Cinema Service

Cinema Service (Korean시네마서비스) is a South Korean film production and distribution company.

Cinema Service
Native name
FormerlyKang Woo-suk Productions
FounderKang Woo-suk
Headquarters3F 35-23 Tongui-dong,
Seoul, Korea
ProductsMotion pictures
ParentCJ E&M
Cinema Service
Revised RomanizationSinema Seobiseu
McCune–ReischauerSinema Sŏpisŭ


The company was founded in 1993 by film director Kang Woo-suk as "Kang Woo-suk Productions", before taking the name Cinema Service in 1995. It survived during the Asian financial crisis and was in position to take advantage of the popularity boom of Korean cinema, becoming a major player in the East Asian film industry.

In 2000, Cinema Service merged with Locus Holdings (later Plenus Entertainment).

In 2003, Cinema Service distributed Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

In 2005, the founder Kang Woo-suk relinquished his position at the company, wanting to concentrate more on his personal film projects.[1] Plenus Entertainment merged with CJ Entertainment and Cinema Service became independent of the Plenus Entertainment.

In 2006, Cinema Service was merged with CJ Entertainment.

In 2008, Cinema Service distributed Sex and the City: The Movie and exit the movie publishing and distribution business to focus on movie production. Now, all Cinema Service films are distributed by CJ Entertainment.

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