV award for Best International Video. During his time as part of the group, Moon composed and wrote music for the group and with fellow member, Jang Woo-hyuk, he often choreographed the group's dance routine.[2] Despite H.O.T.'s success, after releasing their last album, Outside Castle in September 2000, the group disbanded in May 2001.

2001–2005: Solo artist and leaving S.M. EntertainmentEdit

After the disbandment of the group, Moon stayed on in S.M. Entertainment with Kangta, who was also part of H.O.T., and debuted as a solo artist. Moon attempted to establish a rock music career with his first album, Alone, but received criticism from the public.[3] His second album, Messiah, was tinted with controversy as one of the songs, Media, was banned from all 3 major broadcasting stations in South Korea, for attacking mass media. After the release of his third album, Legend, in 2003, Moon released The Best: Soaring for a Dream, his last album under S.M. Entertainment and created his own company, PS Entertainment. After Moon released his fourth album, Triple X, he enlisted in the army in 2005.[4]

2006–2009: Military service, SidusHQ and comebackEdit

Before entering the army, Moon had signed a contract with SidusHQ and during his time in the army, he hosted the KFN Korean Army Broadcast "Music Talk Show", which received recognition from various Korean artistes. In 2008, Moon released his fifth album, Special Album, which included songs from H.O.T. previous albums. Moon released his first mini album, Last Cry, in 2009. In the same year, Moon appeared in sitcom Taehee, Hyegyo, Jihyun and took a break from the music scene.[2]

2010–present: Other activities, Begins, HotSechgodRGEdit

Despite being absent from the music scene, Moon took up hosting in several variety programs such as, Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend, Mnet's 'Wide Celebrity News' and other programs.[5][6] In 2013, Moon released his second mini album, Begins, after being away from the music scene from 3 years. It was released on January 18, 2013.

Moon, his H.O.T. bandmate Tony An and three members of disbanded or inactive fellow first-generation idol groups Eun Ji-won of Sechs Kies, Danny Ahn of g.o.d and Chun Myung-hoon of NRG starred in their own variety-reality television show Handsome Boys of the 20th Century. He had conceived the idea following the success of Reply 1997 and invited the four other entertainers, all of whom were born in the same year (1978), to star in a reality version of the show. They called their "group" HOTSechgodRG, which is made up of each of their idol group names.[7][8] They have since appeared on shows such as KBS's Happy Together SBS's Running Man. Due to the reuniting of Eun's group Sechs Kies and Danny Ahn's group g.o.d, they have not appeared as a five-some since the 2014 show Where is My Superhero?, which aired on OnStyle, due to busy schedules but remain close friends. The group, except Eun, most recently met at Moon's bachelor party which was shown on Mom's Diary - My Ugly Duckling, the reality show that Tony An was participating in.

In 2015, Moon signed an exclusive contract with KOEN Stars.[9]

Personal lifeEdit

Park and Moon at the press conference of their wedding

On November 25, 2016, Moon announced that he would be marrying fellow entertainer Park Hye-Kyeong, also known as Soyul of Crayon Pop. The wedding was held on February 12, 2017, in Seoul. The pair then welcomed their first child, daughter Moon Hee-yul, on May 12.[10]




Album # Album Information Track listing
1st Alone
  • Released: October 5, 2001
  1. Electric H.I.T World
  2. Muse Over the Sunset
  3. Our Story
  4. Alone
  5. The Loss of Sadness
  6. T.N.T
  7. Red & White
  8. Aria of the Will
  9. Persia Black Hole
  10. Devil of Angel
  11. I Still Believe
  12. Unexpected Farewell
2nd Messiah
  • Released: July 19, 2002
  1. My Life is... and My Way
  2. I (Human Individual Cloning)
  3. 아낌없이 주는 나무 (Generous)
  4. 상자 속의 그댄 (Falling in to You)
  5. 몇 년이 지나도 (Longing for You)
  6. 사랑이란건 (Love Theme1)
  7. 아낌없이 주는 나무 (Generous...Ballad Version)
  8. 나의 고물 Radio (My Old Radio)
  9. MEDIA
  10. 눈물이 마른 뒤 (Love Theme2)
  11. White Angels
  12. 내일이 찾아오면 (New Mix-Down)
3rd Live Revolution
  • Released: December 9, 2002
  1. Present: love in my pocket
  2. Love in my Pocket
4th Legend
  • Released: July 7, 2003
  1. I Don't Care For Anything But Music
  2. 전설 (Legend)
  3. 내님 (I'll always wait for you)
  4. G. 선상의 아리아 (Silent Conflict)
  5. 우린 너무 닮았죠 (To my Parents)
  6. 서툰 고백 (Confession)
  7. Gin-O-Gi
  8. The Rome
  9. 웃어요 (Smile)
  10. To Be Continued...
5th The Best: Soaring for a Dream
  • Released: April 28, 2004


  1. 종이 비행기 (A Soaring for Dream)
  2. To Live is to Fight
  3. Puppy
  4. Virus
  5. Alone
  6. Red & White
  7. 천상의 아리아 (Aria of the Will)
  8. Devil Of Angel
  9. I (Human Individual Cloning)
  10. 아낌없이 주는 나무 (Generous...)
  11. My Life Is...And My Way
  12. 전설 (Legend)
  13. G선상의 아리아 (Silent Conflict)
  14. To Be Continued...
  15. Drug


  1. 우리 이야기 (Our Story)
  2. 널 잃어버린 후에야... (The Loss Of Sadness)
  3. 몇 년이 지나도 (Longing For You)
  4. 사랑이란 건 (Love Theme I)
  5. 아낌없이 주는 나무 (Generous...Ballad Version)
  6. 내님
  7. 우린 너무 닮았죠
  8. 서툰 고백
  9. Red & White (Live Version)
  10. Persia Black Hole
  11. Devil Of Angel (Live Version)
  12. 평온의 노을 (Muse Over The Sunset_Live Version)
  13. T.N.T(Live Version)
6th Triple X
  • Released: September 12, 2005
  1. MayFly
  2. Easy 罵 (Intro)
  3. Easy 罵
  4. [Sure:side]
  5. 기억이란 작은 마을 (A Small Village Called Memory)
  6. Happy Ending
  7. A.D. 2050
  8. 잊으려... (*Composed by Miyazaki Hayao, Lyrics & Arranged by MoonHeeJun)
  9. 우린...
7th Special Album
  • Released: March 19, 2008
  1. Obsession
  2. WISH
  3. Soul
  4. git it up
  5. G선상의 아리아 (Gseonsangui Aria – G Line's Aria)
  6. 포켓 속의 그댄 (Poketssogui Geudaen – You in My Pocket)
  7. To Live is To Fight
  8. 종이 비행기 (Jongi Bihaenggi – Paper Plane)
  9. 기억이란 작은 마을 (Gieogiran Jageun Maeul – A Small Village Called Memory)
8th Last Cry
  • Released: June 19, 2009
  1. …Because there were two of us …Because You're Alone
  2. Toy (New Version)
  3. Why
  4. Toy (Original Version)
  5. …Because there were two of us …Because You're Alone (Instrumental)
  • Released: January 18, 2013
  2. I'm Not OK
  3. 스캔들 (SCANDAL)
  4. Blood-V
  5. PIONEER (Inst.)


  • 2004 Winter Letter


Variety ShowsEdit

Year Title Network Episode
2011–present Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend KBS2 Co-host (Waiting Room)
2013 Handsome Boys of the 20th Century QTV Main cast
2014 Where is My Superhero?[11] OnStyle Main cast
2016–2017 Singderella Channel A Co-host
2019–2020 The Return of Superman KBS2 Father of JamJam


Mnet Asian Music AwardsEdit

Year Category Work Result
2001 Best Male Artist "Alone"[12] Nominated
2002 "Generous" (아낌없이 주는 나무)[13] Nominated
Netizen Popularity Award Won
2003 Best Rock Performance "My Silent Conflict" (G 선상의 아리아)[14] Nominated
2004 Best Rock Video "Paper Airplane"[15][16] Nominated
Blue Award Won
2005 Best Rock Performance "A Small Village Called Memories"[17][18] Nominated
Gmarket Netizen Popularity Award Won
2008 Best Rock Performance "Obsession"[19] Nominated

TV awardsEdit

Year Award Category Work Ref.
2019 17th KBS Entertainment Awards Grand Prize (Daesang) The Return of Superman [20]

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