Members of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, 1961–1964

This is a list of members of the Victorian Legislative Assembly from 1961 to 1964, as elected at the 1961 state election:

Name Party Electorate Term in office
Hon Jim Balfour Liberal Morwell 1955–1982
Nathaniel Barclay[3] Country Mildura 1947–1952; 1955–1962
Hayden Birrell Liberal Geelong 1961–1982
Hon John Bloomfield Liberal Malvern 1953–1970
Hon Henry Bolte Liberal Hampden 1947–1972
Bill Borthwick Liberal Scoresby 1960–1982
Hon Richard Brose Country Rodney 1944–1964
Vernon Christie Liberal Ivanhoe 1955–1973
Arthur Clarey Labor Melbourne 1955–1972
Leslie Cochrane Country Gippsland West 1950–1970
Roy Crick Labor Grant 1955–1966
Tom Darcy Liberal Polwarth 1958–1970
William Divers Labor Footscray 1958–1970
Roberts Dunstan Liberal Mornington 1956–1982
Bruce Evans Country Gippsland East 1961–1992
Tom Evans Liberal Ballarat North 1960–1988
Leo Fennessy Labor Brunswick East 1955–1970
Larry Floyd Labor Williamstown 1955–1973
Hon Alexander Fraser Liberal Caulfield 1950–1952; 1955–1965
Richard Gainey Liberal Elsternwick 1955–1967
Hon Bill Galvin Labor Bendigo 1945–1955, 1958–1964
Peter Garrisson Liberal/Independent Hawthorn 1958–1964
George Gibbs Liberal Portland 1955–1967
Max Gillett Liberal Geelong West 1958–1964
Jack Holden Liberal Moonee Ponds 1955–1967
Clyde Holding[1] Labor Richmond 1962–1977
Kevin Holland Labor Flemington 1956–1967
Hon Sir Herbert Hyland Country Gippsland South 1929–1970
Harry Jenkins, Sr. Labor Reservoir 1961–1969
Harry Kane[2] Liberal Broadmeadows 1955–1962
Denis Lovegrove Labor Fitzroy 1955–1973
Sam Loxton Liberal Prahran 1955–1979
Jim MacDonald Liberal Burwood 1955–1976
Hon Sir William McDonald Liberal Dundas 1947–1952; 1955–1970
Jim Manson Liberal Ringwood 1955–1973
Hon Edward Meagher Liberal Mentone 1955–1976
Hon Wilfred Mibus Liberal Lowan 1944–1964
Hon Tom Mitchell Country Benambra 1947–1976
Hon George Moss Country Murray Valley 1945–1973
Charlie Mutton Labor Coburg 1940–1967
Hon Horace Petty Liberal Toorak 1952–1964
Murray Porter Liberal Sandringham 1955–1970
Joe Rafferty Liberal Ormond 1955–1979
Hon George Reid Liberal Box Hill 1947–1952; 1955–1973
Len Reid Liberal Dandenong 1958–1969
Charlie Ring Labor Preston 1955–1970
John Rossiter Liberal Brighton 1955–1976
Hon Arthur Rylah Liberal Kew 1949–1971
Alan Scanlan Liberal Oakleigh 1961–1979
Roy Schintler Labor Yarraville 1955–1967
Gordon Scott Liberal Ballarat South 1955–1964
Baron Snider Liberal St Kilda 1955–1964
Harold Stirling Country Swan Hill 1952–1968
Russell Stokes Liberal Evelyn 1958–1973
Clive Stoneham Labor Midlands 1942–1970
Bob Suggett Independent/Liberal [4] Moorabbin 1955–1979
Keith Sutton Labor Albert Park 1950–1970
Edgar Tanner Liberal Ripponlea 1955–1976
Alex Taylor Liberal Balwyn 1955–1973
Bill Towers[1] Labor Richmond 1947–1962
Tom Trewin Country Benalla 1961–1982
Campbell Turnbull Labor Brunswick West 1955–1973
Hon Keith Turnbull Liberal Kara Kara 1950–1964
Kenneth Wheeler Liberal Essendon 1958–1979
Milton Whiting[3] Country Mildura 1962–1988
Vernon Wilcox Liberal Camberwell 1956–1976
Frank Wilkes Labor Northcote 1957–1988
John Wilton[2] Labor Broadmeadows 1962–1985
Ray Wiltshire Liberal Mulgrave 1955–1976
1 On 18 March 1962, the Labor member for Richmond, Bill Towers, died. Labor candidate Clyde Holding won the resulting by-election on 12 May 1962.
2 On 30 May 1962, the Liberal member for Broadmeadows, Harry Kane, died. Labor candidate John Wilton won the resulting by-election on 4 August 1962.
3 On 11 September 1962, the Country member for Mildura, Nathaniel Barclay, died. Country candidate Milton Whiting won the resulting by-election on 27 October 1962.
4 Moorabbin MLA Bob Suggett had been re-elected as an Independent Liberal in 1961 after losing Liberal preselection before that election. He was readmitted to the Liberal Party in 1964.