Nishi-magome Station

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Nishi-magome Station (西馬込駅, Nishi-magome Eki) is the southern terminal of the Toei Asakusa Line, a subway line operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation. It is located in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan and is the southernmost station of the Tokyo subway network. Its station number is A-01.

Nishi-magome Station

Platform level of Nishi-magome Station.
LocationŌta, Tokyo
Operated byPrefSymbol-Tokyo.svg Toei
Line(s)A Asakusa Line
Other information
Station codeA-01
Preceding station   Toei Subway   Following station
TerminusAsakusa Line
toward Oshiage


Nishi-magome opened on November 15, 1968, as a station on Toei Line 1. In 1978, the line took its present name.


Nishi-magome has two platforms. Because this is the terminal station, trains on both tracks go in the same direction.

1,2 A Toei Asakusa Line for Sengakuji, Shimbashi, Asakusa and Oshiage
KS Keisei Line lines for Keisei-Takasago, Keisei-Tsudanuma and Narita Airport
HSHokuso Railway for Imba-Nihon-Idai
KS Narita Sky Access Line for Narita Airport
SR Shibayama Railway Line for Shibayama-Chiyoda


The station is located underneath the Daini Keihin highway, and serves the Nishi-Magome and Minami-Magome neighborhoods. It is one of the closest stations to the temple of Ikegami Honmon-ji.

The next station to the north-east is Magome Station.

Nishi-magome is located directly north of the Magome train car repair facility which handles maintenance for rolling stock used on the Toei Asakusa Line and Oedo Line. Oedo Line trains access this facility by passing through the Asakusa Line using a connecting tunnel near Shimbashi Station (Shiodome Station on the Oedo Line).

Magome rail yard

Coordinates: 35°35′12″N 139°42′21″E / 35.5868°N 139.7059°E / 35.5868; 139.7059