Lyuban, Belarus

Lyuban (Belarusian: Любань, romanizedLiubań; Russian: Лю́бань; Polish: Lubań; Lithuanian: Liubanė) is a town in Minsk Region, Belarus. It is the administrative center of Lyuban District. As of 2009, its population was 11,256.[1]

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Flag of Lyuban
Coat of arms of Lyuban
Lyuban is located in Belarus
Location of Lyuban
Coordinates: 52°47′55″N 27°59′30″E / 52.79861°N 27.99167°E / 52.79861; 27.99167
RegionMinsk Region
DistrictLyuban District
 • Total11,256
Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK)
Postal code
Area code+375 1794
License plate5
WebsiteOfficial website


The town was first mentioned in 1566 and received its town status in 1968.

World War IIEdit

The Nazis occupied the town from July 1941 to June 1944. On August, 1941, 150 to 200 Jews of the village are murdered in a mass execution perpetrated by Germans at a gravel pit near the village of Dubniki.[2] In September 1941, a ghetto surrounded with barbed wire was created in the west part of the village of Lyuban, near Pervomayiskayia Street. It was guarded by Germans and local policemen. Jews were used as forced, cleaning or repairing roads. On November 8, 1941, 50 Jewish men were shot, as a reprisal action after a partisan attack. On December 4, 1941, the ghetto was liquidated and Jews were murdered.[3]


Lyuban is located 139 km in south of Minsk, not too far from the borders with the Voblasts of Mogilev and Gomel. It is 58 km far from Salihorsk, 30 from Slutsk and 26 from Staryya Darohi. In north of the town is located the Lyuban Lake and in west, close to Salihorsk suburbs, the mining area of Kaliy. It is not served by railways but the nearest station, in Ureche, is 8 km far from Lyuban center.

Notable residentsEdit


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