Electoral district of Prahran

Prahran is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Victoria. It was created by the Electoral Act Amendment Act 1888,[1] taking effect at the 1889 elections. It is the state's smallest electorate of 12 km² (4.6 sq.ml) in the inner south-east of Melbourne, taking in the suburbs of South Yarra, Prahran and Windsor, as well as parts of Balaclava, St Kilda, St Kilda East and Toorak (west of Orrong Rd). The electorate had a population of 54,141 at the 2001 census.

VictoriaLegislative Assembly
VIC Prahran District 2014.png
Location of Prahran (dark green) in Greater Melbourne
MPSam Hibbins
Electors50,373 (2018)
Area12 km2 (4.6 sq mi)
DemographicInner metropolitan

Prahran has tended to be a marginal seat throughout its existence, repeatedly changing between the Labor Party and its successive conservative rivals. It has not, however, been a bellwether seat, as the changes of party control have often not coincided with changes of government. Since the 1980s, the electorate has become gradually more conservative as a result of increasing gentrification in the inner suburbs, resulting in seventeen years of Liberal control from 1985 until 2002. This trend was broken in the 2002 election, which saw popular local member and shadow minister Leonie Burke defeated by Labor rising star Tony Lupton on an unexpectedly large swing.

The seat was strongly targeted by the Liberal Party during the 2006 election, with high-profile barrister Clem Newton-Brown narrowly preselected as their candidate after a tight contest. Though Newton-Brown ran a thorough campaign, he was not successful. Following his success in the 2006 election, Tony Lupton was promoted to the position of Parliamentary Secretary for Industry and Innovation. Newton-Brown stood again at the 2010 election and was this time successful. He contested the 2014 election but lost to Sam Hibbins of the Greens. Along with the seat of Melbourne it was the first win for the Greens in the Victorian Legislative Assembly.

At the 2018 election, the Greens retained Prahran, narrowly overtaking Labor into second place on preferences and then easily defeating the Liberal Party on the final count.

List of members for PrahranEdit

Member Party Term
  Edward Dixon Unaligned 1889–1894
  Frederick Gray Labor 1894–1900
  Donald Mackinnon Liberal 1900–1920
  Alexander Parker Labor 1920–1921
  Richard Fetherston Nationalist 1921–1924
  Arthur Jackson Labor 1924–1932
  John Ellis United Australia 1932–1944
  Liberal 1944–1945
  Bill Quirk Labor 1945–1948
  Frank Crean Labor 1949–1951
  Robert Pettiona Labor 1951–1955
  Sam Loxton Liberal 1955–1979
  Bob Miller Labor 1979–1985
  Don Hayward Liberal 1985–1996
  Leonie Burke Liberal 1996–2002
  Tony Lupton Labor 2002–2010
  Clem Newton-Brown Liberal 2010–2014
  Sam Hibbins Greens 2014–present

Election resultsEdit

2018 Victorian state election: Prahran[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Katie Allen 13,956 34.53 −10.29
Labor Neil Pharaoh 11,702 28.95 +3.04
Greens Sam Hibbins 11,347 28.07 +3.32
Democratic Labour Leon Kofmansky 933 2.31 +2.31
Animal Justice Jennifer Long 900 2.23 −0.04
Reason Tom Tomlin 830 2.05 +2.05
Sustainable Australia Dennis Bilic 468 1.16 +1.16
Aussie Battler Wendy Patterson 156 0.39 +0.39
Independent Alan Menadue 130 0.32 +0.10
Total formal votes 40,422 94.77 −0.12
Informal votes 2,229 5.23 +0.12
Turnout 42,651 84.67 −3.80
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Neil Pharaoh 23,263 57.55 +7.58
Liberal Katie Allen 17,159 42.45 −7.58
Two-candidate-preferred result
Greens Sam Hibbins 23,224 57.45 +7.08
Liberal Katie Allen 17,198 42.55 −7.08
Greens hold Swing +7.08

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