CJ E&M (Hangul: 씨제이이앤엠, an initialism for CJ Entertainment & Media) is a South Korean entertainment and mass media company created by CJ Group in 2011. As of July 2018, CJ E&M became a division of CJ ENM.

CJ ENM E&M Division
Native name
Traded asKRX: 130960
(15 October 2010 to 1 July 2018)
  • CJ O Shopping media division
  • CJ Media
  • On-Media
  • Mnet Media
  • CJ Entertainment
  • CJ Games
  • CJ Internet
SuccessorCJ ENM
(as a standalone public company)
FoundedMarch 1, 2011
FounderCJ Group
CJ E&M Center, Sangam Sanro 66, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Area served
Key people
Kim Sung-su (CEO)[1]
Owneras of December 2017:[2]
  • CJ Group (39.36%)
  • Affiliated Persons (3.50%)
  • Treasury Stocks (0.41%)
  • Domestic Institution (12.83%)
  • Foreign investors (28.44%)
  • Others (15.45%)


CJ E&M was established as O Media Holdings in 2010.

In 2011, the company renamed to CJ E&M (short for CJ Entertainment & Media) following the merger of seven CJ Group company : CJ Media, On-Media, Mnet Media, CJ Entertainment, CJ Games, CJ Internet, and the media division of CJ O Shopping.[3]

In 2016, CJ E&M sets up its South East Asia headquarter in Hong Kong in a bid to expand the group's major development plan in Asia.[4]

In 2018, CJ E&M established an office in Singapore to advance the company's channel distribution and advertising sales support in the region.[5] In May 2018, it was announced that CJ E&M and CJ O Shopping merged into new company CJ ENM (CJ Entertainment and Merchandising), which will be launched on July 1.[6][7]



Media Content – operating as a media company and television program production.[8]

Film – operating as a film production company, film publishing house, film investment production.

Music – operating as an artists management, record label, music production company, event management, concert production company, music publishing house and entertainment investment company.

Convention – operating as a concert production company, festival production and producing award event.[20]

  • MAMA
  • KCON
  • Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival
  • Get It Beauty CON
  • OLive CON

Performing Arts – operating as a theatrical production company.

Animation – operating as an animation production company, animation publishing house, animation investment production and merchandising animation content.

Media Solution – developing and producing marketing content and providing integrated marketing solutions.


  • CJ E&M Game Division – publisher and developer of games – spun off in 2014 as an independent company named CJ Netmarble (Korean씨제이넷마블; RRCJ Netmabul).[22]

* denotes a company wherein CJ ENM or any of its subsidiaries has a minority interest.


In April 2015, CJ E&M was accused of mobilising young employees to fill the seats of its annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders in an attempt to silence shareholders.[23]

In October 2015, CJ E&M and its US-based subsidiary CJ E&M America were sued by Seoul-based music agency DFSB Kollective for copyright infringement and violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the Central District Court of California, with the latter seeking to get $50 million. Responding to the suit, CJ E&M accused DFSB of being unhappy on the final decision on a similar lawsuit filed in Seoul in 2011. The first trial was set for 1 March 2016 after the court rejected CJ E&M's motion to dismiss the case.[24][25][26] In 2019, the final decision index of MNET's PRODUCE101 was manipulated to get involved in a series of scandals because the internal foundation of PRODUCE101 had already been identified.Some organs would have manipulated the two-hour period just because adults were brain-shocked with bribes. MNET and CJ E&M initially rejected everything and police are confirming that they are manipulated and will continue with initial research. All these scans cause a brief pause in activity at these small chains X1 and IZONE. On Dec. 30, CJ E&M and MNET CEOs publicly apologized, vowing that X1 and IZE would return to activity. But as he announced the official breakdown of X1 since Jan. 6, the scandal has caused IZONE and Chain not to want its presence. In March 2020, police confirmed that CJ E&M and MNET have yet to pay for the equivalent of X1 during their activities. Currently, MNET and CJ E&M are under fire for various miscellaneous things.

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