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Magiya Hala (Manchu: ᠮᠠᡤᡳᠶᠠ ᡥᠠᠯᠠ; Chinese: 馬佳氏) was one of the Manchu Great Eight Clans. Originated from Giyaliku Magiya area, named by the place.

After the demise of the dynasty, some of its descendants sinicized their clan name to the Chinese surnames Ma (馬) or Jin (金).


Notable figuresEdit


Prince Consort
Date Prince Consort Princess
1745 Mabao (瑪寶) Yunhu's first daughter (1730–1775) by primary consort (Irgen Gioro)
1757 Tetongte'e (特通特額) Yunbi's sixth daughter (b. 1743) by primary consort (Uya)


Imperial Consort
Imperial Consort Emperor Sons Daughters
Consort Rong (d. 1727) Kangxi Emperor 3. Yunzhi, Prince Chengyin (1677–1732) 3. Princess Rongxian (1673–1728)
Princess Consort
Princess Consort Prince Sons Daughters
Primary consort Prince Murhaci 1. Sahalian (1581–1623)
2. Duke Da'ercha (1582–1635)

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