Love Destiny 2 (TV series)

Love Destiny 2 (Thai: พรหมลิขิต) It is a Thai drama series that is currently being filmed. Based on a script by Rompaeng, it is a sequel to the famous novel and was adapted into a television drama Love Destiny, produced by Broadcast Thai Television Co., Ltd., starring Pope Thanavat Vatthanaputi and Bella Ranee Campen by still having Salya Sukhaniwat, the scriptwriter from the first part came to write the script in this drama part.[1]

Love Destiny 2
Directed bySaraswati Wongsomphet
ProducerArunosha Panuphan
Production companyBroadcast Thai Television
Original networkChannel 3

At first, Arunocha Panupan, who is this drama producer, placed Mai Phawhat Panangkasiri, the director from the first part to director in this part, but later changed to Saraswati Wongsomphet, the female director to take over the role.[2][3]

In which the drama "Love Destiny 2" performed the fitting of the actor's clothes on September 30, 2021,[2] and has the sacrificial ceremony opened on Thursday, November 4, 2021 at Nong Khaem Studio.[1] Saraswati gave an interview with the Bangkokbiz newspaper that which Love Destiny 2 has been filmed 40-50 queues but has stopped intermittently due to the COVID-19 situation. Saraswati is expected to watch Love Destiny 2 at the end of this year.[4]