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Naypyidaw Union Territory (Burmese: နေပြည်တော် ပြည်တောင်စုနယ်မြေ; also spelled Nay Pyi Taw) is an administrative division in central Myanmar (Burma).[2] It contains Naypyidaw, the capital city of Myanmar.

Naypyidaw Union Territory

နေပြည်တော် ပြည်တောင်စုနယ်မြေ
Flag of Naypyidaw Union Territory
Naypyidaw Union Territory is located in Myanmar
Naypyidaw Union Territory
Naypyidaw Union Territory
Location in Myanmar (Burma)
Coordinates: 19°45′0″N 96°6′0″E / 19.75000°N 96.10000°E / 19.75000; 96.10000
Country Myanmar
 • President of MyanmarWin Myint
 • Mayor and Chairperson of the Naypyidaw CouncilMyo Aung
 • Total1,160,242
 • Rank13th
Time zoneUTC+6:30 (MMT)
Area code(s)2 (mobile: 69, 90)

Administrative divisionsEdit

The Naypyidaw Union Territory consists of the following districts and townships:


Naypyidaw Union Territory is under the direct administration of the President. Day-to-day functions are carried out on the President's behalf by the Naypyidaw Council led by a Chairperson. The Chairperson and members of the Naypyidaw Council are appointed by the President and include both civilians and Armed Forces representatives.[3]

On 30 March 2011, President Thein Sein appointed Thein Nyunt as chairman of the Naypyidaw Council, along with 9 chair members: Than Htay, Colonel Myint Aung Than, Kan Chun, Paing Soe, Saw Hla, Myint Swe, Myint Shwe and Myo Nyunt.[4]


2014 1,160,242—    
Source: 2014 Myanmar Census
Religion in Naypyidaw Union Territory (2014)
Religion Percent

The 2014 Myanmar Census reported that Naypyidaw Union Territory had a population of 1,160,242.[5] The population density was 164.4 people per km².[5] The census reported that the median age was 26.8 years, and 95 males per 100 females.[5] There were 262,253 households; the mean household size was 4.1.[5]

The population in terms of religious affiliation was as follows: 96.8% Buddhist, 2.1% Muslim, and 1.1% Christian.[6]


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Coordinates: 21°58′N 96°05′E / 21.967°N 96.083°E / 21.967; 96.083