Loučovice, until 1951 Bolechy (German: Kienberg) is a village in South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, on the Vltava river. It has around 1,950 inhabitants.

Church of Saint Ulrich
Church of Saint Ulrich
Flag of Loučovice
Coat of arms of Loučovice
Coat of arms
Loučovice is located in Czech Republic
Coordinates: 48°37′13″N 14°15′27″E / 48.62028°N 14.25750°E / 48.62028; 14.25750Coordinates: 48°37′13″N 14°15′27″E / 48.62028°N 14.25750°E / 48.62028; 14.25750
Country Czech Republic
RegionSouth Bohemian
DistrictČeský Krumlov


Several natural reservations protected by the state extend to the area of the village, among them Vyšebrodsko Natural Park and formation of giant stones Čertova stěna-Luč.


First known settlements existed before year 1250. First written mention appears in a document from 1361, when the location was owned by monastery in Vyšší Brod.

Until 1918, the location was part of the Austrian monarchy (Austria side after the compromise of 1867), in the Bohemian district of Kaplice. A post-office was opened in August 1892, under the name KIENBERG bei HOHENFURTH.[1]

Starting in 1884, entrepreneur Arnošt Porák built a large paper mill here (at its peak it employed around 1,800 workers). Electrified railway built in 1909-11 reached Loučovice . During 1938–45, the area became part of Nazi Germany. After expulsion of German speaking people in 1945, many smaller hamlets in the area disappeared but Loučovice grew up. In 1951 villages Bolechy, Mnichovice and Kapličky were merged into Loučovice and the settlement became standalone administrative unit. During 1960s-80s several large paneláks were built here.


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