Ministry of Public Works (East Timor)

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP; Portuguese: Ministério das Obras Públicas, Tetum: Ministériu Obras Públikas) is the government department of East Timor accountable for public works and related matters.

Ministry of Public Works
  • Ministério das Obras Públicas (Portuguese)
  • Ministériu Obras Públikas (Tetum)
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Ministry overview
Formed1975 (1975) / 2001
JurisdictionGovernment of East Timor
HeadquartersAvenida Presidente Nicolau Lobato [de], Motael [de], Dili
8°33′13″S 125°33′59″E / 8.55361°S 125.56639°E / -8.55361; 125.56639Coordinates: 8°33′13″S 125°33′59″E / 8.55361°S 125.56639°E / -8.55361; 125.56639
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • Nicolau Lino Freitas Belo, Deputy Minister of Public Works
WebsiteMinistry of Public Works
Agency IDMOP
Ministry logo
Logo of the Ministry


The Ministry is responsible for the design, implementation, coordination and evaluation of policy for the following areas:[1]


The incumbent Minister of Public Works is Abel Pires da Silva [de].[2][3] He is assisted by Nicolau Lino Freitas Belo, Deputy Minister of Public Works.[note 1][1]

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  1. ^ The Constitution of East Timor provides, in sections 104 and 105, for the appointment of officials referred to in its English language version as "Deputy Ministers". In other English language publications, those officials are commonly referred to as "Vice Ministers", even though the word "Vice", in context, arguably has a different meaning in English from the word "Deputy". In this article, the constitutional expression "Deputy" is used.


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