Al-Morabito Mosque

Al Morabito Mosque (Spanish: Mezquita El Morabito) is an Islamic place of worship in Córdoba, Spain. It was built during the Spanish Civil War as a gift for Franco's Muslim soldiers and is considered Spain's first modern mosque.[1][2] After the Spanish Transition and the return of democracy, the Association of Muslims in Cordoba asked the municipal government, then led by the mayor Julio Anguita, to give them the building to perform the congregational prayers. The application was accepted and opened in 1992 again as a mosque.

Al-Morabito Mosque
Mezquita El Morabito
El Morabito.jpg
LocationCórdoba, Spain
Al-Morabito Mosque is located in Province of Córdoba (Spain)
Al-Morabito Mosque
Shown within Province of Córdoba (Spain)
Geographic coordinates37°53′24″N 4°46′41″W / 37.889924°N 4.778120°W / 37.889924; -4.778120Coordinates: 37°53′24″N 4°46′41″W / 37.889924°N 4.778120°W / 37.889924; -4.778120

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