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List of one-eyed creatures in mythology and fiction

This page lists one-eyed creatures in mythology and fiction.

In mythology, this trait was generally associated with fearsome creatures.[1] In modern fiction, some one-eyed creatures are likewise frightening enemies, but others are friendly.

The list includes ethnic groups and mutants born with only one eye, but not one-eyed humans who are understood to have lost an eye.


In mythology, folklore and religionEdit

In fictionEdit

Marvel ComicsEdit

The Cyclopes of Greek Mythology have been adapted into Marvel Comics:

  • A man named Duncan found a Cyclops frozen in ice and freed it with its axe. The Cyclops attempted to destroy Duncan only for him to trick the Cyclops into crossing the crevasse enough for the bridge to break under its weight and for the Cyclops to end up buried in the crevasse.[4]
  • Huntsman summoned Polyphemus to attack Namor alongside Scylla and Charybdis. In this appearance, Polyphemus was shown to be bald-headed and have a diamond for an eye.[5]
  • One Cyclops lived on the Hidden Isle in the Mediterranean Sea and was tricked by Namor into fighting Mister Fantastic. The Cyclops was tripped by Mister Fantastic and fell down a deep pit.[6]

There was a character named Cyclops who is an eyepatch-wearing Nazi during World War II. He and his men were selected to kill four women from the Women's Auxiliary Air Force who were visiting from England to attend a dinner at the White House. He fought against Miss America which ended with him falling into the incinerator that he was going to throw his intended victims into.[7]

The Weapon Plus operative Butler experimented on North Korean Prisoners where he infused the DNA of different mutants with the DNA of Deadpool into them as part of a plan to use them on North Korea. One of these subjects is a North Korean prisoner who was infused with the DNA of Cyclops and Deadpool.[8] The North Korean Cyclops alongside the other North Korean Mutates were freed by Deadpool.[9] Captain America helped Deadpool get the North Korean Cyclops and his fellow North Korean Mutates to China.[9]

During the AXIS storyline, Deadpool discovered that the North Korean Cyclops and his fellow North Korean Mutates have developed bad health and opted to take them to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning to be treated.[10] When the X-Men were affected by the Inversion Spell, the North Korean Cyclops and the North Korean Mutates were hunted down by the now-evil X-Men until Deadpool in his inverted form of Zenpool came to their aid.[11] Zenpool was able to transfere them to Monster Metropolis and placed them in Shiklah's care.[12] Zenpool believed that they can be treated for their health there.[13]

The London Tunnel Dwellers have their version of Cyclops. This version has one eye and possesses super-strength. When the anti-mutant super-soldier of the Church of Humanity named Mr. Clean attacked their home, Cyclops sacrificed his life to buy his fellow London Tunnel Dwellers some time to get away.[14]

After Storm and the new Extraordinary X-Men track down Mister Sinister's latest genetic experiments and are shocked to witness Cyclops, twisted by the Terrigen crystals, now serving Sinister.[15] This Cyclops, however was soon revealed to be a creation of Mr. Sinister himself who mixed Scott Summers's mutant genetic material with some Inhuman DNA to create a hybrid race able to resist the Terrigen Mist. As the clone began fighting the X-Men, he began mutating further with a more armored body. Mister Sinister realizes that even on a genetic level, the Inhuman DNA is dominant and realizing that the mutant race is doomed. The clone is eventually defeated after Old Man Logan sinks his claws into him which unleashed the clone's internal energies, setting it up to detonate. Young Jean Grey and Storm whisk it away from populated area by lifting it high into the sky before it explodes.[16]

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