Mạc Kính Khoan

Mạc Kính Khoan (莫敬寬, ?–1638) was the ninth emperor of the Mạc dynasty. He reigned from 1623-1638.

Mạc Kính Khoan
Emperor of Đại Việt
Emperor of Mạc Dynasty
Reign1623 – 1638
PredecessorMạc Kính Cung
SuccessorMạc Kính Vũ
Full name
Mạc Kính Khoan (莫敬寬)
Era dates
Long Thái (隆泰)
HouseMạc dynasty

He was a grandson of Mạc Kính Điển. In 1623, he rebelled against Trịnh lord in Thái Nguyên and enthroned. He was defeated by Trịnh Tráng and fled to Cao Bằng. In 1625, Trịnh Kiều (son of Trịnh Tráng) attacked Cao Bằng and captured Mạc Kính Cung. Khoan fled to Ming China and sent surrender documents to Trịnh lord. He was forgiven by Trịnh lord, and allowed to come back to Cao Bằng. He was granted the title thái úy (太尉) and Thông quốc công (通國公) by Lê dynasty.[1]


Preceded by
Mạc Kính Cung
Emperor of Vietnam
Succeeded by
Mạc Kính Vũ