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Miss Universo Chile (English: Miss Universe Chile) is a national beauty pageant that selects Chile's representative to the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Chile Organization
Miss Chile para Miss Universo
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss Universe
Official language
Keno Manzur
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Chile is one of the few countries that has participated in Miss Universe since 1952, has sent 53 representatives in the pageant's 65-year history and placed 13 times in the Semi-Finals, with one Miss Universe crown: Cecilia Bolocco, in 1987.

Luciano Marocchino had the Chilean franchise for Miss Universe since 2004, but did not send a delegate on 2007-2010 period. In 2011, Chile returned to the competition with Vanessa Ceruti, Miss Universo Chile 2011.

Marocchino's organization received many negative critics, due to the less preparation given to the winners. He gave up the contest in 2015.

The national broadcaster, Chilevisión held the contest from 2016 up to 2018.

In 2019 Keno Manzur took over the Miss Universe franchise in Chile as National Director.

The current titleholder is Daniela Nicolás, she will represent her country in Miss Universe 2020 on a date to be announced.


  •   : Declared as Winner
  •   : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •   : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •   : Ended as special awards winner
The winner of Miss Chile represents her country at the Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) a runner-up is sent.
Year Region Miss Chile National Costume Placement at Miss Universe Special Awards
2021 La Serena Antonia Cristal Figueroa Alvarado TBD TBD TBD
2020 Atacama Daniela Nicolás Gómez Legend (Pincoya) Unplaced
2019 Santiago Geraldine González Martínez Conceptual (Cherry production) Unplaced
2018 Santiago Andrea Díaz Nicolás Conceptual (Selk'Nam Culture) Unplaced
2017 Santiago Natividad Leiva Bello Legend (Alicanto) Unplaced
2016 Santiago Catalina Cáceres Ríos Legend (Trentren Vilu and Caicai Vilu) Unplaced
2015 Valparaiso María Belén Jerez Spuler Conceptual (Ices of the Chilean Andes) Unplaced
2014 O'Higgins Hellen Toncio Salazar Huasa Tradicional Unplaced
2013 Santiago María Jesús Matthei Molina Conceptual (Chinchinero) Unplaced
2012 Santiago Ana Luisa König Browne Personification (Bernardo O'Higgins) Unplaced
2011 Santiago Vanessa Ceruti Vásquez Conceptual (Chilean Miners) Unplaced
Did not compete between 2007—2010
2006 Coquimbo Belén Montilla Torreblanca Mapuche Unplaced
2005 Santiago Renata Ruiz Pérez[1] "Pascuense" (Easter Island) Unplaced
2004 Valparaíso Gabriela Barros Tapia Personification (Carmela de San Rosendo) Top 15
2003 Did not compete
2002 Santiago Nicole Rencoret Ladrón de Guevara Conceptual (Ona-Selknam culture, painted body) Unplaced
2001 Santiago Carolina Gámez Gallardo Conceptual (Ices of the Chilean Antarctic) Unplaced
2000 Valparaíso Francesca Sovino Parra Conceptual (Fiesta de la Vendimia) Unplaced
1999 Santiago Andrea Muñoz Sessarego "Pascuense" (Easter Island) Unplaced
1998 Magallanes Claudia Arnello Reynolds Typical Costume of the North of Chile Unplaced
1997 Tarapacá Claudia Delpín Corssen Typical Costume of the North of Chile Unplaced
Rapa Nui Hetu'u Rapu Atan Disqualified. The first runner-up took over.
1996 Santiago Andrea L'Huillier Troncoso "Pascuense" (Easter Island) Unplaced
1995 Magallanes Paola Falcone Bacigalupo Personification (La Quintrala) Unplaced
1994 Santiago Constanza Barbieri Sanz Mapuche Unplaced
1993 Santiago Savka Pollak Tomasevic "Pascuense" (Easter Island) Unplaced
1992 Santiago Marcela Vacarezza Etcheverry Mapuche Unplaced
1991 Araucanía Cecilia Alfaro Navarrete Mapuche Unplaced
1990 Antofagasta Uranía Haltenhoff Nikiforos Typical Costume of the North of Chile Top 6
1989 Aysén Macarena Mina Garachena Typical Costume of the North of Chile Top 10
1988 Valparaíso Verónica Romero Carvajal Typical Costume of the North of Chile Unplaced
1987 Santiago Cecilia Bolocco Fonck Mapuche Miss Universe 1987
1986 Santiago Mariana Villasante Aravena "Huasa de Salón" Top 10
  • Best National Costume (3rd Runner-up)
1985 O'Higgins Claudia van Sint Jan del Pedregal "Huasa Tradicional" Top 10
1984 Valparaíso Carol Bähnke Muñoz "Huasa de Salón" Unplaced
1983 Santiago María Josefa Isensee Ugarte "Diablada de La Tirana" Unplaced
1982 Santiago Jenny Purto Arab Conceptual (Copper) Unplaced
1981 Valparaíso María Soledad Hurtado Arellano Mapuche Unplaced
1980 Valparaíso María Gabriela Campusano Puelma "Huasa de Salón" Unplaced
1979 Maule María Cecilia Serrano Gildemeister "Huasa de Salón" Unplaced
1978 Santiago Marianne Müller Prieto "Pascuense" (Easter Island) Top 12
1977 Santiago Priscilla Brenner Conrad Mapuche Unplaced
1976 Los Lagos María Verónica Sommers Mayer "Huasa de Salón" Top 12
1975 Santiago Raquel Argandoña de la Fuente "Huasa Tradicional" Unplaced
1974 Santiago Rebeca González Ramírez "Pascuense" (Easter Island) Unplaced
1973 Atacama Wendy Robertson Cleary "Pascuense" (Easter Island) Unplaced
  • Miss Congeniality
1972 Santiago Consuelo Fernández de Olivares Conceptual (Huaso) Unplaced
1971 Did not compete
1970 Santiago Soledad Errázuriz García-Moreno "Huasa de Salón" Unplaced
1969 Santiago Mónica Larson Teuber "Huasa de Salón" Top 15
1968 Santiago Dánae Sala Sarradell "Pascuense" (Easter Island) Top 15
1967 Antofagasta Ingrid Vila Riveros N/A Unplaced
1966 Bío Bío Stella Dunnage Roberts N/A Unplaced
1965 Did not compete
1964 Valparaíso Patricia Herrera Cigna "China de Campo" Unplaced
Did not compete between 1962—1963
1961 Magallanes Gloria Silva Escobar "China de Campo" Top 15
1960 Santiago Marinka Pohlhammer Espinoza "China de Campo" Unplaced
1959 Did not compete
1958 Valparaíso Raquel Molina Urrutia "China de Campo" Top 15
1957 Did not compete
1956 Santiago Concepción Obach Chacana "China de Campo" Unplaced
1955 Antofagasta Rosita Merello Catalán Sidgman N/A Unplaced
1954 Antofagasta Gloria Leguisos Mesina "Huasa Tradicional" Top 16
1953 Did not compete
1952 Santiago Maria Esther Saavedra Yoacham N/A Unplaced
  • Most Popular Girl

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