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Ma Qianling (Xiao'erjing: ﻣَﺎ ﺛِﯿًﺎ لٍ‎, 1826-1910 ) was a Chinese Muslim General who defected to the Qing Dynasty in 1872 during the Dungan revolt along with his superior General Ma Zhanao and General Ma Haiyan. He then assisted General Zuo Zongtang in crushing the rebel Muslims. His trading activities were a success. In 1877 he and Ma Zhanao expelled Muslim rebels who refused to give up the fight from the hills around Hezhou. His four sons were, Ma Fucai, Ma Fulu, Ma Fushou, and Ma Fuxiang. His grandsons were Ma Hongbin and Ma Hongkui. He had three wives, one was a Muslim convert.[1][2] His sons Ma Fulu and Ma Fuxiang inherited his army.[3]

Ma Qianling
Born1826 (1826)
Linxia County, Gansu
Died1910 (aged 83–84)
AllegianceFlag of the Qing dynasty Qing dynasty
Years of service1872-1877
Battles/warsDungan revolt
ChildrenMa Fuxiang
Ma Fulu
Ma Fushou
Ma Fucai
Ma Qianling
Traditional Chinese馬千齡
Simplified Chinese马千龄


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