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Minnesota's at-large congressional district

During the 35th through 37th Congresses, Minnesota elected its two members of the United States House of Representatives at-large statewide on a general ticket. Minnesota then elected a member (considered the 10th seat) to an at-large seat 1913-1915, with the remaining nine representatives elected in districts. Minnesota elected all its members at large for the 73rd Congress, ending the practice two years later.

Congress Statewide at-large on a general ticket
1st seat 2nd seat 3rd seat 4th seat 5th seat 6th seat 7th seat 8th seat 9th seat 10th seat
James Cavanaugh - Brady-Handy.jpg
James M. Cavanaugh (D)
William Wallace Phelps (D) No 3rd Seat No 4th Seat No 5th Seat No 6th Seat No 7th Seat No 8th Seat No 9th Seat No 10th Seat
William Windom, Brady-Handy photo portrait, ca1870-1880.jpg
William Windom (R)
Cyrus Aldrich (R)
James Manahan (R) Other seats elected from districts
Henry Martin Arens.jpg
Henry M. Arens (FL)
Ray P. Chase (R) TheodoreChristianson.jpg
Theodore Christianson (R)
Einar Hoidale (D) MagnusJohnson.jpg
Magnus Johnson (FL)
Harold Knutson in 1917.jpg
Harold Knutson (R)
Paul John Kvale 1932.jpg
Paul John Kvale (FL)
Ernest Lundeen (FL)
Francis Shoemaker (FL)
No 10th seat


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