Maximilian Sforza

Maximilian Sforza (Italian: Massimiliano Sforza, 25 January 1493 – 4 June 1530) was a Duke of Milan from the Sforza family, the son of Ludovico Sforza. He ruled 1512–1515,[1] between the occupations of Louis XII of France (1500–1512), and Francis I of France in 1515. After the French victory at the Battle of Marignano, Maximilian was imprisoned by the returning French troops.[2]

Massimiliano Sforza, c.1496–1499

When Maximilian was three his father tried to arrange a marriage between him and Mary Tudor, the younger daughter of King Henry VII of England.[3] However, Henry VII rejected the proposal citing Mary's young age as the issue.[3]


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Italian nobility
Preceded by
Louis XII of France
Duke of Milan
Succeeded by
Francis I of France