Mita Station

Mita Station (三田駅, Mita-eki) is a subway station in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Toei). It is adjacent to Tamachi Station on the Yamanote Line and Keihin-Tōhoku Line and is a major station for commuters due to the proximity of many office and condominium developments. It is also the closest station to the main campus of Keio University.

A08 I04
Mita Station

Station entrance A9, May 2011
Location5-34-10 (Asakusa Line)
5-18-8 (Mita Line) Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Operated byPrefSymbol-Tokyo.svg Toei
Other information
Station code
  • A-08
  • I-04
Preceding station   Toei Subway   Following station
toward Nishi-magome
Asakusa Line
Airport Limited Express
toward Oshiage
Asakusa Line
toward Meguro
Mita Line


Mita Station is served by the following lines.

Station layoutEdit

The station consists of two sets of platforms, for the Asakusa Line and Mita Line. The Asakusa Line is served by an island platform (platforms 1 and 2) located on the second basement ("B2F") level, while the Mita Line is served by two side platforms located on separate levels, with the southbound platform (platform 3) on the second basement ("B2F") level, and the northbound platform (platform 4) on the third basement ("B3F") level.


1 A Toei Asakusa Line for Sengakuji, Nishi-Magome
KK Keikyu Main Line for Haneda Airport and Misakiguchi
2 A Toei Asakusa Line for Nihombashi, Oshiage
KS Keisei Line lines for Keisei-Takasago, Keisei-Tsudanuma and Narita Airport
HSHokuso Railway for Imba-Nihon-Idai
KS Narita Sky Access Line for Narita Airport
SR Shibayama Railway Line for Shibayama-Chiyoda
3 I Toei Mita Line for Meguro
MG Tokyu Meguro Line for Hiyoshi
4 I Toei Mita Line for Ōtemachi, Sugamo, and Nishi-Takashimadaira


The station opened on 21 June 1968, initially served only by the Toei Asakusa Line.[1] The Mita Line station opened on 27 November 1973.[1]


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