List of members of the International Swimming Hall of Fame

The International Swimming Hall of Fame is a history museum and hall of fame, serving as the central point for the study of the history of swimming in the United States and around the world.

List of the members of the International Swimming Hall of FameEdit

List of the members of the International Swimming Hall of Fame:

Name Country Category Year of induction
Abdellatief Abouheif Egypt Open Water Swimmer 1998
Sebastian Salinas Abril Peru Contributor 1999
Erik Adlerz Sweden Pioneer Diver 1986
Rebecca Adlington Great Britain Swimmer 2018
Greta Andersen Denmark Swimmer 1969
Teresa Andersen United States Synchronized Swimmer 1986
Miller Anderson United States Diver 1967
Hannelore Anke Germany Swimmer 1990
Mayumi Aoki Japan Swimmer 1989
Shigeo Arai Japan Pioneer Swimmer 1997
Dave Armbruster United States Coach (Swimming) 1966
Duncan Armstrong Australia Swimmer 1996
Ransom Arthur United States Contributor 1990
Jane Asher Great Britain Masters Swimmer 2006
Marcos Díaz Dominican Republic Swimmer 2012
Paul Asmuth United States Open Water Swimmer 2010
Susie Atwood United States Swimmer 1992
Elena Azarova Russia Synchronized Swimmer 2016
Shirley Babashoff United States Swimmer 1982
Kristen Babb-Sprague United States Synchronized Swimmer 1999
Bill Bachrach United States Coach (Swimming) 1966
Catie Ball United States Swimmer 1976
István Bárány Hungary Swimmer 1978
Aleksei Barkalov Soviet Union Water Polo Player 1993
Mike Barrowman United States Swimmer 1997
Walter Bathe Germany Swimmer 1970
Sydney Battersby Great Britain Pioneer Swimmer 2007
Carl Bauer United States Contributor 1967
Sybil Bauer United States Swimmer 1967
Alex Baumann Canada Swimmer 1992
Dawn Pawson Bean United States Contributor/Synchronized Swimmer 1996
Amanda Beard United States Swimmer 2018
Frank Beaurepaire Australia Swimmer 1967
Milivoj Bebić Yugoslavia/Croatia Water Polo Player 2013
Betty Becker-Pinkston United States Diver 1967
Marilyn Bell Canada Open Water Swimmer 2020
Melissa Belote United States Swimmer 1983
Brooke Bennett United States Swimmer 2010
Tibor Benedek Hungary Water Polo Player 2016
Paul Bergen United States/Canada Coach (Swimming) 1998
David Berkoff United States Swimmer 2005
Alain Bernard France Swimmer 2017
Sylvie Bernier Canada Diver 1996
Kevin Berry Australia Swimmer 1980
Arno Bieberstein Germany Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Hobie Billingsley United States Coach (Diving)/Diver 1983
Matt Biondi United States Swimmer 1997
Péter Biros Hungary Water Polo Player 2016
Đurđica Bjedov Yugoslavia/Croatia Swimmer 1987
Thomas Blake United States Pioneer Contributor 1992
Ethelda Bleibtrey United States Swimmer 1967
Gérard Blitz Belgium Pioneer Swimmer/Water Polo Player 1990
András Bodnár Hungary Water Polo Player 2017
Phil Boggs United States Diver 1985
Jean Boiteux France Swimmer 1982
Arne Borg Sweden Swimmer 1966
Gustavo Borges Brazil Swimmer 2012
Joe Bottom United States Swimmer 2006
Simeon Boychenko Soviet Union Pioneer Swimmer 2016
Charlotte Boyle United States Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Paul Boyton United States Pioneer Contributor 1993
Walter Brack Germany Pioneer Swimmer 1997
Ernst Brandsten United States/Sweden Coach (Diving) 1966
Ma Braun Netherlands Coach (Swimming) 1967
Marie Braun Netherlands Swimmer 1980
Stan Brauninger United States Coach (Swimming/Diving) 1972
George Breen United States Swimmer 1975
Enith Brigitha Netherlands Swimmer 2015
David Browning United States Diver 1975
Jayne Owen Bruner United States Masters Swimmer 1998
Mike Bruner United States Swimmer 1988
Olga Brusnikina Russia Synchronized Swimmer 2009
Sandra Bucha United States Open Water Swimmer 2014
Perica Bukić Yugoslavia/Croatia Water Polo Player 2008
Andy Burke United States Contributor 2018
Lynn Burke United States Swimmer 1978
Mike Burton United States Swimmer 1977
Lesley Bush United States Diver 1986
Ray Bussard United States Coach (Swimming) 1999
Fred Cady United States Coach (Diving) 1969
Giorgio Cagnotto Italy Diver 1992
Re Calcaterra United States Pioneer Contributor 2011
Michelle Calkins Canada Synchronized Swimmer 2001
Gloria Callen United States Swimmer 1984
Novella Calligaris Italy Swimmer 1986
James Malcolm Cameron Great Britain Contributor 2003
Michelle Cameron Canada Synchronized Swimmer 2000
Alessandro Campagna Italy Water Polo Player/Coach 2019
Jeannette Campbell Argentina Swimmer 1991
Tedford H. Cann United States Swimmer 1967
Joaquín Capilla Mexico Diver 1976
Patty Caretto United States Swimmer 1987
Rick Carey United States Swimmer 1993
Forbes Carlile Australia Coach (Swimming) 1976
Ursula Carlile Australia Coach (Swimming) 2020
Christine "Kiki" Caron France Swimmer 1998
Cathy Carr United States Swimmer 1988
Alberto Castagnetti Italy Coach (Swimming) 2013
Tracy Caulkins United States Swimmer 1990
Cavill family Australia Contributors (6) 1970
George Center United States Pioneer Coach (Swimming) 1991
Florence Chadwick United States Swimmer 1970
Jennifer Chandler United States Diver 1987
Boy Charlton Australia Swimmer 1972
Sherman Chavoor United States Coach (Swimming) 1977
S. Earl Clark United States Diver 1972
Steve Clark United States Swimmer 1966
Stefanie Clausen Denmark Pioneer Diver 1988
Dick Cleveland United States Swimmer 1991
Bob Clotworthy United States Diver 1980
Osvaldo Codaro Argentina Pionner Water Polo 2017
Jack Cody United States Coach (Swimming/Diving) 1970
Tiffany Cohen United States Swimmer 1996
Georgia Coleman United States Diver 1966
Cecil Colwin Canada/South Africa Contributor 1993
Carin Cone United States Swimmer 1984
Bartolo Consolo Italy Contributor 2015
Brad Cooper Australia Swimmer 1994
Joyce Cooper Great Britain Pioneer Swimmer 1996
George Corsan Sr. Canada Contributor 1971
Candy Costie United States Synchronized Swimmer 1995
Frank Cotton Australia Pioneer Contributor 1989
James E. Counsilman United States Coach (Swimming) 1976
Jacques-Yves Cousteau France Contributor 1967
Lynne Cox United States Open Water Swimmer 2000
Buster Crabbe United States Swimmer 1965
Lorraine Crapp Australia Swimmer 1972
Helen Crlenkovich United States Diver 1981
Ian Crocker United States Swimmer 2017
Ferenc Csik Hungary Swimmer 1983
Bert Cummins Great Britain Contributor 1974
Thomas K. Cureton Jr. United States Contributor 1980
Ann Curtis United States Swimmer 1966
Katherine Whitney Curtis United States Coach (Synchronized Swimming) 1979
Joy Cushman United States Pioneer Contributor 2018
Peter Daland United States Coach (Swimming) 1977
Giuseppe D'Altrui[1] Italy Water Polo Player 2010[2]
Marco D'Altrui Italy Water Polo Player 2010
Ellie Daniel United States Swimmer 1997
Charles Daniels United States Swimmer 1965
Tamás Darnyi Hungary Swimmer 2000
Flip Darr United States Coach (Swimming) 2006
Ray Daughters United States Coach (Swimming) 1971
John Davies Australia Swimmer 1984
Charlotte Davis United States Coach (Synchronized Swimming) 2014
Victor Davis Canada Swimmer 1994
Anastasia Davydova Russia Synchronized Swimmer 2017
William "Buck" Dawson United States Contributor 1986
Thea de Wit Netherlands Contributor 2005
Penny Lee Dean United States Open Water Swimmer 1996
Frédérik Deburghgraeve Belgium Swimmer 2008
Richard Degener United States Diver 1971
Louis deBreda Handley United States Coach (Swimming/Water Polo) 1967
Inge de Bruijn Netherlands Swimmer 2009
Gianni De Magistris Italy Water Polo Player 1995
Rick DeMont United States Swimmer 1990
Frank Dempsey United States Diver 1996
Willy den Ouden Netherlands Swimmer 1970
Clare Dennis Australia Swimmer 1982
John Henry "Rob" Derbyshire Great Britain Pioneer Swimmer/Water Polo Player/Coach 2005
Pete Desjardins United States Diver 1966
Donna de Varona United States Swimmer 1969
John Devitt Australia Swimmer 1979
Carlo Dibiasi Italy Pioneer Coach (Diving) 2006
Klaus Dibiasi Italy Diver 1981
Tom Dolan United States Swimmer 2006
Aleksandr Dolgushin Soviet Union Water Polo Player 2010
Leo Donath Hungary Pioneer Contributor 1988
Olga Dorfner United States Swimmer 1970
Lyle Draves United States Coach (Diving) 1989
Vicki Draves United States Diver 1969
Emile Georges Drigny France Contributor 1984
Taylor Drysdale United States Pioneer Swimmer 1994
Milena Duchková Czechoslovakia Diver 1983
Bob Duenkel United States Contributor 2020
Virginia Duenkel United States Swimmer 1985
Barbara Dunbar United States Masters Swimmer 2000
Fanny Durack Australia Swimmer 1967
Becky Dyroen-Lancer United States Synchronized Swimmer 2004
Gertrude Ederle United States Swimmer 1965
David Edgar United States Swimmer 1996
Krisztina Egerszegi Hungary Swimmer 2001
Kathy Ellis United States Swimmer 1991
Patsy Elsener United States Diver 2002
Gail Emery United States Coach (Synchronized Swimming) 2000
Kornelia Ender East Germany Swimmer 1981
Charlotte Epstein United States Contributor 1974
Jon Erikson United States Open Water Swimmer 2014
Manuel Estiarte Spain Water Polo Player 2007
Janet Evans United States Swimmer 2001
Dick Eve Australia Pioneer Diver 1991
Tamás Faragó Hungary Water Polo Player 1993
John Faricy United States Pioneer Swimmer 1990
Jeff Farrell United States Swimmer 1968
Hans Fassnacht Germany Swimmer 1992
Jane Fauntz United States Pioneer Swimmer/Diver 1991
Cathy Ferguson United States Swimmer 1978
Harold Fern Great Britain Contributor 1974
Peter Fick United States Swimmer 1978
Sharon Finneran United States Swimmer 1985
Domenico Fioravanti[3] Italy Swimmer 2012
Howard Firby Canada Coach (Swimming) 1985
Ralph Flanagan United States Swimmer 1978
Jennie Fletcher Great Britain Swimmer 1971
Alan Ford United States Swimmer 1966
Michelle Ford Australia Swimmer 1994
Gerald Forsberg Great Britain Pioneer Open Water Swimming Contributor 1998
Benjamin Franklin United States Contributor 1968
Dawn Fraser Australia Swimmer 1965
Sylvie Fréchette Canada Synchronized Swimmer 2003
Mary Freeman United States Coach (Swimming)/Contributor 1988
Fu Mingxia China Diver 2005
Ellen Fullard-Leo United States Contributor 1974
Patty Robinson Fulton United States Masters Diver 2001
Bruce Furniss United States Swimmer 1987
Hironoshin Furuhashi Japan Swimmer 1967
Masaru Furukawa Japan Swimmer 1981
Rowdy Gaines United States Swimmer 1995
Harry Gallagher Australia Coach (Swimming) 1984
Claire Galligan United States Swimmer 1970
Don Gambril United States Coach (Swimming) 1983
Gao Min China Diver 1998
Eleanor Garatti-Saville United States Pioneer Swimmer 1992
James Gaughran United States Coach (Water Polo/Swimming) 2015
Tim Garton United States Masters Swimmer 1997
George Gate Canada Coach (Swimming) 1989
Terry Gathercole Australia Swimmer 1985
Marjorie Gestring United States Diver 1976
Carlos Girón Mexico Diver 2001
Harry Glancy United States Pioneer Swimmer 1990
Mercedes Gleitze Great Britain Pioneer Open Water Swimmer 2014
Eldon Godfrey Canada Contributor 2012
Tom Gompf United States Contributor 2002
Brian Goodell United States Swimmer 1986
Leo Goodwin United States Swimmer 1971
Horst Gorlitz East Germany/Italy/France Pioneer Coach (Diving) 2016
Frank Gorman United States Pioneer Diver 2016
Sue Gossick United States Diver 1988
Shane Gould Australia Swimmer 1977
Jed Graef United States Swimmer 1988
Judy Grinham Great Britain Swimmer 1981
Larry Griswold United States Pioneer Comedy Diver 2010
Michael Gross Germany Swimmer 1995
Irene Guest United States Pioneer Swimmer 1990
Beulah Gundling United States Aquatic Artist 1965
Fritz Gunst Germany Pioneer Water Polo Player 1990
Paul Günther Germany Pioneer Diver 1988
Guo Jingjing China Diver 2016
Bridgette Gusterson Australia Water Polo Player 2017
Frank Guthrie Australia Coach (Swimming) 1991
Andrea Gyarmati Hungary Swimmer 1995
Dezső Gyarmati Hungary Water Polo Player 1976
Valéria Gyenge Hungary Swimmer 1978
Grant Hackett Australia Swimmer 2014
George Haines United States Coach (Swimming) 1977
Alfréd Hajós Hungary Swimmer 1966
Olivér Halassy Hungary Water Polo Player 1978
Gary Hall Jr. United States Swimmer 2013
Gary Hall Sr. United States Swimmer 1981
Kaye Hall United States Swimmer 1979
Zoltán Halmay Hungary Swimmer 1968
Tetsuo Hamuro Japan Swimmer 1990
Jamison Handy United States Contributor 1965
Brendan Hansen United States Swimmer 2020
Dick Hannula United States Coach (Swimming) 1987
Ursula Happe Germany Swimmer 1997
Phyllis Harding Great Britain Swimmer 1995
Bruce Harlan United States Diver 1973
Don Harper United States Diver 1998
Joan Harrison South Africa Swimmer 1982
Karen Harup Denmark Swimmer 1975
Shiro Hashizume Japan Swimmer 1992
John Gatenby "Jack" Hatfield Great Britain Swimmer/Water Polo Player 1984
Cecil Healy Australia Swimmer 1981
George Hearn Great Britain Pioneer Contributor 1986
Peter Heatly Great Britain Contributor 2016
Harry Hebner United States Swimmer 1968
Jerry Heidenreich United States Swimmer 1992
Bob Helmick United States Contributor 2007
John Hencken United States Swimmer 1988
Jan Henne United States Swimmer 1979
Harold Henning United States Contributor 1979
Thor Henning Sweden Pioneer Swimmer 1992
Jon Henricks Australia Swimmer 1973
Jodie Henry Australia Swimmer 2015
William Henry Great Britain Contributor 1974
Sam Herford Australia Coach (Swimming) 1992
Penelope Heyns South Africa Swimmer 2007
Charlie Hickcox United States Swimmer 1976
John Higgins United States Swimmer 1971
Takashi "Halo" Hirose United States Pioneer Swimmer 2017
Thomas Hoad Australia Contributor 2011
George Hodgson Canada Swimmer 1968
Falk Hoffmann East Germany Diver 1999
Robert M. Hoffman United States Pioneer Contributor 2001
Peg Hogan United States Masters Synchronized Swimmer 2002
Nancy Hogshead United States Swimmer 1994
Harry Holiday United States Swimmer 1991
Steve Holland Australia Swimmer 1989
Eleanor Holm United States Swimmer 1966
Frederick Holman Great Britain Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Márton Homonnai Hungary Water Polo Player 1971
Ernst Hoppenberg Germany Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Bruce Hopping United States Pioneer Contributor 2014
Richard R. Hough United States Swimmer 1970
Peter Hürzeler Switzerland Contributor 2020
Hu Jia China Diver 2013
Chad Hundeby United States Open Water Swimmer 2012
Hungarian Water Polo Team 2000-2008 Hungary Water Polo Team 2016
Virginia Hunt Newman United States Pioneer Contributor 1993
Stefen Hunyadfi Hungary/Italy/United States Coach (Swimming) 1969
Ralph Hutton Canada Swimmer 1984
Ragnhild Hveger Denmark Swimmer 1966
Horacio Iglesias Argentina Open Water Swimmer 2003
Larisa Ilchenko Russia Swimmer 2016
Tom Jager United States Swimmer 2001
Hilda James Great Britain Pioneer Swimmer 2016
Zoran Janković Yugoslavia Water Polo Player 2004
Alexandre Jany France Swimmer 1977
John Arthur Jarvis Great Britain Swimmer 1968
Chet Jastremski United States Swimmer 1977
Otylia Jędrzejczak Poland Swimmer 2019
Zdravko Ježić Yugoslavia Water Polo Player 2010
Dick Jochums United States Coach (Swimming) 2017
Greta Johansson Sweden Diver 1973
Hjalmar Johansson Sweden Pioneer Diver/Contributor 1982
Gail Johnson United States Synchronized Swimmer 1983
Graham Johnston United States Masters Swimmer 1998
Leisel Jones Australia Swimmer 2017
Karen Josephson United States Synchronized Swimmer 1997
Sarah Josephson United States Synchronized Swimmer 1997
Aleksandr Kabanov Soviet Union Water Polo Player 2001
Lina Kačiušytė Soviet Union Swimmer 1998
Duke Kahanamoku United States Swimmer 1965
Irina Kalinina Soviet Union Diver 1990
Marion Kane United States Coach (Synchronized Swimming) 1981
Masako Kaneko Japan Coach (Synchronized Swimming) 2015
György Kárpáti Hungary Water Polo Player 1982
Tamás Kásás Hungary Water Polo Player 2016
Kouji Katoh Japan Coach (Swimming) 2001
Beth Kaufman United States Contributor 1967
Warren Kealoha United States Swimmer 1968
Annette Kellermann Australia Contributor 1974
Dénes Kemény Hungary Coach (Water Polo) 2011
Edward T. Kennedy United States Contributor 1966
Skip Kenney United States Coach (Swimming) 2004
Elvira Khasyanova Russia Synchronized Swimmer 2020
Adolph Kiefer United States Swimmer 1965
Benard Kieran Australia Swimmer 1969
Lenore Kight United States Swimmer 1981
Dick Kimball United States Coach (Diving)/Diver 1985
Micki King United States Diver 1978
John Kinsella United States Swimmer 1986
Cor Kint Netherlands Swimmer 1971
Robert Kiphuth United States Coach (Swimming) 1965
Mariya Kiselyova Russia Synchronized Swimmer 2010
Gergely Kiss Hungary Water Polo Player 2016
László Kiss Hungary Coach (Swimming) 2012
Kusuo Kitamura Japan Swimmer 1965
Masaji Kiyokawa Japan Swimmer 1978
Michael Klim Australia Swimmer 2020
Heinz Kluetmeier United States Contributor 2017
Ulrika Knape Sweden Diver 1982
Reizo Koike Japan Pioneer Swimmer 1996
George Kojac United States Swimmer 1968
Ada Kok Netherlands Swimmer 1976
Mary Kok Netherlands Swimmer 1980
Claudia Kolb United States Swimmer 1975
Béla Komjádi Hungary Water Polo Player 1995
Ford Konno United States Swimmer 1972
John and Ilsa Konrads Australia Swimmers 1971
Mikako Kotani Japan Synchronized Swimmer 2007
Rosemarie Kother East Germany Swimmer 1986
Zdravko-Ćiro Kovačić Yugoslavia/Croatia Water Polo Player 1984
Ingrid Krämer East Germany Diver 1975
Barbara Krause East Germany Swimmer 1988
June Krauser United States Contributor 1994
Lenny Krayzelburg United States Swimmer 2011
Harold Kruger United States Pioneer Swimmer/Diver 1986
Louis Kuehn United States Pioneer Diver 1988
Karin Kuipers Netherlands Water Polo Player 2014
Ethel Lackie United States Swimmer 1969
Giorgio Lamberti Italy Swimmer 2004
Clara LaMore United States Masters Swimmer 1995
Frederick Lane Australia Swimmer 1969
Ludy Langer United States Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Gus Langner United States Masters Swimmer 1995
Lao Lishi China Diver 2015
Mustapha Larfaoui Algeria Contributor 1998
Lance Larson United States Swimmer 1980
Gunnar Larsson Sweden Swimmer 1979
Irina Lashko Soviet Union/Russia/Australia Diver 2018
Walter Laufer United States Swimmer 1973
Laurie Lawrence Australia Coach (Swimming) 1996
Sammy Lee United States Diver 1968
Dezső Lemhényi Hungary Water Polo Player/Coach/Contributor 1998
Kelley Lemmon United States Masters Swimmer 1999
Harry LeMoyne United States Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Maria Lenk Brazil Swimmer 1988
Mark Lenzi United States Diver 2003
Jason Lezak United States Swimmer 2019
Li Ting China Diver 2019
Liang Boxi China Pioneer Diver 2015[4]
Kim Linehan United States Swimmer 1997
Bill Lippman Jr. United States Contributor 1995
Danyon Loader New Zealand Swimmer 2003
Wilbert E. Longfellow United States Contributor 1965
Anita Lonsbrough Great Britain Swimmer 1983
Gianni Lonzi Italy Water Polo Player/Coach/Administrator 2009
Martín López-Zubero Spain Swimmer 2004
Alice Lord Landon United States Pioneer Swimmer/Contributor 1993
Greg Louganis United States Diver 1993
Frederick Luehring United States Contributor 1974
Steve Lundquist United States Swimmer 1990
Laure Manaudou France Swimmer 2017
Cornel Mărculescu Romania Contributor 2010
David Marsh United States Coach (Swimming) 2020
Diana Mocanu Romania Swimmer 2015
Marcella MacDonald United States Open Water Swimmer 2019
Lillian MacKellar United States/Canada/New Zealand Pioneer Coach/Contributor/Synchronized Swimmer 1993
Helene Madison United States Swimmer 1966
Hideko Maehata Japan Swimmer 1979
Mario Majoni Italy Water Polo Player 1972
Shozo Makino Japan Swimmer 1991
Håkan Malmrot Sweden Swimmer 1980
Matt Mann II United States/Great Britain Coach (Swimming) 1965
Shelley Mann United States Swimmer 1966
Thompson Mann United States Swimmer 1984
Kálmán Markovits Hungary Water Polo Player 1994
John Marshall Australia Swimmer 1973
G. Harold Martin United States Pioneer Contributor 1999
Rie Mastenbroek Netherlands Swimmer 1968
Ikkaku Matsuzawa Japan Coach (Swimming) 2009
Roland Matthes East Germany Swimmer 1981
Mihály Mayer Hungary Water Polo Player 1987
Charles McCaffree United States Contributor 1976
Glenn McCormick United States Coach (Diving) 1995
Kelly McCormick United States Diver 1999
Pat McCormick United States Diver 1965
Michael "Turk" McDermott United States Swimmer 1969
Linda McGill Australia Swimmer 1968
Perry McGillivray United States Swimmer 1981
Judy McGowan United States Contributor/Synchronized Swimmer 2009
Margo McGrath United States Synchronized Swimmer 1989
Tim McKee United States Swimmer 1998
Don McKenzie United States Swimmer 1989
Josephine McKim United States Pioneer Swimmer 1991
Frank McKinney United States Swimmer 1975
Jimmy McLane United States Swimmer 1970
Mary T. Meagher United States Swimmer 1993
Helen Meany United States Diver 1971
Jack Medica United States Swimmer 1966
Maxine Merlino United States Masters Swimmer 1999
Leonid Meshkov Russia Pioneer Swimmer 2016
Caren Metschuck East Germany Swimmer 1990
Debbie Meyer United States Swimmer 1977
Igor Milanović Yugoslavia Water Polo Player 2006
Alban Minville France Coach (Swimming) 1980
Radovan Miškov Croatia Masters Water Polo Player 2014
Matthew Mitcham Australia Diver 2020
Betsy Mitchell United States Swimmer 1998
Michele Mitchell United States Diver 1995
Yasuji Miyazaki Japan Swimmer 1981
Karen Moe United States Swimmer 1992
Tamás Molnár Hungary Water Polo Player 2016
Jim Montgomery United States Swimmer 1986
Peter Montgomery Australia Contributor 2013
Belle Moore Great Britain Pioneer Swimmer 1989
Adrian Moorhouse Great Britain Swimmer 1999
Pablo Morales United States Swimmer 1998
Phil Moriarty United States Coach (Swimming) 1980
Pamela Morris United States Synchronized Swimmer/Swimmer 1965
Lucy Morton Great Britain Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Bob Mowerson United States Coach (Swimming) 1986
Ardeth Mueller United States Masters Swimmer 1996
Camille Muffat France Swimmer 2016
Bob Muir United States Pioneer Coach (Swimming) 1989
Debbie Muir Canada Coach (Synchronized Swimming) 2007
Karen Muir South Africa Swimmer 1980
Bill Mulliken United States Swimmer 1984
Felipe Muñoz Mexico Swimmer 1991
Katsuyoshi Murakami Japan Coach (Swimming) 1997
Kevin Murphy Great Britain Open Water Swimmer 2009
Paula Jean Myers-Pope United States Diver 1979
John Naber United States Swimmer 1982
Jiro Nagasawa Japan Swimmer 1993
Alfred Nakache France Pioneer Swimmer 2019
Keo Nakama United States Swimmer 1975
Anita Nall United States Swimmer 2008
Gail Neall Australia Swimmer 1996
Sandy Neilson United States Swimmer 1986
Jack Nelson United States Coach (Swimming) 1994
János Németh Hungary Water Polo Player 1969
Anthony Nesty Suriname Swimmer 1998
Paul Neumann Austria Pioneer Swimmer 1986
Al Neuschaefer United States Coach (Swimming) 1967
Megan Neyer United States Diver 1997
Cindy Nicholas Canada Open Water Swimmer 2005
Monte Nitzkowski United States Coach (Water Polo) 1991
Martha Norelius United States Swimmer 1967
Eva and Ilona Novák Hungary Swimmers 1973
Ian O'Brien Australia Swimmer 1985
Ron O'Brien United States Coach (Diving)/Diver 1988
Wally O'Connor United States Water Polo Player 1966
Susie O'Neill Australia Swimmer 2006
Heidi O'Rourke United States Synchronized Swimmer 1980
Norma Olsen United States Pioneer Contributor 1998
Zoe Ann Olsen United States Diver 1989
Yoshiko Osaki Japan Masters Swimmer 2005
Albina Osipowich United States Pioneer Swimmer 1986
Javier Ostos Mexico Contributor 1981
Anne Ottenbrite Canada Swimmer 1999
Kristin Otto East Germany Swimmer 1993
Yoshi Oyakawa United States Swimmer 1973
Henri Padou France Water Polo Player 1970
Denis Pankratov Russia Swimmer 2004
Richard Papenguth United States Coach (Swimming/Diving) 1986
Frank Parrington Great Britain Pioneer Diver 1986
Al Patnik United States Diver 1969
Sue Pedersen United States Swimmer 1995
Aaron Peirsol United States Swimmer 2016
Peng Bo China Diver 2014
Mike Peppe United States Coach (Swimming/Diving) 1966
Kieren Perkins Australia Swimmer 2006
William Berge Phillips Australia Contributor 1997
Bernat Picornell Spain Pioneer Contributor 1993
Clarence Pinkston United States Coach (Diving) 1966
Karlyn Pipes United States Masters Swimmer 2015
Eraldo Pizzo Italy Water Polo Player 1990
Joseph Pletinckx Belgium Pioneer Water Polo Player 1988
Walter Poenisch United States Pioneer Open Water Swimmer 2017
Igor Polyansky Soviet Union Swimmer 2002
Andrea Pollack East Germany Swimmer 1987
Alexander Popov Russia Swimmer 2009
Boris Popov Soviet Union/Russia Coach (Water Polo) 2019
Cynthia Potter United States Diver 1987
Dorothy Poynton-Hill United States Diver 1968
William Prew United States Pioneer Swimmer 1998
Galina Prozumenshchikova Soviet Union Swimmer 1977
Richard Quick United States Coach (Swimming) 2000
Erich Rademacher Germany Swimmer/Water Polo Player 1972
Paul Radmilovic Great Britain Water Polo Player 1967
Brock Railey United States Swimmer 2011
Béla Rajki Hungary Contributor 1996
Emil Rausch Germany Swimmer 1968
Austin Rawlinson Great Britain Pioneer Swimmer 1994
Katherine Rawls United States Swimmer/Diver 1965
Michael Read Great Britain Contributor 2011
Carol Redmond United States Synchronized Swimmer 1989
Eddie Reese United States Coach (Swimming) 2002
Randy Reese United States Coach (Swimming) 2005
Rica Reinisch East Germany Swimmer 1989
Desmond Renford Australia Open Water Swimmer 2016
Stephanie Rice Australia Swimmer 2019
Ulrike Richter East Germany Swimmer 1983
Aileen Riggin United States Swimmer/Diver 1967
Mickey Riley United States Diver 1977
Wally Ris United States Swimmer 1966
Richard Max Ritter United States/Germany Contributor 1965
David H. Robertson United States Contributor/Coach (Swimming) 1989
Carl Robie United States Swimmer 1976
Tom Robinson United States Coach (Swimming) 1975
Jesús Rollán Spain Water Polo Player 2012
Gail Roper United States Masters Swimmer 1997
Billy Rose United States Contributor 1995
Murray Rose Australia Swimmer 1965
Anne Ross United States Diver 1984
Clarence Ross United States Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Norman Ross United States Swimmer 1967
Norbert Rózsa Hungary Swimmer 2005
Dick Roth United States Swimmer 1987
Keena Rothhammer United States Swimmer 1991
Jeff Rouse United States Swimmer 2001
Cesare Rubini Italy Water Polo Player 2000
Joe Ruddy United States Pioneer Water Polo Player 1986
Ray Rude United States Contributor 1992
Ratko Rudić Yugoslavia/Italy/United States/Croatia Coach (Water Polo) 2007
Tracie Ruiz United States Synchronized Swimmer 1993
Doug Russell United States Swimmer 1985
Sylvia Ruuska United States Swimmer 1976
Roy Saari United States Swimmer 1976
Yevgeny Sadovyi Soviet Union/Russia Swimmer 1999
Soichi Sakamoto United States Coach (Swimming) 1966
Salamon Ferenc Hungary Contributor 2019
Vladimir Salnikov Soviet Union Swimmer 1993
Summer Sanders United States Swimmer 2002
Mirko Sandić Yugoslavia Water Polo Player 1999
Imre Sárosi Hungary Coach (Swimming) 1981
Norman Sarsfield Great Britain Contributor 2014
Dmitri Sautin Russia Diver 2016
Charlie Sava United States Coach (Swimming) 1970
Jill Savery United States Synchronized Swimmer 2008
E. Carroll Schaeffer United States Swimmer 1968
Otto Scheff Austria Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Walt Schlueter United States Coach (Swimming) 1978
Petra Schneider East Germany Swimmer 1989
Nathalie Schneyder United States Synchronized Swimmer 2013
Al Schoenfield United States Contributor 1985
Clarke Scholes United States Swimmer 1980
Don Schollander United States Swimmer 1965
Hilde Schrader Germany Pioneer Swimmer 1994
Terry Schroeder United States Water Polo Player 2002
Mark Schubert United States Coach (Swimming) 1997
Carolyn Schuler United States Swimmer 1989
Olga Sedakova Russia Synchronized Swimmer 2019
Peg Seller Canada Pioneer Synchronized Swimmer/Coach 1988
Nida Senff Netherlands Swimmer 1983
Yevgeny Sharonov Soviet Union Water Polo Player 2003
Tim Shaw United States Swimmer/Water Polo Player 1989
George Sheldon United States Pioneer Diver 1989
Erwin Sietas Germany Pioneer Swimmer 1992
Carlo Silipo Italy Water Polo Player 2014
Charles Silvia United States Contributor 1976
Farid Simaika Egypt Diver 1982
Kenneth Sitzberger United States Diver 1994
Robert Skelton United States Pioneer Swimmer 1988
Jonty Skinner South Africa Swimmer 1985
Bill Smith United States Swimmer 1966
Caroline Smith United States Pioneer Diver 1988
Charles Smith Great Britain Water Polo Player 1981
Dick Smith United States Coach (Diving) 1979
Harold Smith United States Diver 1979
Jimmy Smith United States Pioneer Water Polo Player 1992
R. Jackson Smith United States Contributor 1983
Deryk Snelling Canada/Great Britain Coach (Swimming) 1993
Aleksandar Šoštar SFR/FR Yugoslavia Water Polo Player 2011
Spence Brothers: Walter, Leonard, Wallace British Guiana Swimmers 1967
Mark Spitz United States Swimmer 1977
Allen Stack United States Swimmer 1979
Gus Stager United States Coach (Swimming) 1982
Charles Steedman Great Britain/Australia Contributor 2000
Britta Steffen Germany Swimmer 2019
Carrie Steinseifer United States Swimmer 1999
Jan Stender Netherlands Coach (Swimming) 1973
Jill Sterkel United States Swimmer 2002
Melvin Stewart United States Swimmer 2002
Edward Stickles United States Swimmer 1995
Tom Stock United States Swimmer 1989
Sharon Stouder United States Swimmer 1972
Juno Stover-Irwin United States Diver 1980
Petar Stoychev Bulgaria Open Water Swimmer 2018
Alison Streeter Great Britain Open Water Swimmer 2006
Gus Sundstrom United States Pioneer Coach (Swimming)/Contributor 1995
Daichi Suzuki Japan Swimmer 2020
Sun Shuwei China Diver 2007
Bill Sweetenham Australia Coach (Swimming) 2018
Clyde Swendsen United States Pioneer Diver/Coach/Water Polo Player 1991
Zoltán Szécsi Hungary Water Polo Player 2016
Éva Székely Hungary Swimmer 1976
István Szívós, Jr Hungary Water Polo Player 1996
István Szívós, Sr Hungary Water Polo Player 1997
Katalin Szőke Hungary Swimmer 1985
Miya Tachibana Japan Synchronized Swimmer 2011
Ray Taft United States Masters Swimmer 1996
Nobutaka Taguchi Japan Swimmer 1987
Katsuo Takaishi Japan Pioneer Swimmer 1991
Miho Takeda Japan Synchronized Swimmer 2018
Don Talbot Australia Coach (Swimming) 1979
Tan Liangde China Diver 2000
Satoko Tanaka Japan Swimmer 1991
Elaine Tanner Canada Swimmer 1980
Jean Taris France Swimmer 1984
Ulrike Tauber East Germany Swimmer 1988
Henry Taylor Great Britain Swimmer 1969
June Taylor Canada Pioneer Synchronized Swimmer 1991
Shelley Taylor-Smith Australia Open Water Swimmer 2008
Stella Taylor United States Marathon Swimmer 1982
Noboru Terada Japan Pioneer Swimmer 1994
Mark Tewksbury Canada Swimmer 2000
David Theile Australia Swimmer 1968
Monfieur Thevenot France Pioneer Contributor 1990
Nick Thierry Canada Contributor 2001
Petria Thomas Australia Swimmer 2010
Ralph Thomas Great Britain Pioneer Contributor 2004
Jenny Thompson United States Swimmer 2009
Nort Thornton United States Coach (Swimming) 1995
Ian Thorpe Australia Swimmer 2011
Petra Thümer East Germany Swimmer 1987
Stan Tinkham United States Coach (Swimming) 1989
Gary Tobian United States Diver 1978
Dara Torres United States Swimmer 2016
Kenneth Treadway United States Contributor 1983
Libby Trickett Australia Swimmer 2018
Mike Troy United States Swimmer 1971
John Trudgen Great Britain Contributor 1974
Ivo Trumbić Yugoslavia/Netherlands Water Polo Player/Coach 2015
Yoshiyuki Tsuruta Japan Swimmer 1968
Jon Urbanchek United States Coach (Swimming) 2008
Elena Vaytsekhovskaya Soviet Union Diver 1992
Laura Val United States Masters Swimmer 2003
Georges Vallerey Jr. France Pioneer Swimmer 2017
Franziska van Almsick Germany Swimmer 2010
Judith de Nijs Netherlands Open Water Swimmer 2014
Pieter van den Hoogenband Netherlands Swimmer 2013
Irene van der Laan Netherlands Open Water Swimmer 2015
Maarten van der Weijden Netherlands Open Water Swimmer 2017
Amy Van Dyken United States Swimmer 2007
Iet van Feggelen Netherlands Pioneer Swimmer 2009
Nel van Vliet Netherlands Swimmer 1973
Helen Vanderburg Canada Synchronized Swimmer 1985
Al Vande Weghe United States Swimmer 1990
Vladimir Vasin Soviet Union Diver 1991
Jesse Vassallo United States Swimmer 1997
Joe Verdeur United States Swimmer 1966
Mirko Vičević Yugoslavia Water Polo Player 2020
Penny and Vicky Vilagos Canada Synchronized Swimmers 2014
Kay Vilen United States Coach (Synchronized Swimming) 1978
Brenda Villa United States Water Polo Player 2018
Matt Vogel United States Swimmer 1996
Herb Vollmer United States Pioneer Swimmer 1990
Chris von Saltza United States Swimmer 1966
Otto Wahle Austria/United States Pioneer Swimmer/Contributor 1996
Helen Wainwright United States Swimmer/Diver 1972
Carolyn Waldo Canada Synchronized Swimmer 1994
Ross Wales United States Contributor 2004
C. W. Wallis Australia Pioneer Contributor 1986
Gottlob Walz Germany Pioneer Diver 1988
Debbie Watson Australia Water Polo Player 2008
Don Watson United States Coach (Swimming) 2015
Lillian Watson United States Swimmer 1984
Marshall Wayne United States Diver 1981
Mary Wayte United States Swimmer 2000
Matthew Webb Great Britain Swimmer 1965
Robert Webster United States Diver 1970
Mariechen Wehselau United States Pioneer Swimmer 1989
Johnny Weissmuller United States Swimmer 1965
Kim Welshons United States Synchronized Swimmer 1988
Michael Wenden Australia Swimmer 1979
Al White United States Diver 1965
Beverley Whitfield Australia Swimmer 1995
Sharon Wichman United States Swimmer 1991
Alick Wickham Solomon Islands Contributor 1974
Tracey Wickham Australia Swimmer 1992
Albert Wiggins United States Swimmer 1994
Monique Wildschut Netherlands Open Water Swimmer 2016
David Wilkie Great Britain Swimmer 1982
George Wilkinson Great Britain Water Polo Player 1980
Laura Wilkinson United States Diver 2017
Herman Willemse Netherlands Open Water Swimmer 2008
Esther Williams United States Contributor 1966
Craig Wilson United States Water Polo Player 2005
William Wilson Great Britain Pioneer Contributor 2003
Bob Windle Australia Swimmer 1990
Margaret Woodbridge United States Pioneer Swimmer 1989
Cynthia Woodhead United States Swimmer 1994
Bernie Wrightson United States Diver 1984
Wu Chuanyu China Pioneer Swimmer 2017
Wendy Wyland United States Diver 2001
Mina Wylie Australia Swimmer 1975
Xiong Ni China Diver 2006
Xu Yanmei China Diver 2000
Xu Yiming China Coach (Diving) 2003
Tsuyoshi Yamanaka Japan Swimmer 1983
Anastasiya Yermakova Russia Synchronized Swimmer 2015
Teófilo Yldefonso Philippines Pioneer Swimmer 2010
William Yorzyk United States Swimmer 1971
Masanori Yusa Japan Pioneer Swimmer 1992
Georg Zacharias Germany Pioneer Swimmer 2002
Zhang Xiuwei China Diver 2017
Zhou Jihong China Diver 1994
Andrés "Bandy" Zolyomy Hungary/Italy/Spain Coach (Water Polo) 2010
Alberto Zorrilla Argentina Swimmer 1976
Albert Zürner Germany Pioneer Diver 1988


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