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Miss International (Miss International Beauty or The International Beauty Pageant) is a Tokyo-based international beauty pageant organized by The International Culture Association. The pageant was first held in 1960.[1][2] Miss International is the fourth largest pageant in the world in terms of having crowned national winners to participate in the international contest.[3]

Miss International
Logo of the Miss International Pageant.
Motto Love, Peace and Beauty
Formation 1960
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Tokyo
Official language
Akemi Shimomura
Affiliations Miss Paris Group [1]
Website Official website
Miss International Sash

Along with Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth, this pageant is one of the Big Four international beauty pageants- the most coveted beauty titles when it comes to international pageant competitions.[4]

The current Miss International is Kevin Lilliana of Indonesia who was crowned on 14 November 2017 in Tokyo, Japan.



The pageant was created in Long Beach, California, USA in 1960[5] after the departure of the Miss Universe pageant to Miami Beach.[6] Hosted in Long Beach until 1967,[7] the pageant moved to Japan from 1968–1970, being hosted each year in the same city as the Expo '70. For 1971, it was held in Long Beach again, but since that time it has been held annually in Japan until 2003. Since 2004, it is held in China or Japan.[8] The first winner of the pageant in 1960 was Stella Araneta of Colombia.

The pageant is also called "Miss International Beauty".[9] Contestants are expected to serve as "Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty", demonstrating tenderness, benevolence, friendship, beauty, intelligence, ability to take action, and, most importantly, a great international sensibility. The ultimate goal of the Miss International beauty pageant is to promote world peace, goodwill, and understanding.[8]


The winner of Miss International 2012, Ikumi Yoshimatsu of Japan was dethroned and did not crown her successor due to contract dispute with another talent agency;[10][11][12] instead Miss International 2008 Alejandra Andreu took over in passing on the crown to Bea Santiago of the Philippines. The organization has been criticized for not standing up for allegedly asking Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Miss International 2012, to skip the succession ceremony and "play sick and shut up" in order to avoid a scandal with a Japanese production company whose president allegedly was harassing Yoshimatsu.[2][13]

Recent titleholdersEdit

Year Country Miss International National Title № of Delegates
2017   Indonesia Kevin Lilliana Puteri Indonesia 69
2016   Philippines Kylie Verzosa Binibining Pilipinas 69
2015   Venezuela Edymar Martínez Miss Venezuela 70
2014   Puerto Rico Valerie Hernandez Miss International Puerto Rico 73
2013   Philippines Bea Santiago Binibining Pilipinas 67

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