Manabí (Spanish pronunciation: [manaˈβi]) is a province in the Republic of Ecuador. Its capital is Portoviejo. The province is named after the Manabí people.[3]

Province of Manabí
Flag of Manabí
Anthem: Himno de Manabí
Location of Manabí Province in Ecuador.
Location of Manabí Province in Ecuador.
Cantons of Manabí Province
Cantons of Manabí Province
Coordinates: 1°03′08″S 80°27′02″W / 1.05222°S 80.4506°W / -1.05222; -80.4506
EstablishedJune 25, 1824.
CantonsList of Cantons
 • Province19,532 km2 (7,541 sq mi)
 (2022 census)[1]
 • Province1,592,840
 • Density82/km2 (210/sq mi)
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC-5 (ECT)
Vehicle registrationM
HDI (2017)0.733[2]
high · 10th
Comuna Salango



Ethnic groups as of the Ecuadorian census of 2010:[4]



The economy of Manabí, a coastal province situated in the western region of the Republic of Ecuador, is deeply entrenched in the cultivation and processing of abundant natural resources and organic products. These commodities, which include but are not limited to cacao, bananas, noble woods, cotton, and seafood, have played a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of this region, and continue to serve as primary drivers of its economic growth and sustenance.

Moreover, the industrial sector of Manabí province is founded on the production of tuna, as well as tobacco products, and the manufacturing of agua ardiente, a Spanish brandy beverage.

In addition to these commercial activities, Manabí province is also renowned[citation needed] for its indigenous arts and crafts, particularly the crafting of Montecristi hats, popularly known as Panama hats, which are renowned for their stylish designs and intricate handiwork. The province is also recognized for its furniture made from rattan.[citation needed]



The province is divided into 22 cantons. The following table provides a comprehensive overview of the twenty-two cantons of Manabí province, including their respective populations at the 2001 census, their areas in square kilometers (km²), and the names of their respective canton seats or capitals:

Canton Pop. (2001) Area (km²) Seat/Capital
Bolívar 35,627 537 Calceta
Chone 117,634 3,017 Chone
El Carmen 69,998 1,732 El Carmen
Flavio Alfaro 25,390 1,343 Flavio Alfaro
Jama 20,230 575 Jama
Jaramijó 11,967 97 Jaramijó
Jipijapa 65,796 1,401 Jipijapa
Junín 18,491 246 Junín
Manta 192,322 309 Manta
Montecristi 43,400 734 Montecristi
Olmedo 9,243 253 Olmedo
Paján 35,952 1,079 Paján
Pedernales 46,876 1,932 Pedernales
Pichincha 29,945 1,067 Pichincha
Portoviejo 303,682 955 Portoviejo
Puerto López 16,626 420 Puerto López
Rocafuerte 29,321 280 Rocafuerte
San Vicente 19,116 718 San Vicente
Santa Ana 45,287 1,022 Santa Ana
Sucre 52,158 764 Bahía de Caráquez
Tosagua 33,922 377 Tosagua
Veinticuatro de Mayo 28,294 524 Sucre

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