List of newspaper comic strips P–Z

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  • The Van Swaggers (1930–1943) by Russ Westover
  • Vanhat herrat (1982–2002) by Pauli Heikkilä and Markku Paretskoi
  • Varoomshka (1969–1979) by John Kent
  • Vater und Sohn (1934–1937) by E. O. Plauen (Erich Ohser) (Germany)
  • Vic Flint (1945–1964) by Ralph Lane and Michael O’Malley, and later Dean Miller, Jay Heavilin, Art Sansom, and Russ Winterbotham
  • Video Cartoons (1983– ) by various
  • Viewpoint (1949–1953) by Dave Gerard
  • Vignettes of Life (1925–1960) by Frank Godwin, and later J. Norman Lynd, Leonard Starr and Harry Weinart
  • Viivi & Wagner (1996– ) by Jussi Tuomola (Finland)
  • Village Square (1966– ) by Chuck Stiles
  • Virgil (1943–1960) by Leonard Kleis

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