Minister of the Overseas (France)

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The Minister of the Overseas (French: Ministre des Outre-mer) is the official in charge of the Ministry of the Overseas in the Government of the French Republic, responsible for overseeing the Overseas departments and territories of France. The office was titled Minister of the Colonies (Ministre des Colonies) until 1946.[1]

Minister of the Overseas of the French Republic
Ministre des Outre-mer de la République française
Jack of the Minister of the Overseas
Portrait Sébastien Lecornu.jpg
Sébastien Lecornu

since 6 July 2020
France Ministry of the Overseas
Member ofGovernement
Council of Ministers
Reports toPresident of the Republic
Prime Minister
SeatHôtel de Montmorin
Paris 7e, France
NominatorPrime Minister
AppointerPresident of the Republic
Term lengthNo fixed term
Formation20 March 1894
First holderErnest Boulanger
Salary€10,135 per month

The position is currently held by Sébastien Lecornu, who took office on 6 July 2020, succeeding Annick Girardin.


Minister of the Colonies (1894–1946)Edit

Minister of the Overseas (1946–present)Edit

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