Lomi-lomi salmon

Lomi salmon (more commonly known as lomi-lomi salmon) is a side dish in Hawaiian cuisine. It is a fresh tomato and salmon salad, and was introduced to Hawaiians by early Western sailors.[1] It is typically prepared by mixing salted, shredded salmon with tomatoes, sweet Maui onions, and occasionally scallions, and sometimes crushed ice if it is not refrigerated. It is always served cold.

Lomi-lomi salmon

The name lomi-lomi salmon is taken from the method of preparation. The shredding (dicing) and mixing of the salmon is done by massaging the salted fish with other ingredients by hand (lomi-lomi is Hawaiian for "to massage").

Lomi-lomi salmon is a traditional side dish served at Hawaiian lū‘aus. It is said to complement traditional Hawaiian food consisting of raw diced ahi tuna, poke, kalua pig, laulau, and poi. Lomi-lomi salmon is a classic and integral part of most Hawaiian parties and gatherings, such as traditional luaus, and can be considered a Hawaiian ethnic food.

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