List of mosques in Europe

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This is a partial list of mosques in Europe.

Name Images Country City Year Group Remarks
List of mosques in Albania Albania
List of mosques in Armenia Armenia
List of mosques in Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Telfs Mosque Telfs-Moschee.jpg Austria Telfs 1998 DITIB Minaret later built in 2006
Vienna Islamic Centre Bruckhaufen (Wien) - Moschee (4).JPG Austria Vienna 1977 U Built in order of rey Faisal ibn Abd al-Aziz.
Rasheed Mosque Austria Vienna 2005 U Built by Muslims of Ghana, Nigeria and Benin.
Mosque Bad Vöslau BadVoeslau IslamKulturz02.JPG Austria Bad Vöslau DITIB Construction started in 2008.
Great Mosque of Brussels Bruxelles (Cinquantenaire) la grande Mosquée.JPG Belgium Brussels 1879, 1978 SA The original building was built to form the East Pavilion of the National Exhibition in Brussels in 1880.
Mosque Lebbeke Mosque-Lebbeke.jpg Belgium Lebbeke ? U 51°1′9″N 4°5′40″E / 51.01917°N 4.09444°E / 51.01917; 4.09444
Selimiye Mosque Belgium Brussels 2015 [1][2] ?
List of mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
El Haj Huseyin Mosque Belogradchik Mosque.jpg Bulgaria Belogradchik 1757—1758 U
Dzhumaya Mosque Moschee Plovdiv.jpg Bulgaria Plovdiv 1364 U
Ibrahim Pasha Mosque Maktul ibrahim Pasa Camii (Razgrad).jpg Bulgaria Razgrad 1616 U
Tombul Mosque Tombul Djamia Shumen.JPG Bulgaria Shumen 1740–1744 U
Banya Bashi Mosque Banya-bashi-imagesfrombulgaria.JPG Bulgaria Sofia 1576 U
Ebu Bekir Mosque (Eski Cami) Eski-cami-Yambol.jpg Bulgaria Yambol 1413 U
List of mosques in Cyprus Cyprus
Zagreb mosque Croatia Zagreb 1987 U
Brno Mosque Brno Mosque.jpg Czech Republic Brno 1998 U
Prague Mosque Czech Republic Prague 1999 U
List of mosques in Denmark Denmark
List of mosques in France France
The Islamic Society of Finland Mosque Finland Helsinki
Järvenpää mosque Finland Järvenpää 1942 First mosque in the Nordic countries
List of mosques in Germany Germany
Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque Abdulaziz Mosque Gibraltar.jpg Gibraltar (British overseas territory) Gibraltar 1997 SA August 8, 1997 (also known as: King Fahd bin Abdulaziz al-Saud Mosque)
Çelebi Sultan Mehmed Mosque 20100328 Bayezid Mosque Mehmed I Didymoteicho Evros Greece 1.jpg Greece Didymoteicho 15th Century Ottoman The oldest mosque in Europe (also known as Bayezid Mosque or Didymoteicho Mosque)
List of mosques in Hungary Hungary
Reykjavík Mosque Moskan i reykjavik.JPG Iceland Reykjavík 2002 U Also home to the Félag Múslima á Íslandi (Association of Muslims in Iceland)
Dublin Mosque Dublin Mosque.jpg Ireland Dublin 1976 U
Omar Mosque Moschea di via Castromarino1.JPG Italy Catania (via Castromarino) 1980 Private mosque opened by Michele Papa with Libyan funding. Closed since 1990
al-Rahmàn Mosque of Segrate Moschea Segrate 3.JPG Italy Segrate (Milan) 1988 Managed by the "Centro islamico di Milano e Lombardia" (UCOII)
Mosque of Palermo Moschea di palermo.jpg Italy Palermo 1990 Property and managed by the Embassy of Tunisia; occupies the former church of San Paolino dei giardinieri
Mosque of Rome Rome Masjid.jpg Italy Rome 1995 SA Managed by the Centro islamico culturale d'Italia. Largest mosque in Europe till 2012.[3]
Mosque of Mercy Italy Catania 2012 Managed by the Comunità Islamica di Sicilia (UCOII)
Mosque of Albenga Italy Albenga 2013 UCOII
"King Mohamed VI" Mosque of Turin Italy Turin 2013 Managed by the Centro Culturale Islamico d'Italia (CCII), partly co-funded by Morocco
Ravenna Mosque Moschea Ravenna.jpg Italy Ravenna 2013 Managed by the Centro di cultura e studi islamici della Romagna (CCSIR); partly co-funded by Qatar
Mosque of Colle Val d'Elsa Italy Colle Val d'Elsa (Siena) 2013 Managed by Associazione Comunità dei Musulmani di Siena e Provincia; partly co-funded by Qatar
Forlì Mosque Italy Forlì 2017 Managed by Centro culturale islamico di Forlì; self-funded
Ahmadi Mosque Bologna Mosque.jpg Italy San Pietro in Casale (Bologna) Managed by the Ahmadi community
Hadum Mosque The Hadum Mosque - Gjakovë.JPG Kosovo Gjakovë 1594 OT
Mariam Al-Batool Mosque Malta - Paola - Triq Kordin - Mosque 05 ies.jpg Malta Paola 1978 WICS The only mosque in the Maltese Islands
Hussein Pasha Mosque Mosquepv.jpg Montenegro Pljevlja ? U
Sailor's Mosque Sailors’ Mosque (2012).jpg Montenegro Ulcinj 1798 U Destroyed in 1931, rebuilt between 2008 and 2012
Podgorica Mosque Podgorica Mosque.JPG Montenegro Podgorica ? U
List of mosques in the Nagorno-Karabakh Nagorno-Karabakh
List of mosques in the Netherlands Netherlands
N.N. Marktplatz Ohrid.JPG North Macedonia Ohrid ? U
Aladja Mosque Aladja Moschee01.JPG North Macedonia Skopje 1438 U
Işak Bey Mosque Isak Bey Turbe Aladja Mosque Skopje.JPG North Macedonia Skopje U
Mustapha Pasha Mosque Mustafa-Pasha-Mosque-Skopje.jpg North Macedonia Skopje 1492 U
Coloured Mosque in Tetovo North Macedonia Tetovo 1495 U
List of mosques in Norway Norway
Bohoniki Mosque Meczet w Bohonikach 02.jpg Poland Bohoniki 19/20th century U pl:Meczet w Bohonikach
Gdańsk Mosque Meczet Gdansk 1.jpg Poland Gdańsk 1989 U pl:Meczet w Gdańsku
Kruszyniany Mosque Kruszyniany Mosque.jpg Poland Kruszyniany 18/19th century U pl:Meczet w Kruszynianach
Poznań Mosque Mcko.JPG Poland Poznań 2005 U pl:Meczet w Poznaniu
Warsaw Mosque POL Warszawa mosque 02.jpg Poland Warsaw 1993 U pl:Meczet w Warszawie
Warsaw Islamic Center Poland Warsaw 2015 U pl:Ośrodek Kultury Muzułmańskiej w Warszawie
Lisbon Mosque Lisbon Mosque.jpg Portugal Lisbon 1988 U
Carol I Mosque Moscheea Carol I, Constanta.JPG Romania Constanţa 1912 U
Mangalia Mosque Mangalia Mosque1020578.jpg Romania Mangalia 1575 U
Abdul Medgid Mosque Geamia "Abdul Medgid".jpg Romania Medgidia 1859 U
Ali-Gazi Pasha Mosque Babadag geamia.jpg Romania Babadag 1610 U
List of mosques in Russia Russia
Bajrakli Mosque Bajrakli džamija.jpg Serbia Belgrade 1575 U Built around 1575
Almonaster Mosque Almonaster la real vue d'ensemble.jpg Spain Almonaster la Real 9-10th century Now a Christian chapel (es:).
Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba Cordoba moscheefassade.jpg Spain Córdoba 784 “Great Mosque of Cordoba”, now a Catholic cathedral
Al-Morabito Mosque El Morabito.jpg Spain Córdoba 1936 U Constructed by the Nationalists for the Regulares at the Spanish Civil War
37°53′24″N 4°46′41″W / 37.89000°N 4.77806°W / 37.89000; -4.77806
Fuengirola Mosque Mezquita de Fuengirola.jpg Spain Fuengirola 1994 SA (es:)
36°31′52″N 4°37′37″W / 36.53111°N 4.62694°W / 36.53111; -4.62694
Great Mosque of Granada Minaretgranada.jpg Spain Granada 2003 U (es:).
37°10′52″N 3°35′37″W / 37.18111°N 3.59361°W / 37.18111; -3.59361
Omar Mosque Centro Cultural Islámico - Mezquita de Madrid 01.jpg Spain Madrid 1992 SA Also known as M-30 Mosque (es:).
40°26′18″N 3°39′26″W / 40.43833°N 3.65722°W / 40.43833; -3.65722
Madrid Central Mosque Madrid central mosque.jpg Spain Madrid 1988 UCIDE Also known as Abu-Bakr Mosque
Al-Andalus Mosque Mezquita de al-Ándalus1.jpg Spain Málaga 2009 SA (es:)
36°46′9″N 4°26′18″W / 36.76917°N 4.43833°W / 36.76917; -4.43833
King Abdelaziz Mosque Mosque of King Abdelaziz.JPG Spain Marbella 1981 SA 36°30′15″N 4°55′38″W / 36.50417°N 4.92722°W / 36.50417; -4.92722
Bab al-Mardum Mosque Cristo de la Luz.jpg Spain Toledo 999 Historical mosque, converted into Holy Cross Chapel
Tornerías Mosque مسجد ترنرياس.JPG Spain Toledo Middle of the 11th century U Historical mosque, converted into the cultural center Centro de Promoción de la Artesanía de Castilla-La Mancha
Great Mosque of Valencia Spain Valencia 39°28′42″N 0°21′10″W / 39.47833°N 0.35278°W / 39.47833; -0.35278
List of mosques in Sweden Sweden
Mahmood Mosque Mahmud Moschee.jpg Switzerland Zürich 1963 AMJ First mosque in Switzerland.
Geneva Mosque Switzerland Geneva 1978 U Inaugurated by rey Chalid ibn Abd al-Aziz.
Winterthur Mosque Switzerland Winterthur ? U Mosque of an Islamic-Albanian community.
List of mosques in Turkey Turkey
The Big Khan Mosque Bakhchisaray, Hansaray Museum.jpg Ukraine / Russia Bakhchysarai 1532 SDMC
Ismi Khan Jami Mosque Ismi Han Cami.jpg Ukraine / Russia Bakhchysarai 17th—18th century U
Molla-Mustafa Jami Mosque Molla Mustafa Cami.jpg Ukraine/Russia Bakhchysarai ? U
Orta Juma Jami Orta Juma Jami (1674) view from the Lenina street, Bakhchisaray, Crimea, Ukraine, 2013.JPG Ukraine / Russia Bakhchysarai 1674 U
Tahtali-Jami Mosque Tahtali Cami Mosque.JPG Ukraine / Russia Bakhchysarai 1707 U
Ahat Jami Mosque Ukraine / Donetsk People's Republic Donetsk 1993 U
Mufti-Jami Mosque Mufti Dzhami Theodosia Mosque.jpg Ukraine / Russia Feodosiya 1637 U
Kharkiv Cathedral Mosque Мечеть в Харькове.jpg Ukraine Kharkiv 1993 U
Ar-Rahma Mosque, Kiev Ukraine Kiev 2000 SDMU
Luhansk Cathedral Mosque Luhansk mosque.jpg Ukraine / Luhansk People's Republic Luhansk 2010 U
Sultan Suleiman Mosque Mosque in Mariupol.jpg Ukraine Mariupol 2007 U
Al-Salam Mosque Arabskiy-kulturny-tzentr.jpg Ukraine Odesa 2000 U
Kyiv Islamic Cultural Center Kyiv Islamic Cultural Center.jpg Ukraine Kiev 2001 U
Kebir-Jami Mosque Мечеть Кебір-Джамі.jpg Ukraine / Russia Simferopol 1508 SDMC
Kokkoz Jami Mosque Мечеть кінець XVIII ст. Соколиное 4.jpg Ukraine / Russia Sokolyne 1910 U
Ozbek Han Mosque Stary Krym Meczet Chana Uzbeka.jpg Ukraine / Russia Staryi Krym 1314 U
Juma-Jami Mosque 0204-Han Cami.jpg Ukraine / Russia Yevpatoria 1552—1564 SDMC Designed by Mimar Sinan
List of mosques in the United Kingdom United Kingdom
AAIIL Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement for the Propagation of Islam
AMJ Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat
DITIB Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs
IZA Islamic Centre Aachen
IZM Islamic Centre Munich
JI Jamaat-e-Islami
WICS World Islamic Call Society
SA Saudi Arabia (Wahhabism)
SDMС Ukraine (Spiritual Direction of the Muslims of Crimea)
SDMU Ukraine (The Spiritual Direction of the Muslims of Ukraine)
TJ Tablighi Jamaat
T Turkish group
UCIDE Union of Islamic Communities of Spain
U Unknown

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