List of fictional characters with bipolar disorder

Fictional characters who exhibit and/or have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Year Character Actor(s) Film Director Notes
2008 Maria Elena Penélope Cruz Vicky Cristina Barcelona Woody Allen Not diagnosed in film, but exhibits drastic mood swings consistent with mania and depression.[1]
2012 Patrizio "Pat" Solitano Jr. Bradley Cooper Silver Linings Playbook David O. Russell [2]
2014 Cam Stuart Mark Ruffalo Infinitely Polar Bear Maya Forbes The film is based on the filmmaker's life with her bipolar father.


Year Character Actor(s) Series
1955 Dame Edna Everage[3] Barry Humphries Various stage and television productions
1971 Maude Findlay[4] Bea Arthur All in the Family/Maude
1982 Cass Winthrop[citation needed] Stephen Schnetzer Another World
1986 Jimmy Corkhill[5] Dean Sullivan Brookside
1992 Silver[6] April Peterson, Arielle Peterson, Ryanne Kastner, Megan Lee Braley, Mercedes Kastner and Jessica Stroup Beverly Hills, 90210/90210
1993 Sonny Corinthos[7] Maurice Benard General Hospital
1994 Sharon Newman[8] Monica Potter, Heidi Mark and Sharon Case The Young and the Restless
1995 Cindy Cunningham[9] Laura Crossley and Stephanie Waring Hollyoaks
1997 Kahn Soupanousinphone Toby Huss King of the Hill
2003 Morgan Corinthos[7] Isador Talamo, Adonios Talamo, Jordan Cline, Dylan Cline, George Juarez, Aaron Refvem, Aaron Sanders and Bryan Craig General Hospital
2004 Ian Gallagher[10] Gerard Kearns Shameless UK[11]
Karen Maguire[12] Rebecca Atkinson
2004 Jean Slater[13] Gillian Wright EastEnders
Stacey Slater[14] Lacey Turner
2006 Pamela Douglas[citation needed] Alley Mills The Bold and the Beautiful
2008 Samantha Fitzgerald[15] Simone Buchanan Neighbours
2010 Eli Goldsworthy[16] Munro Chambers Degrassi: The Next Generation
2011 Carrie Mathison[17] Claire Danes Homeland
2011 Ian Gallagher

Monica Gallagher

Cameron Monaghan

Chloe Webb

Shameless US
2012 Marta Del Sol[18] Leonor Varela Dallas
2013 Rose/Mum[citation needed] Debra Lawrence Please Like Me
2013 Zosia March[citation needed] Camila Arfwedson Holby City
2016 Even Bech Næsheim[citation needed] Henrik Holm Skam
2018 Lizzie Saltzman Jenny Boyd Legacies
2019 Eliott Demaury Maxence Danet-Fauvel Skam France
2019 Sander Driesen Willem De Schryver WTfock
2019 Rue Bennett Zendaya Euphoria
2019 Vincent "Vinnie" O'Neill Joe Gilgun Brassic
2019 Andrew Deluca Giacomo Gianniotti Grey's Anatomy
2020 Kat Baker

Carol Baker

Kaya Scodelario

January Jones

Spinning Out
2020 GaTa GaTa as himself Dave


Year Character Series/Franchise Author/Publisher
1942 Two-Face[citation needed] Batman DC Comics
1960 Multi-Man[citation needed] Challengers of the Unknown
1962 Will Magnus[citation needed] Showcase
1964 Norman Osborn[19] Spider-Man Marvel Comics
1966 Mimic[20] X-Men
1978 Count Vertigo[citation needed] Black Canary/Green Arrow DC Comics
2019 Nadia Van Dyne[21] The Unstoppable Wasp Marvel Comics


Year Character Book Author Notes
1987 Annie Wilkes[citation needed] Misery Stephen King Also appears in the 1990 film adaptation.
2011 Leonard Bankhead[citation needed] The Marriage Plot Jeffrey Eugenides The book's plot is heavily driven by Leonard's mental illness.
2015 Theodore Finch[citation needed] All the Bright Places Jennifer Niven Also appears in the 2020 film adaptation.

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