Mid Wales Football League

The Mid Wales Football League is a football league in Wales at tier 4 of the Welsh Football pyramid, run by the Central Wales Football Association. The league consists of two regionally based divisions - an East Division and an West Division. The league offers a promotion route to the Football Association of Wales administered Tier 3 Ardal Leagues. Relegation is possible to the relevant tier 5 level leagues in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Mid Wales South and Powys.

Mid Wales Football League
Country Wales
Number of teams23
Level on pyramid4
Promotion toArdal Leagues
Relegation toAberystwyth League
Ceredigion League
Mid Wales South League
Powys League
Most championshipsCaersws reserves
(9 titles since 1950)
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Until the end of the 2019–20 season the league sat at tier 3 and tier 4 of the pyramid, with the tier 3 Division One offering promotion to the Cymru North.

Changes from the 2020–21 seasonEdit

For the 2020–21 season, the league will exist at tier 4 of the Welsh football league system and be called the Mid Wales League, with an east and a west division. The east division shall be known as the Mid Wales League East. The geographical area of the east division shall be a combination of those parts of the area presently served by the Montgomeryshire League and the Mid Wales South League. The west division shall be known as the Mid Wales League West. The geographical area of the west division shall be a combination of those parts of the area presently served by the Aberystwyth League and the Ceredigion League. Each division shall have no more than 16 clubs.[1]

Member clubs for 2020–21 seasonEdit

The following clubs are competing in the league during the 2020–21 season.[2]

East DivisionEdit

West DivisionEdit

Division One championsEdit

Information sourced from the Welsh Football Statistician[3] unless otherwise specified.


  • 1950-51: – Llanidloes Town
  • 1951-52: – 55th Royal Artillery Tonfannau
  • 1952-53: – 55th Royal Artillery Tonfannau
  • 1953-54: – 55th Royal Artillery Tonfannau
  • 1954-55: – Kington Town
  • 1955-56: – 55th Royal Artillery Tonfannau
  • 1956-57: – 55th Royal Artillery Tonfannau
  • 1957-58: – 55th Royal Artillery Tonfannau
  • 1958-59: – Aberystwyth Town reserves
  • 1959-60: – Caersws








  • 2020-21:
    • East Division: –
    • West Division: –

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