Mạc Kính Vũ (莫敬宇, ?–?) was the tenth emperor of the Mạc dynasty. He reigned from 1638 – 1677.

Mạc Kính Vũ
Emperor of Đại Việt
Emperor of Mạc Dynasty
Reign1623 – 1638
PredecessorMạc Kính Khoan
SuccessorMạc Kính Hẻ
Full name
Mạc Kính Vũ (莫敬宇)
Era dates
Thuận Đức (順德)
HouseMạc dynasty
FatherMạc Kính Khoan

He ascended the throne in 1638. He was a supporter of Wu Sangui. After the Revolt of the Three Feudatories was pacificated, he was attacked by Trịnh lord, and fled to Qing China. He was no longer supported by Qing China, and died there in exile.[1]


Preceded by
Mạc Kính Khoan
Emperor of Vietnam
1638 – 1677
Succeeded by
Mạc Kính Hẻ