Mid Wales (Welsh: Canolbarth Cymru or simply Y Canolbarth "The Midlands") or Central Wales refers to a region of Wales, encompassing its midlands, in-between North Wales and South Wales. The Mid Wales Regional Committee of the Senedd covered the unitary authority areas of Ceredigion and Powys and the area of Gwynedd that had previously been the district of Meirionnydd.[1] A similar definition is used by the BBC.[2] The Wales Spatial Plan defines a region known as "Central Wales" which covers Ceredigion and Powys.[3] If Mid Wales is classed as Ceredigion and Powys, the area would be 6,962 square kilometres (2,688 sq mi) (about the size of Cumbria).

Map of a common definition of Mid Wales following the boundaries of Ceredigion and Powys (in Red), with Meirionnydd (part of Gwynedd), sometimes considered Mid Wales and coloured in pale red.
Two principal areas of Wales commonly defined to be Mid Wales, for regional economy.

Mid Wales is dominated by the Cambrian Mountains, including the Green Desert of Wales.[4] The region is sparsely populated, with an economy dependent on farming and small businesses.[5] The density of the unitary authority areas of Ceredigion and Powys combined is only 30 inhabitants per square kilometre (78/sq mi).

Mid Wales is a sparsely populated rural area, with a strong reliance on the agricultural industry.

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Parliamentary constituencies in Mid Wales include; Brecon and Radnorshire, Ceredigion, Dwyfor Meirionnydd and Montgomeryshire.

The region is represented in the Senedd with an electoral region known as Mid and West Wales.

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