Mahmud II of Kalat

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Mir Mahmud Khan II was the Khan (ruler) of the princely state of Kalat in what is now the Balochistan province of Pakistan.[1][2]

Mir Mahmud Khan II
Khan of Kalat
PredecessorMir Khudadad Khan Baloch
SuccessorMir Mohammad Azam Jan Khan
Kalat, Khanate of Kalat, Baluchistan Agency, British India
Kalat, Baluchistan Agency (present-day Balochistan, Pakistan)
ReligionSunni Islam

In 1893, James Browne, an agent of the Governor-General, deposed Mahmud Khan's father, Khudadad Khan, for allegedly masterminding a murder. Mahmud Khan succeeded him and negotiated the perpetual lease and transfer of management to the British of the Nushki District and its headquarters, giving them direct control of the Quetta to Taftan highway.


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Preceded by:
Khudadad Khan (Kalat)
Mir Mahmud Khan II Followed by:
Mir Mohammad Azam Jan Khan
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