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List of public disclosures of classified information


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  • Siemens scandal: A political scandal of late Meiji and Taishō period Japanese politics, leading to the fall of the cabinet of Yamamoto Gonnohyoe. It involved collusion between several high-ranking members of the Imperial Japanese Navy, the British company Vickers and the German industrial conglomerate of Siemens AG.


  • Luxembourg Leaks: A leak based on confidential information about Luxembourg’s tax rulings set up by PricewaterhouseCoopers from 2002 to 2010 to the benefits of its clients. This investigation resulted in making available to the public tax rulings for over three hundred multinational companies based in Luxembourg.


Palestinian territoriesEdit



  • Bárcenas affair: Publication of documents that allegedly indicate that the ruling People’s Party kept, for many years, a parallel bookkeeping system to record undeclared and illegal cash donations, and used them to pay bonuses to senior members of the party as well as for daily party expenses.


  • Swiss Leaks: Publication of a giant tax evasion scheme allegedly operated with the knowledge and encouragement of the British multinational bank HSBC via its Swiss subsidiary, HSBC Private Bank (Suisse).


  • Syria Files: A collection of more than two million emails from Syrian political figures and ministries.[7]

United KingdomEdit

  • Downing Street memo: Memo of a secret meeting of senior British Labour government, defence and intelligence figures discussing the build-up to the Iraq War.[8][9]
  • MI-6 agents list: In May 1999, a list of 116 alleged MI6 agents was sent to the LaRouche movement's publication Executive Intelligence Review, a weekly magazine which published it online.

United StatesEdit


  • Summers memo
  • Bush–Aznar memo
  • "The Assessment" (1963) : Alleged NATO Cosmic Top Secret document of few thousand of pages, where just couple of pages of this document is leaked in an obscure British magazine during the 1990s.

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