List of naturalized basketball national team players

The following is a list of naturalized (or naturalised) basketball players who have represented their naturalized country at a FIBA international tournament.[1] The list includes players both past and present after they have represented their new nation at least once. These list excludes players whose citizenship status is unrecognized by FIBA and therefore treated the same was as naturalized players as per FIBA eligibility rules; such as the status of American-born player Jordan Clarkson who is born to a Filipino mother and has Filipino citizenship at birth.

Female players (By country)Edit

Note: This list is working documentation as of 13 July 2019.

Player Int'l Career National team Previous/Other nationality
Italee Lucas 2013–2017   Angola   United States
Kelsey Griffin 2017–2018   Australia   United States
Leilani Mitchell 2014–2016   Australia   United States
Sami Whitcomb 2018   Australia   United States
Tiffany Hayes 2015   Azerbaijan   United States
Aneika Henry 2015   Azerbaijan   Jamaica
Jonquel Jones 2019 –   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bahamas
Lynetta Kizer 2017   Bosnia and Herzegovina   United States
Alex Bentley 2017–2019   Belarus   United States
Lindsey Harding 2015–2017   Belarus   United States
Doneeka Lewis 2011–2015   Bulgaria   United States
Jordan Adams 2007–2010   Canada   United States
Shavonte Zellous 2017   Croatia   United States
Kia Vaughn 2017–2018   Czech Republic   United States
Bria Hartley 2018–2019   France   United States
Jacki Gemelos 2018   Greece   United States
Cyesha Goree 2019   Hungary   United States
Allie Quigley 2013–2017   Hungary   United States
Yvonne Turner 2019   Hungary   United States
Courtney Vandersloot 2017   Hungary   United States
Alysha Clark 2017–2019   Israel   United States
Nicole Romeo 2018–2019   Italy   Australia
Chantelle Anderson 2009   Lebanon   United States
Anna DeForge 2011–2013   Montenegro   United States
Glory Johnson 2018–2019   Montenegro   United States
Angel Robinson 2015–2017   Montenegro   United States
Shay Murphy 2013–2015   Montenegro   United States
Jillian Harmon 2008–2017   New Zealand   United States
Casey Lockwood 2012–2013   New Zealand   United States
Rebecca Ott 2017   New Zealand   Australia
DeWanna Bonner 2018–   North Macedonia   United States
Diana da Costa Neves 2011   Portugal   Australia
Ashley Walker 2017–2018   Romania   United States
Becky Hammon 2007–2012   Russia   United States
Epiphanny Prince 2013–2017   Russia   United States
Yvonne Anderson 2020–   Serbia   United States
Danielle Page 2015–2017   Serbia   United States
Kristi Toliver 2015   Slovakia   United States
Shante Evans 2017–2019   Slovenia   United States
Sancho Lyttle 2010–2017   Spain   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Astou Ndour 2011–2019   Spain   Senegal
Sarah Kershaw 2013–2019    Switzerland   United Kingdom
Quanitra Hollingsworth 2012–2018   Turkey   United States
LaToya Sanders 2014–2017   Turkey   United States
Kiah Stokes 2019   Turkey   United States
D'Andra Moss 2016–2019   Ukraine   United States
Karlie Samuelson 2018–2019   United Kingdom   United States
Natalie Stafford 2011–2012   United Kingdom   Australia

Male players (By country)Edit

Player Int'l Career National team Previous/Other nationality
Dallas Moore 2018–2019   Albania   United States
Ryan Boatright 2017   Armenia   United States
Luke Fischer 2017   Armenia   United States
Leroy Loggins 1992   Australia   United States
Scott Fisher 1995–1998   Australia   United States
Ricky Grace 1995–2000   Australia   United States
Kevin Lisch 2016–2018   Australia   United States
Rašid Mahalbašić 2009–2018   Austria   Slovenia
C. J. Giles 2011–2020   Bahrain   United States
Henry Domercant 2005–2011   Bosnia and Herzegovina   United States
Alex Renfroe 2015–2017   Bosnia and Herzegovina   United States
John Roberson 2020 –   Bosnia and Herzegovina   United States
Devon Saddler 2018–2019   Belarus   United States
Maalik Wayns 2017   Belarus   United States
Casey Frank 2005–2014   New Zealand   United States
Vassil Evtimov 2009–2010   Bulgaria   France
D.J. Strawberry 2017 –   Cameroon   United States
Quincy Davis 2013–2018   Chinese Taipei   United States
Matt Costello 2021 –   Ivory Coast   United States
Dontaye Draper 2015 –   Croatia   United States
Blake Schilb 2015 –   Czech Republic   United States
Charlie Villanueva 2009–2011   Dominican Republic   United States
M. J. Rhett 2018 –   Dominican Republic   United States
Jamar Wilson 2015 –   Finland   United States
Michael Dixon 2017–2018   Georgia   United States
Ricky Hickman 2013   Georgia   United States
Thad McFadden 2018 –   Georgia   United States
Anton Gavel 2015   Germany   Slovakia
Isaiah Hartenstein 2017–2019   Germany   United States
Nick Calathes 2009–2018   Greece   United States
Darrin Govens 2018   Hungary   United States
Marques Bolden TBD   Indonesia   United States
Ebrahim Enguio Lopez 2013–2017   Indonesia   Philippines
Jamarr Johnson 2017–2018   Indonesia   United States
Lester Prosper 2021–   Indonesia   Dominica
David Blu 2010–2011   Israel   United States
Jake Cohen 2017–2019   Israel   United States
D'or Fischer 2015   Israel   United States
Richard Howell 2017–2018   Israel   United States
Derrick Sharp 2000–2003   Israel   United States
Alex Tyus 2013   Israel   United States
Jeff Brooks 2018–2019   Italy   United States
Christian Burns 2017–2018   Italy   United States
Ariel Filloy 2017–2019   Italy   Argentina
Kevin Galloway 2016–2017   Iraq   United States
DeMario Mayfield 2018   Iraq   United States
Ira Brown 2016–2018   Japan   United States
Nick Fazekas 2018–2019   Japan   United States
Ryan Rossiter 2019 –   Japan   United States
Jimmy Baxter 2013   Jordan   United States
Alex Legion 2015–2017   Jordan   United States
Dar Tucker 2016 –   Jordan   United States
Rasheim Wright 2007–2011   Jordan   United States
Jerry Johnson 2013–2015   Kazakhstan   United States
Anthony Clemmons 2020 –   Kazakhstan   United States
Justin Doellman 2017   Kosovo   United States
Shawn Jones 2018   Kosovo   United States
Ater Majok 2017–2019   Lebanon   Australia
Omar Cook 2011–2012   Montenegro   United States
Taylor Rochestie 2013–2015   Montenegro   United States
Tyrese Rice 2013–2017   Montenegro   United States
Derek Needham 2017–2019   Montenegro   United States
Justin Cobbs 2020 –   Montenegro   United States
Jeremiah Massey 2008–2010   North Macedonia   United States
Marques Green 2010–2013   North Macedonia   United States
Jordan Theodore 2015–2017   North Macedonia   United States
Bo McCalebb 2010 –   North Macedonia   United States
Richard Hendrix 2013 –   North Macedonia   United States
Shayne Whittington 2018 –   North Macedonia   United States
Jacob Wiley 2020 –   North Macedonia   United States
Angelo Kouame 2021 –   Philippines   Ivory Coast
Andray Blatche 2014–2019   Philippines   United States
Marcus Douthit 2011–2014   Philippines   United States
Aaron Cel 2015–2019   Poland   France
Michael Hicks 2013–2019   Poland   United States
A.J. Slaughter 2015–2019   Poland   United States
Ismael Romero 2021 –   Puerto Rico   Cuba
Jon Robert Holden 2005–2008   Russia   United States
Trey Johnson 2015–2018   Qatar   United States
Giordan Watson 2017–2018   Romania   United States
Patrick Richard 2021 –   Romania   United States
Pierriá Henry 2021 –   Senegal   United States
Anthony Randolph 2017–2018   Slovenia   United States
Mike Tobey 2021 –   Slovenia   United States
Serge Ibaka 2011 –   Spain   Congo
Nikola Mirotić 2010 –   Spain   Montenegro
Ra Gun-ah 2018 –   South Korea   United States
Trey Kell 2021 –   Syria   United States
Tyler Lamb 2017 –   Thailand   United States
Bobby Dixon 2015–2018   Turkey   United States
Scottie Wilbekin 2018–2019   Turkey   United States
Shane Larkin 2020 –   Turkey   United States
Jerome Randle 2015 –   Ukraine   United States
Eugene Jeter 2013 –   Ukraine   United States
Ish Wainright 2020 –   Uganda   United States

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