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Ministry of National Defense of the People's Republic of China

The Ministry of National Defense of the People's Republic of China (simplified Chinese: 中华人民共和国国防部; traditional Chinese: 中華人民共和國國防部; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó Guófángbù) or for short the "National Defense Ministry" (simplified Chinese: 国防部; traditional Chinese: 國防部; pinyin: Guófángbù) is the 2nd-ranked ministry under the State Council. It is headed by the Minister of National Defense.

Ministry of National Defense
of the People's Republic of China
Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó Guófángbù
National Emblem of the People's Republic of China (2).svg
Ministry of National Defense HQ, Beijing
Agency overview
Formed28 September 1954
Jurisdiction People's Republic of China
39°54′28″N 116°19′15″E / 39.90778°N 116.32083°E / 39.90778; 116.32083Coordinates: 39°54′28″N 116°19′15″E / 39.90778°N 116.32083°E / 39.90778; 116.32083
Agency executive
Parent agencyState Council
Central Military Commission (in English)

The MND was set up according to a decision adopted by the 1st Session of the 1st National People's Congress in 1954. In contrast to practice in other nations, the MND does not exercise command authority over the People's Liberation Army (PLA), which is instead subordinate to the Central Military Commission (CMC). Instead, the MND itself only serves as liaison body representing the CMC and PLA when dealing with foreign militaries in military exchange and cooperation.

Its official responsibilities had been to exercise unified administration over the development of the armed forces of the country such as recruitment, organization, equipment, training, scientific military research of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the ranking and remuneration of the officers and servicemen. However, in reality these responsibilities are carried out by the CMC's 15 departments.


There are a number of departments under the Ministry of National Defense:

  • General Office
  • Foreign Affairs Office
  • Peacekeeping Office
  • Conscription Office

The Ministry of National Defense General Office is in fact the same body as the CMC General Office. Other offices are also staffed by personnel from the Joint Staff Department.


Although the Ministry itself does not exercise much authority, the role of the Minister of National Defense has always been viewed as one of the most important positions in the country’s political system. The Minister is always an active military officer, a State Councilor and a member of the Communist Party's Central Committee and member (sometimes a Vice Chairman) of the Central Military Commission, enabling him to take part in the decision making in the PLA, the Government and the Party.

List of Defense MinistersEdit

No. Minister Took office Left office Time in office
1Dehuai, PengMarshal
Peng Dehuai

September 1954April 19594 years, 7 months
2Biao, LinMarshal
Lin Biao

April 1959September 197112 years, 5 months
3Jianying, YeMarshal
Ye Jianying

January 1975March 19783 years, 2 months
4Xiangqian, XuMarshal
Xu Xiangqian

March 1978March 19813 years
5Biao, GengGeng Biao

March 1981June 19832 years, 3 months
6Aiping, ZhangGeneral
Zhang Aiping

June 1983March 19884 years, 9 months
7Jiwei, QinGeneral
Qin Jiwei

March 1988March 19935 years
8Haotian, ChiGeneral
Chi Haotian

(born 1929)
March 1993March 200310 years
9Gangchuan, CaoGeneral
Cao Gangchuan

(born 1935)
March 200317 March 20085 years
10Guanglie, LiangGeneral
Liang Guanglie

(born 1940)
17 March 200816 March 20134 years, 11 months
11Wanquan, ChangGeneral
Chang Wanquan

(born 1949)
16 March 201319 March 20185 years
12Fenghe, WeiGeneral
Wei Fenghe

(born 1954)
19 March 2018Incumbent1 year, 262 days

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