Raisani is one of many tribe that resides in Balochistan. They speak the Brahui language.

LocationPrincely State of Sarawan
BranchesSumalzai, Anarizai Ráhusainzai, Rustamzai, Sirajzai, Sahizai and Jamalzai
LanguageBrahvi Balooshi and Pashto

The Raisani tribal chief is called the Chief of Sarawan. The present Chief of Sarawan is Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani. The Raisani tribe is known for its bravery and patience, they have lost hundreds of lives for the sake of their beloved people, Shaheed Nawabzada Mir Siraj Khan Raisani, his father Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Raisani and his shaheed brothers can be a great example for that.

Raisani tribe is most populated in Mastung that's the main place known as they call it their homeland. Many other Raisani tribe are living in district Quetta and Ziarat.

They are also known for their great political power even before Pakistan came into existence to this date, they had great relations with the British.

The principal sections into which the tribe is divided are the Anarizai Ráhusainzai, Rustamzai, Sirajzai, Sahizai and Jamalzai. Each section is named after brothers and sons of the tribe's founding members.

There is dispute between the people and different tribes Raisani’s try to legitimize their ownership of the Land by quoting Rai Hatu Ram who remained associated with the political affairs of Balochistan for a very long time and served with Sir R. Sandeman, the Raisani Afghans (Tarins P-172 and-570) came from Kandahar via Pishin and occupied the Thal-Chotiali area. Rais Khan Tarin, with a band of his clan, occupied Kalat, while Mastung with adjoining area was then occupied by the other Afghan tribes and there was no trace of the Brahuis or Balochs in the area (Rai Hatu Ram, Tarikh-i-Balochistan, p-172). Some of these statements are very contradicting statements for political motives, leverage and credibility more clarification is required.