List of fictional characters with bipolar disorder

Fictional characters who exhibit and/or have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Year Character Actor(s) Series
1971 Maude Findlay[1] Bea Arthur All in the Family/Maude
1982 Cass Winthrop[citation needed] Stephen Schnetzer Another World
1986 Jimmy Corkhill[2] Dean Sullivan Brookside
1992 Silver[3] April Peterson, Arielle Peterson, Ryanne Kastner, Megan Lee Braley, Mercedes Kastner and Jessica Stroup Beverly Hills, 90210/90210
1993 Sonny Corinthos[4] Maurice Benard General Hospital
1994 Sharon Newman[5] Monica Potter, Heidi Mark and Sharon Case The Young and the Restless
1995 Cindy Cunningham[6] Laura Crossley and Stephanie Waring Hollyoaks
2003 Morgan Corinthos[4] Isador Talamo, Adonios Talamo, Jordan Cline, Dylan Cline, George Juarez, Aaron Refvem, Aaron Sanders and Bryan Craig General Hospital
2004 Ian Gallagher[7] Gerard Kearns (UK) and Cameron Monaghan (US) Shameless (UK/US)
Karen Maguire[8] Rebecca Atkinson (UK) and Laura Slade Wiggins (US)
2004 Jean Slater[9] Gillian Wright EastEnders
Stacey Slater[10] Lacey Turner
2006 Pamela Douglas[citation needed] Alley Mills The Bold and the Beautiful
2008 Samantha Fitzgerald[11] Simone Buchanan Neighbours
2010 Eli Goldsworthy[12] Munro Chambers Degrassi: The Next Generation
2011 Carrie Mathison[13] Claire Danes Homeland
2012 Marta Del Sol[14] Leonor Varela Dallas
2013 Zosia March[citation needed] Camila Arfwedson Holby City
2016 Even Bech Næsheim[citation needed] Henrik Holm Skam


Year Character Series/Franchise Author/Publisher
1942 Two-Face[citation needed] Batman DC Comics
1960 Multi-Man[citation needed] Challengers of the Unknown
1962 Will Magnus[citation needed] Showcase
1964 Norman Osborn[15] Spider-Man Marvel Comics
1966 Mimic[16] X-Men
1978 Count Vertigo[citation needed] Black Canary/Green Arrow DC Comics
2019 Nadia Van Dyne[17] The Unstoppable Wasp Marvel Comics


Year Character Book Author Notes
1987 Annie Wilkes[citation needed] Misery Stephen King Also appears in the 1990 film adaptation.
2015 Theodore Finch[citation needed] All the Bright Places Jennifer Niven Also appears in the 2020 film adaptation.

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