Maurel & Prom is an oil company specialising in the production of hydrocarbons. It is listed on Euronext Paris and has its registered office in Paris.

Etablissements Maurel et Prom S.A.
Company typePublic (Société Anonyme)
Euronext ParisMAU
IndustryOil and Gas Drilling and Exploration.
Shipping and Trade (until 1970).
1970-1995: oil, mining, forestry, food processing.
HeadquartersParis, France
Key people
John Anis, chairman
Olivier de Langavant, CEO, Jean-Philippe Hagry, COO
Number of employees
Former building of Maurel et Prom, at Saint-Louis, Senegal

The Group generates most of its business in Africa through the exploitation of onshore production assets (in Gabon and Tanzania) and a significant stake in SEPLAT, one of Nigeria’s leading indigenous operators.

Since 16 February 2017 Maurel & Prom has been backed by PIEP, a subsidiary of the Indonesian state oil company Pertamina, and aims to become the international development platform for the upstream activities of Pertamina and PIEP.

Historically, Maurel & Prom was based in Bordeaux and was one of France's largest family-run shipping and foreign trade houses. It had trading interests throughout the French colonial empire, which included trading houses in Saint-Louis, Senegal, and modern Guinea, Gambia, Mali and Ivory Coast. The company changed its focus to agribusiness in 1986. It pivoted to oil exploration and production in 1998.[1]

Assets Portfolio edit

- France (Headquarters)

- Italia: Exploration & Appraisal

- Colombia: Exploration & Appraisal

- Venezuela: Production

- Nigeria (20.46% stake in Seplat): Production

- Gabon: Exploration & Production

- Angola: Production

- Namibia: Exploration & Appraisal

- Tanzania: Production, Exploration & Appraisal

Shareholding edit

On December 31,2021:

PIEP: 71.09%

Individual investors: 18.57%

Institutional investors: 6.08%

Treasury shares: 1.81%

Employees: 0.76%

Others: 1.68%

Notes edit

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