1st Government of Slovenia

1st Government of Slovenia was elected on 16 May 1990 and was in office until 14 May 1992, when 2nd Government (1st of Janez Drnovšek) was elected. Prime Minister was Lojze Peterle.

Government was formed by the coalition Democratic Opposition of Slovenia (Demos), which composed of five parties: Slovene Christian Democrats (SKD), Slovenian Social Democratic Union (SDZS), Slovenian Democratic Union (SDZ), Farmers' Alliance (SLS) and Greens of Slovenia (ZS).[1]


Prime Minister
Vice President of Government for Economic Coordination
Secretary of International Cooperation (Foreign Affairs)
Secretary of Interior
Secretary of Justice
Secretary of People's Defence
Secretary of Finance
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Culture
Secretary of Social Affairs
Secretary of Health
Secretary of Industry
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Environment
Secretary of Transport
Secretary of Research and Technology
Secretary of Information

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