List of people in Playboy 1953–1959

This list of people in Playboy 1953–1959 is a catalog of women and men who appeared in Playboy magazine in the years 1953 through 1959. Note that not all of the people featured in the magazine are pictured in the nude.

The entry in blue indicates that the issue marks the original appearance of that year's Playmate of the Year (PMOY).


Month Cover model Centerfold model Pictorials
December Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe


Month Cover model Centerfold model Pictorials
January unidentified models Margie Harrison
February Yvonne Ménard Margaret Scott
(Marilyn Waltz) †
March Joanne Arnold Dolores Del Monte
April Leigh Lewin Marilyn Waltz
May no model pictured Joanne Arnold
June no model pictured Margie Harrison
July unidentified model Neva Gilbert
August no model pictured Arline Hunter
September no model pictured Jackie Rainbow
October Madeline Castle Madeline Castle
November no model pictured Diane Hunter
December-4 Terry Ryan Terry Ryan


Month Cover model Centerfold model Pictorials
January unidentified models Bettie Page
February Leigh Lewin, Arlene Kieta Jayne Mansfield
Marcy no issue published [1]
April Leigh Lewin Marilyn Waltz
May Leigh Lewin Marguerite Empey
June Donna Kime Eve Meyer
July Janet Pilgrim Janet Pilgrim
August Joanne Arnold Pat Lawler
September Marilyn Monroe Anne Fleming
October Marilyn McClintock Jean Moorehead
November Barbara Cameron Barbara Cameron
December-5 Janet Pilgrim Janet Pilgrim


Month Cover model Centerfold model Pictorials
January Jean Moorehead Lynn Turner
February Pat Lawler
Margaret Scott
Eve Meyer
Marguerite Empey
Marcy Marian Stafford Marian Stafford
April no model pictured Rusty Fisher
May Dolores Taylor Marion Scott Meg Myles
June unidentified model Gloria Walker
July unidentified models Alice Denham Marla English
August unidentified models Jonnie Nicely
September Diane Harmsen Elsa Sørensen
October Mary Ann, Shirley Janet Pilgrim
November Anna Kirstein Betty Blue
December-6 Lisa Winters Lisa Winters -


Month Cover model Centerfold model Pictorials
January Marion Scott
Elsa Sorensen
Alice Denham
Rusty Fisher
Lisa Winters
Betty Blue
Marguerite Empey
Marian Stafford
Jonnie Nicely
Gloria Walker
Janet Pilgrim
Lynn Turner
June Blair
February Jayne Mansfield Sally Todd
Marcy Sandra Edwards Sandra Edwards
April Elaine Conte Gloria Windsor
May no model pictured Dawn Richard Tina Louise
June no model pictured Carrie Radison Vikki Dougan & Lisa Winters
July Dawn Richards Jean Jani
August Dolores Donlon Dolores Donlon
September Jacquelyn Prescott Jacquelyn Prescott Jana Davi
October unidentified model Colleen Farrington
November unidentified model Marlene Callahan Sophia Loren
December-7 Lisa Winters
Linda Vargas
Linda Vargas -


Month Cover model Centerfold model Pictorials
January Lisa Winters
Marian Stafford
June Blair
Gloria Walker
Gloria Windsor
Jean Jani
Elizabeth Ann Roberts
February unidentified model Cheryl Kubert Jayne Mansfield
Marcy Brigitte Bardot
Michiko Hamamura
Zahra Norbo Brigitte Bardot
April Marilyn Dann Felicia Atkins
May Lari Laine Lari Laine Tina Louise
June Judy Lee Tomerlin Judy Lee Tomerlin
July Joyce Nizzari Linné Ahlstrand
August unidentified model Myrna Weber
September Teri Hope Teri Hope June Wilkinson
October Babette
Mara Corday
Pat Sheehan
Mara Corday
Pat Sheehan
November unidentified model Joan Staley Brigitte Bardot
December-8 unidentified model Joyce Nizzari Jayne Mansfield


Month Cover model Centerfold model Pictorials
January Elizabeth Ann Roberts
Teri Hope
Myrna Weber
Cheryl Kubert
Lari Laine
Virginia Gordon
February Ardie Scott Eleanor Bradley
Marcy unidentified model Audrey Daston
April no model pictured Nancy Crawford Tina Louise
May Cindy Fuller
Fran Stacy
Mary Jane Ralston
Cindy Fuller
June Marilyn Hanold Marilyn Hanold
July no model pictured Yvette Vickers
August Clayre Peters Clayre Peters June Wilkinson
September Marianne Gaba Marianne Gaba Bunny Yeager models
October Eleanor Bradley Elaine Reynolds Kim Novak
Elaine Stewart
November no model pictured Donna Lynn Linda Cristal
December-9 unidentified models Ellen Stratton -

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