Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovene: Minister za zunanje zadeve Republike Slovenije) is a senior official of the Government of Slovenia, and head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is, together with Prime Minister and President of the Republic, responsible for foreign policy and international relations of the Republic Slovenia.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
Minister za zunanje zadeve Republike Slovenije
Novinarska konferenca MInister za zunanje zadeve 9.september 2020.jpg
Anže Logar

since March 13, 2020
Government of Slovenia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
StyleMr. Minister
Slovenian: Gospod minister (formal)
His Excellency
Slovenian: Njegova ekscelenca (in international correspondence)
StatusMinister of Foreign Affairs
Member ofGovernment of Slovenia
Foreign Affairs Council
General Affairs Council
National Security Council
Strategic Council for Foreign Affairs
Reports toNational Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia
Prime Minister
SeatPrešernova cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
also: Mladika
NominatorPrime Minister
AppointerNational Assembly
on the proposal of the Prime Minister
Term lengthNo term limit
Constituting instrumentLaw on the Government of the Republic of Slovenia
Inaugural holderDimitrij Rupel (as a Secretary of International Cooperation in the Executive Council of the Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia)
Formation16 May 1990
Deputyde iure None
de facto State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Salary 5.311 monthly (basic salary)

The Foreign Minister is nominated by the Prime Minister-Designate and elected by the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, following the hearing and confirmation by its Committee on Foreign Policy. Usually, but not always, Foreign Minister is also Deputy-Prime Minister, since the position is held by one of the government coalition partys' leaders.

Foreign Minister is member of the National Security Council and president of the Strategic Council for Foreign Affairs. Minister is also member of the EU bodies - Foreign and General Affairs Councils.

9th and current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Dr. Miro Cerar. He was elected and sworn in by the National Assembly on 13 September 2018. Cerar previously served as the Prime Minister, MP, National Assembly Adviser and Full Professor of Law at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law. He is also one the authors of the 1991 Slovenian Constitution.

List of Ministers of Foreign AffairsEdit

# Minister Party Prime Minister Government Term [1]
1   Dr. Dimitrij Rupel DEMOS Lojze Peterle DEMOS First 16 May 1990 14 May 1992
LDS Janez Drnovšek LDS Second 14 May 1992 25 January 1993
2   Lojze Peterle NSi Third 25 January 1993 31 October 1994
3   Zoran Thaler LDS 26 January 1995 16 May 1996
4   Dr. Davorin Kračun LDS 19 July 1996 27 February 1997
(3)   Zoran Thaler LDS Fourth 27 February 1997 25 September 1997
5   Dr. Boris Frlec LDS 25 September 1997 2 February 2000
(1)   Dr. Dimitrij Rupel LDS 2 February 2000 7 June 2000
(2)   Lojze Peterle NSi Andrej Bajuk NSi Fifth 7 June 2000 30 November 2000
(1)   Dr. Dimitrij Rupel LDS Janez Drnovšek LDS Sixth 30 November 2000 19 December 2002
Tone Rop LDS Seventh 19 December 2002 6 July 2004
6   Ivo Vajgl LDS 6 July 2004 3 December 2004
(1)   Dr. Dimitrij Rupel SDS Janez Janša SDS Eighth 3 December 2004 7 November 2008
7   Samuel Žbogar SD Borut Pahor SD Ninth 21 November 2008 20 September 2011
8   Karl Erjavec DeSUS Janez Janša SDS Tenth 10 February 2012 22 February 2013
Alenka Bratušek SAB Eleventh 20 March 2013 18 September 2014
Miro Cerar SMC Twelfth 18 September 2014 13 September 2018
9   Dr. Miro Cerar SMC Marjan Šarec LMŠ Thirteenth 13 September 2018 13 March 2020
10 Dr. Anže Logar SDS Janez Janša SDS Fourteenth 13 March 2020 Incumbent


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