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Memorial to the Fallen Heroes (Nay Pyi Taw)

The Memorial to the Fallen Heroes (Nay Pyi Taw) (Burmese: သူရဲကောင်းဗိမာန်(နေပြည်တော်)) is a memorial in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar (Burma) to honour and enshrine the inscriptions of the name of Myanmar’s soldiers and civilians who heroically died in their fight for independence and counter-insurgency operations as well as those who died in doing notable and courageous actions for the country. It was opened in March 2017.

Memorial to the Fallen Heroes
Myanmar Armed Forces
Memorial to the Fallen Heroes, Nay Pyi Taw.jpg
For fallen Myanmar soldiers and civilians
Established27 March 2017; 21 months ago (2017-03-27)
Location19°48′19″N 96°17′55″E / 19.8053°N 96.2986°E / 19.8053; 96.2986Coordinates: 19°48′19″N 96°17′55″E / 19.8053°N 96.2986°E / 19.8053; 96.2986
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Total commemorated


Memorial buildingEdit

The alabaster memorial was built on a 38.5 acres (16 hectares) hilltop around 3,000 feet (914 m) to the east of the military parade ground. The road leading to the memorial is 1,646 feet long, and on the left side of the road, a 24,800-square feet wide lake is built. It measures 54 feet (16 m) each in length, height, and width and decorated with 34 carvings of Myanmar traditional arts and crafts.

Inside the memorial, there lies the 4 feet long, 4 feet wide and 12 feet high alabaster monument and on the walls of the memorial, the name of 1,788 fallen soldiers and civilians who were recipients of gallantry titles and hero awards such as Hla Thaung, Ma Chit Po, Suk Bahadur Rai, Saw Ba Yi, Za Kaia and fighter pilot Peter were inscribed.[1]

List of notable visitorsEdit

Date Distinguished visitor Nationality remark, "Message for Memorial"
23 May 2017 Michail Kostarakos   European Union visited as Chairman of the European Union Military Committee and laid a wreath [2]
2 June 2017 Fang Fenghui   China visited as a member of the Central Military Commission of China and Chief of the Joint Staff Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and laid a wreath [3]
18 September 2017 Surapong Suwan-ath   Thailand visited as Chief of the Defence Forces of Royal Thai Armed Forces and laid a wreath [4]
2 October 2017 Ngô Xuân Lịch   Vietnam visited as Vietnam's Minister of National Defence and laid a wreath [5]
8 January 2018 Perry Lim   Singapore visited as Chief of Defence Force of the Singapore Armed Forces and laid a wreath
20 January 2018 Sergey Shoygu   Russia visited as Russia's Minister of Defence and laid a wreath [6]
15 June 2018 Wei Fenghe   China visited as State Councillor and Minister of National Defence of China and laid a wreath
4 September 2018 Birender Singh Dhanoa   India visited as Air Chief Marshal of the Indian Air Force and laid a wreath [7]

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