Mạc Kính Cung

Mạc Kính Cung (莫敬恭, ?–1593) was the eighth emperor of the Mạc dynasty. He reigned from 1592-1625.

Mạc Kính Cung
Emperor of Đại Việt
Emperor of Mạc Dynasty
Reign1592 - 1625
PredecessorMạc Kính Chỉ
SuccessorMạc Kính Khoan
Full name
Mạc Kính Cung (莫敬恭)
Era dates
Càn Thống (乾統)
HouseMạc dynasty
FatherMạc Kính Điển

He was the seventh son of Mạc Kính Điển. The emperor Mạc Kính Chỉ was captured by Trịnh lord in 1593, he was enthroned by Mạc Ngọc Liễn in Lạng Sơn. In the next year, he was defeated by Hoàng Đình Ái and fled to Longzhou, China.[1]

Cung came back to Vietnam occupied Cao Bằng in 1596. He was attacked by Trịnh lord, and sought aid for Ming China. Trịnh lord had to recognized his dominant position in Cao Bằng under the pressure of Ming China.[1]

In 1600, Bùi Thị, the mother of Mạc Mậu Hợp, rebelled in Thang Long and summoned him. Trịnh Tùng recaptured Thang Long and executed Bùi Thị, then defeated Cung in Hải Dương. Cung fled back to Cao Bằng.[2]

In 1625, Trịnh Kiều (son of Trịnh Tráng) attacked Cao Bằng and captured him. He was executed in Thang Long.[2]


Preceded by
Mạc Kính Chỉ
Emperor of Vietnam
Succeeded by
Mạc Kính Khoan