List of fatal dog attacks in Canada

This is a list of fatal dog attacks in Canada. A 2008 study found that one to two deaths per year in Canada are attributable to dog attacks, however other systematic data is lacking compared to the wider variety of studies conducted by researchers in the United States.[1] In the lists below, the attribution of breed is assigned by the sources.

Fatalities before 2000Edit

Prior to 1990Edit

Date Location Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
November 30 or December 1, 1936 Mutton Bay (near Gros-Mécatina), Quebec Canadian Eskimo Dogs (9) Jackie Payne 6 years Payne was attacked by dogs at the far north port as he walked home from school. He soon died at the Harrington Harbour hospital. It is unknown if the dogs were euthanized.[2][3]
January 30, 1950 Flin Flon, Manitoba Husky (2) Garry Lawrence Bielby 6 years Bielby was attacked by a resident's untethered dogs while he collected firewood from his backyard. He was found semi-conscious by a neighbour, but died minutes after arriving at a hospital. The dogs were promptly euthanized by their owner. Several residents complained that they bit children.[4][5]
May 26, 1954 Grand Rapids, Manitoba Sled dog Marleen Ruby McDay 3 years McDay was bitten to death by a dog, which was euthanized shortly after.[6]
August 17, 1955 Bracebridge, Ontario Farm dogs (14) Wayne Baker 6 years Baker was trying to protect his pet dog, Mickey, from other dogs. He was found by Vera MacDonald, who owned the dogs and property. Despite receiving several blood transfusions, Baker died while being transferred from a local hospital to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. MacDonald's dogs were presumably euthanized.[7][8][9]
December 31, 1961 Auden (part of Unorganized Thunder Bay District), Ontario Pack of stray husky crosses (20) Deborah Joy (or June) Richardson 6 years Richardson's father dropped her off at the community hall to attend Sunday school, but she left after learning that classes were cancelled for a New Year's Eve party. She was attacked by several dogs from Onbabika, a nearby First Nations village, while walking home. Richardson died from blood loss and shock. There were around 800 visible bite marks on her body. The dogs may have picked up the scent of her German Shepherd that frequently fought stray dogs. At least nine of them were euthanized.[10][11][12]
c. January 30, 1963 East coast of Cumberland Peninsula, Nunavut Sled dogs (Unknown number) Unnamed adult male Unknown Four travelling Inuit men were drifting out to sea after falling asleep on ice. Two of them drowned and another one was attacked by their sled dogs. The lone survivor, 31-year-old John Asee, was found on February 1, 1963. He was spotted by a Royal Canadian Mounted Police airplane around 300 miles north of Iqaluit and transported to the Montreal General Hospital for limb amputations. The outcome of the dogs is unknown.[13][14]
November 17, 1963 Kawartha Lakes, Ontario Collie Ellen DeJersey 52 years DeJersey's dog severed her jugular vein while she suffered from a seizure in her kitchen. Her husband said that she and the dog were fond of each other. The dog was promptly euthanized.[15]
January 4, 1964 Fort Chipewyan, Alberta German shepherd and husky cross sled dogs (5) Eugene Tuccaro 12 years Tuccaro was exercising the dogs with fifteen-year-old Lorne Yanik. The dogs weighed around eighty pounds each and began mauling Tucarro after he fell down. Yanik called a Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable to the scene, who had to shoot all five dogs before retrieving Tuccaro's "badly torn" body. Tuccaro suffered extreme head injuries and blood loss. Yanik was uninjured.[16][17]
September 19, 1964 Fort McMurray, Alberta Sled dogs (4) Richard Dean Scott 3 years Scott wandered into an open field where Joe Kreutzer kept his dogs tethered. He heard Scott cries and released him from the dogs, but was too late to save Scott. Kreutzer euthanized his dogs when ordered to by police. Scott's sister was born the day after his death.[14][18]
February 11, 1966 Island Lake, Manitoba Unknown (4) Sandra Lorraine Mason 5 years Mason was mauled by four loose dogs. It is unknown if they were euthanized.[14][19]
May 28, 1966 Dunrobin, Ontario Golden Retriever Angela Monaghan 20 months Monaghan was playing with her older siblings in a sandpit, where the family dog bit the back of her neck. She suffered a dislocated neck and likely died instantly. The dog was euthanized for a rabies test.[20]
April 19, 1968 Renfrew, Ontario Unknown Steven Joseph Sirosky 6 or 7 years Sirosky approached a tethered dog in somebody's backyard while he walked home from school with two friends. He died in a hospital later that day. It is unknown if the dog was euthanized.[14][21][22]
March 14, 1971 Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories Sled dogs (Unknown number) Suzzanah Wootten 5 years Wootten, several other children, and an adult were walking along a sled dog trail that was in use. Everyone managed to get out of the way except for her. She was attacked by the dogs until they were beaten off with an axe, presumably killing them.[23]
March 4, 1974 Split Lake, Manitoba Sled dogs (2) Roy Howard Beardy 5 years Beardy was attacked by dogs while playing near the lakeshore with other children at around 4:30 P.M. He died approximately an hour later. Both dogs were euthanized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.[14][24]
August 7, 1974 Taloyoak, Nunavut Sled dog Larry Qurruo 3 years Qurruo, an Inuk, was mauled by a dog that was tethered to a peg. It is unknown if the dog was euthanized.[25]
January 16, 1975 La Ronge, Saskatchewan Pack of stray dogs (10) Sean Douglas McNeil 3 years McNeil was mauled by dogs while crossing the street to a neighbour's residence at about 9:30 A.M., around 150 yards away from McNeil's home. He was dead by the time his mother attempted to rescue him. All of the dogs were euthanized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.[26]
November 9, 1976 Moosonee, Ontario Unknown (3 or 4) Louisa Ann Sackenay 46 years Sackenay fell asleep on a snowbank after leaving a party, where she was attacked by dogs that were eventually driven away by a passerby. She died in the local clinic from shock and exposure.[27][28]
September 20, 1977 Mayo, Yukon Sled dog David Shane Sembsmoen-Moses 3 years Sembsmoen-Moses was found deceased in a resident's dog kennel at around 11:25 A.M., approximately 24 hours after he was reported missing. He likely died between midnight and 9:00 A.M. The mauling was not extensive nor had his corpse been devoured. One dog was euthanized.[14][29][30]
March 27, 1978 Tsiigehtchic, Northwest Territories Mongrel husky and wolf crossed

sled dogs (5)

Bella Nidipchie 37 years Nidipchie, a Gwichʼin mother of five, began a ten kilometer sled dog race at around 2:00 P.M. She was found three kilometers from the start by another participant, who departed four minutes after her. The attack may have began after one of her dogs escaped from its harness. Nidipchie died from blood loss and the dogs were euthanized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.[31][32][33]
June 5, 1979 Newfoundland and Labrador Unknown (2) Unnamed male child 5 years A child was attacked by loose dogs. It is unknown if the dogs were euthanized.[14]
July 9, 1979 Disraeli, Quebec Husky and Alaskan Malamute Patrick Cadorette 3 months Cadorette, who was alone in his carriage outside, was bitten in the neck and face by a neighbour's loose dog. He died en route to the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke. It is unknown if the dog was euthanized.[14][34]
August 1, 1979 Niagara Falls, Ontario Mongrels (2), German shepherd and Labrador retriever crosses (5) Kosta Apostolos 9 years Apostolos was mauled by five of his family's watchdogs and two of his neighbour's dogs. He was dragged for about 25 meters, bitten over 100 times, and had his chest ripped open. Apostolos died thirty minutes later in a hospital. A deceased puppy was found at the attack scene, which Apostolos may have tried to rescue from the other dogs. All of the dogs were euthanized, the largest dog weighing 75 pounds.[35][36]
Circa 1980 Winnipeg, Manitoba Husky sled dogs (4) Unnamed male child 3 years A child was attacked by dogs after he climbed under a fence. It is unknown if the dogs were euthanized.[14]
March 22, 1983 North of Barrhead, Alberta Border Collie and mongrel German shepherd Nolton Nanninga 3 years At around 3:00 P.M, Nanninga was attacked by two dogs on a country road less than a kilometer from his home. He was dragged for six meters before being mauled in a field. Nanninga's grandmother found him approximately an hour later. He died from blood loss and hypothermia in the University of Alberta Hospital at around 8:00 P.M. Both dogs were euthanized.[37][38]
January 23, 1984 Davis Inlet, Newfoundland and Labrador Stray dogs Zelda Tastine 3 years Tastine was found deceased outside of her residence. It is unknown if the dogs were euthanized.[39]
April 8, 1987 Cherryville, British Columbia German shepherd and coyote cross Dawn April Witowski 5 years Witowski was attacked by her grandparents' tethered dog, ten-year-old Ben, at around 4:30 P.M. Her grandfather found her five meters away from Ben, where she was lying face down. Ben was promptly euthanized by Witowski's grandfather. Witowski died from blood loss due to a torn carotid artery, but also suffered lacerations to her scalp, forehead, upper chest, and left hand. Ben would bark at strangers, but never acted violent towards Witowski.[40][41][42][43][44]
May 31, 1988 Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, Quebec German shepherd Francis Tremblay-Juneau 17 months Tremblay-Juneau was bitten on the head and neck by a neighbour's watch dog after he wandered into a nearby yard. The dog, who guarded an auto body shop, had been tethered for three years and had not eaten for 24 hours. Tremblay-Juneau was scalped and had his jugular vein severed. He died from blood loss after undergoing surgery. The dog was euthanized and tested negative for rabies.[45][46][47]
October 10, 1988 Girardville, Quebec Alaskan Malamute sled dog Mathieu D'Amboise 4 years D'Amboise was alone in the garage when he was bitten in the neck by his family's six-year-old female breeding dog. She had no history of aggression. Emergency medical technicians could not revive D'Amboise and he was dead on arrival at a nearby hospital. The dog recently gave birth to her third litter of puppies within fourteen months. She was tethered without being able to move from her puppies, suffered from mastitis, and became emaciated from being fed only once a day. The dog, her three puppies, and the family's male dog were all euthanized.[14][47][48][49]
March 31, 1989 La Salette (within Norfolk County), Ontario Dobermann and Rottweiler Michael Purtill 4 years Purtill was at a campground with his father, who was working on a trailer with a friend. He was attacked by the friend's dogs after leaving for the bathroom. Purtill weighed 44 pounds, the Dobermann weighed at least 60 pounds, and the Rottweiler weighed nearly 100 pounds. Nobody witnessed the attack. Purtill was not breathing when his father found him. He died from blood loss due to a severed artery in his left arm. Both dogs were euthanized for rabies tests.[14][50]
May 17, 1989 St. Thomas, Ontario Dobermann Donna Sue Miller 46 years Miller was mauled by her three dogs in her residence. The dogs were removed from the residence, but it is unknown if they were euthanized.[51]

Fatalities in 1990-1999Edit

Date Location Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
April 26, 1990 Caledon, Ontario Chow Chow Katherine Koltai <1 month Koltai was attacked by the family dog, 10-year-old Rufus, at around 7:30 A.M. He overturned her bassinet and bit her head, leaving teeth marks. Her parents were in another room during the attack. Koltai died in a Toronto area hospital that she was airlifted to. Rufus, who may have mauled Koltai out of jealousy, was euthanized.[14][52]
July 28, 1993 Pond Inlet, Nunavut Sled dogs (8) Rita Angmarlik 8 years Angmarlik was attacked by tethered dogs when she tried to feed them a bone. Her sister ran home to inform their father of the incident, who pulled Rita from the dogs and took her to the community health centre. She died a few minutes later. The dogs were euthanized.[14][53]
December 30, 1993 Fort Chipewyan, Alberta Sled dogs (5) Michelle Dawn Whitehead 11 years Whitehead, who was walking home from a friend's house, was mauled by dogs on an isolated road at around 4:45 P.M. and died two hours later. She may have been trying to stop them from fighting. All of the dogs were euthanized. They were well-fed, did not have a history of being hostile, and were typically tied up on their owner's property. In 1989, Whitehead was attacked by a Rottweiler in Edmonton. She was trying to retrieve an item from a neighbour's yard.[54][55][56]
September 22, 1994 Mississippi Mills, Ontario Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog Jennifer Ainslie Needham 17 months At around 5:30 P.M., Needham was bitten in the face and on the back of the head by the family's male dog, Zingaro. She may have gotten between Zingaro and the family's female dog, who was in heat. Needham suffered an air embolism, lost consciousness on the way to the Almonte General Hospital, went into cardiac arrest, and died from blood loss at around 7:15 P.M. A neighbour claimed that several residents were afraid of the Needhams' dogs to the point where they would not go near their residence, but another neighbour said that her children frequently hung around the dogs and did not believe they were dangerous. It is unknown if Zingaro, who weighed 105 pounds, was euthanized.[57][58][59][60][61]
August 15, 1995 Toronto, Ontario American Staffordshire Terriers (2) Taun Joseph Peters 22 or 23 years An intoxicated Peters began taunting his roommates dogs, Apollo and Rage, which led to them grabbing Peters' arm and pulling him down. He suffered extensive injuries to his head, neck, and throat. 46-year-old Billy Weaver, Peters' roommate, was charged with criminal negligence a day later, but charges were dropped as he was not home when the attack occurred. The dogs were euthanized against Weaver's request. Two months prior, Peters was hospitalized for twelve days after the same dogs attacked him.[62][63][64][65]
December 14, 1995 Kinistino, Saskatchewan German Shepherds (2) Lang Forsyth 6 years Forsyth was attacked by his uncle's two unneutered dogs, which he was playing with alone. He was announced dead on arrival at the Melfort Union Hospital. Forsyth had extensive wounds to his head and neck. Both dogs were euthanized.[66][67]
June 18, 1996 Cross Lake First Nation, Manitoba Pack of stray dogs (4) Desmond McKay 3 years Over 100 stray dogs were euthanized in response to McKay's death.[14][68]
June 27, 1997 Saint-Tite-des-Caps, Quebec Siberian Husky sled dogs (2) Dariane Blouin 5 years Blouin was mauled by two of her father's dogs. One was loose and dragged her to another dog, which was tethered. She was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital. The dogs had a history of killing rabbits, but her father did not believe they would harm the child. Blouin's father had purchased the dogs several months prior for breeding purposes, but he had no experience. One dog was euthanized by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Blouin's father euthanized his several remaining dogs. He was breeding them for sale.[47][69][70][71]
June 1997 Kingston, Ontario Pitbull Sharon Reynolds 7 years In 1997, seven year old Sharon Reynolds was discovered in the basement of her home with 82 "stab wounds." Her mother, Louise Reynolds, was charged with second degree murder, accused of killing her child with scissors. There was dog excrement by the child, the dog was "covered in ketchup," a witness stated there was blood on the bedding. No weapon was found and Louise claimed a Pitbull named "Hat Trick," owned by an acquaintance, had killed her daughter. The dog was destroyed. A pathology report by Dr. Charles Randal Smith from Sick Kid's Hospital in Toronto claimed the child died from stab wounds, however he was not told there was a dog present. However, Dr. Rex Ferris of Vancouver, the pathologist who was involved in the famous "dingo baby" case in Australia in the 1980s, disagreed. Louise Reynolds spent three and a half years in jail awaiting trial, and during that time her other children were removed from her care. She was convicted, but exonerated in 2001. It was concluded that the pitbull killed Sharon.


September 17, 1997 Crutwell, Saskatchewan German Shepherd and Husky cross sled dog Terrance Keenatch 3 years At around 4:21 P.M., Keenatch wandered into Herman Campbell's yard and was attacked by a tethered dog. He suffered severe head and neck injuries. Keenatch was taken to the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert and moved to the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, where he died the next day. The dog was euthanized by Campbell's request. Campbell's dogs were well cared for, did not have a history of aggression, and were allowed to play with his grandchildren.[75][76][77]
November 27, 1997 Temiskaming Shores, Ontario Rottweiler Jonathan King 3 years King was attacked in his home by his family's dog, Tank, while his mother and paternal half-sister were home. He suffered head and neck injuries. He was found deceased by his father when he returned home, who promptly euthanized Tank.[14][78]
March 18, 1998 Iqaluit, Nunavut Husky sled dogs (4-8) Leah Tikivik 6 years Tikivik was mauled and partially eaten by sled dogs that were staked to the ice. Her partial remains were found by a five-year-old boy after she had been missing for 24 hours. All of the dogs were euthanized at the owner's request.[14][79]
April 27, 1998 Stouffville, Ontario Bullmastiff Courtney Trempe 8 years Trempe was playing with two of her neighbour's children in their backyard, where she was bitten on the neck by their dog, Mosley. Her carotid artery was punctured and trachea was crushed. Mosley, who weighed 130 pounds and had a history of attacking people, was euthanized by the request of his owners.[80][81]
August 16, 1998 Zacharias Island (near Hopedale), Newfoundland and Labrador Husky sled dogs (8) Betty Gauntlet and Daniel Obed 45 years, 10 years Gauntlet and Obed were attacked by sled dogs while picking berries during a family outing. Along with them was Gauntlet's 49-year-old common-law husband and an eight-year-old boy, both of whom survived. Seven of the eight dogs were euthanized. They were likely left on the island for the summer by their owners, a common practice for Inuit in the area.[14][82]
December 21, 1998 Cross Lake First Nation, Manitoba Pack of stray dogs Kelsen Frogg (or Frogge) 8 years Frogg was repeatedly bitten in the head by stray dogs while walking home from a friends house and was pronounced dead an hour later. He was carrying a snack and was accustomed to dogs because his family had sled dogs. Seven dogs were euthanized, some weighing over eighty pounds.[83][84]
March 7, 1999 Five Mile First Nation (near Atlin), British Columbia Husky cross Unnamed female child 3 years A child died from a broken neck after she was attacked by a neighbour's dog while playing in her yard. Her name was not released nor was the dog owner's name. The dog was euthanized.[85][86]
May 30, 1999 Mandeville, Quebec Husky sled dog Nicolas Boudreau 2 years Boudreau and his family were visiting friends, who had 24 sled dogs tethered to several kennels on their property. He went outside alone and was found at around 9:30 A.M., partially wrapped in the dog's tether. Boudreau was shaken and scratched by the dog, but his cause of death was a single dog bite to the jugular vein. It is unknown if the dog was euthanized.[87][88]
July 22, 1999 Łutselk'e, Northwest Territories Husky cross Morris Lockhart 2 years Lockhart suffered severe injuries to his head and neck. He was airlifted to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton on the same day of the attack, but died three days later. His cause of death was from brain stem injuries. The dog, which had no history of attacks, was euthanized.[14][89]
November 27, 1999 Garden River, Alberta Pack of stray dogs (5) Cecilia Sandra Alook 5 years At approximately 11:30 A.M., Alook was following a puppy around 200 meters away from her residence, where five dogs jumped at her and forced her into a ditch. She suffered severe injuries to her face, neck, and shoulders. The attack may have possibly been hunger motivated. Residents tracked the dogs down to euthanize them.[14][90]

Fatalities after 2000Edit

Fatalities in 2000-2009Edit

Date Location Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 27, 2002 Woodland Beach, Ontario Labrador mix and Rottweiler Kyra-Lee Sibthorpe 4 years Sibthorpe was visiting her father at his rented farmhouse. He was not around when his Rottweiler and a friend's Labrador attacked Sibthorpe. She was familiar with the Rottweiler, but the Labrador was new to her. Sibthorpe's father fled the scene after a neighbour called 9-1-1, likely due to his arrest warrants. She was pronounced dead at the Huronia District Hospital in Midland. Both dogs were euthanized. Sibthorpe's father turned himself in to police within a few days.[91][92][93][94][95]
March 1, 2003 Kingston Peninsula, New Brunswick Rottweilers (3) James "Jim" Ronald Waddell 4 years Waddell, who had previously been in foster care for eighteen months, lived with his father and was under supervision from social workers at the time of the attack. He was hospitalized during the previous summer for a dog bite. Waddell's father and friends, who were all drinking, decided to do some electrical work in the basement. The only way to get into the basement was from outside. Mike Clark, who lived with the Waddells, decided to let his dogs out of their electrically fenced pen while on his way to the basement. Waddell decided to follow the men outside. He was left alone in the backyard, where Clark's dogs mauled him to death. Each dog weighed around 145 pounds and Waddell weighed 35 pounds. Clark's two unneutered dogs may have been excited by Waddell's dog, who was in heat and tethered on the porch. Waddell suffered bite marks all over his body, a broken back, a severed major artery, and had his throat torn out. His cause of death was blood loss. All four dogs were euthanized. Clark claimed that his dogs had no history of aggression.[96][97][98][99][100][101][102][103]
October 13, 2003 Nelson House, Manitoba German shepherd crosses (4-6) Unnamed male child 3 years At around 2:30 P.M., a boy was attacked by his grandmother's dogs in her backyard, where he was playing with a puppy and had some bannock. Her fifteen dogs were tethered, but six broke free and at least four attacked. The boy's grandmother injured her arms while trying to scare the dogs away, which were euthanized by residents before emergency responders arrived. The boy was pronounced dead on arrival at the local medical unit. His name was not released by the request of his family.[104][105][106]
December 27, 2004 Maple Ridge, British Columbia Rottweilers (3) and border collie Cody John Anger 3 years Anger resided with his mother, Sheri Fontaine; her boyfriend, Jason Harvey; and Anger's several older siblings. The children had previously been in foster care due to Fontaine's criminal activity and history of drug abuse. A social worker, who visited them four months prior, said "the risk to the children had been substantially reduced." Fontaine owned two dogs and was temporarily caring for Jenny Babee's two dogs. Babee described Fontaine's border collie as a "crack dog", since Harvey would allegedly put the dog in a box along with crack. Social workers did not believe the dogs were dangerous, but financially draining the family. Babee's dogs were kept outside or in the basement at night while she was away. They were barricaded in the kitchen on the night before Anger's death because another family friend was sleeping in the basement. It is possible that Babee's dogs jumped over the one metre plywood sheet keeping them in the kitchen. Anger was attacked by all four dogs while watching cartoons in the living room. He was found unresponsive by one of his siblings, whose yelling and screaming woke up their mother. Fontaine and Harvey took Anger to the Ridge Meadows Hospital before noon. He was not breathing, had fixed pupils, and no blood pressure nor pulse. Anger was pronounced dead at 12:12 P.M. He suffered injuries to his scalp, neck, extremities, and died from blood loss. Fontaine lost custody of her other children shortly after the incident. All four dogs were euthanized. None of them had a history of aggression nor were they sick with rabies.[107][108][109][110][111]
May 29, 2006 Wellburn (part of Thames Centre), Ontario Mongrel John Martin 77 years At about 5:00 P.M., Martin's five-year-old dog lunged at his throat while he was "playfully poking" his wife on their driveway. His wife and a female cab driver managed to pull the 88 pound dog off of him. Martin suffered a severed carotid artery and succumbed to his injuries in St. Mary's General Hospital. The dog was euthanized.[14][112][113][114]
June 15, 2006 Tadoule Lake, Saskatchewan Unknown number, husky cross (1) Unnamed male child 3 years A Sayisi Dene child was bitten by dogs while playing with his cousin and died before anyone could get to him. He suffered neck injuries. One dog was promptly euthanized by another resident.[115][116]
July 27, 2006 Hollow Water First Nation, Manitoba Huskies (2) Derian Bird 2 years Bird was being babysat when he wandered away from his residence. His body was found 200 meters away on a neighbour's property at the edge of a lake. One dog involved in the attack was tethered and the other was loose. Both of them were euthanized.[117][118]
November 16, 2006 North Tallcree, Alberta Rottweiler, German shepherd cross, unknown (3 or 4) Lancelet Corbin Wyatt Loonskin 5 years Loonskin left a female relative's residence without her knowledge at around 6:00 P.M. Less than an hour later, his body was found after two men in the area heard dogs barking outside. Loonskin suffered trauma to his face and upper body. Two of the dogs involved in the attack were a resident's pets and had no history of violence. Both of them were euthanized.[119][120]
January 18, 2007 Cumberland House, Saskatchewan Unknown (5 or 6) Unnamed male child 5 years A Cree child was mauled by dogs at the side of a road near his residence. His mother found him at about 10:30 A.M. and took him to the local health center. He was transferred to a hospital in Saskatoon, where he later died. The child suffered hypothermia and bite wounds to his head, face, and upper body. Community members euthanized at least four dogs after the incident. Some of the dogs belonged to another resident, who was frequently warned that the dogs would be euthanized if they were not kept under control.[121][122]
July 1, 2007 Montague, Ontario Rottweiler and German shepherd cross Korie Lyn Edwards 1 year At around 6:30 P.M., Edwards was mauled by her grandparents' 10-year-old dog. She suffered severe head injuries. Edwards was taken to a local hospital before being transferred to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa, where she died. The dog, which was euthanized, was tethered and did not have a violent history. Edwards' grandparents were not charged.[123][124][125]

Fatalities in 2010-2019Edit

Date Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
January 30, 2010 Canoe Lake, Saskatchewan Unidentified (3) Keith Iron 10 years Iron was killed by three loose locally owned dogs in a northern reserve, Canoe Lake (Saskatchewan), while walking to a family member's house. The dogs, which had been aggressive to other community members, were put down because they returned to the scene before the victim's body could be removed.[126]
March 22, 2010 Pangnirtung, Nunavut Husky (3) Sabock Akpalialuk 4 years Akpalialuk was killed by 3 sled dogs when they escaped from their yard, chased him and mauled him. He died from extensive injuries to his neck.[127]
June 7, 2010 Saint-Barnabé-Sud, Quebec Husky (1 or 2) Unnamed female child 3 weeks The infant was strapped in her car seat and placed on a kitchen chair while her 17-year-old mother and 37-year-old grandmother went outside to smoke. They left the door open and were less than three meters away. Police reported that the two were gone for at least twenty minutes, but a lawyer claimed they were gone for five minutes or shorter. Both of them went back inside once they heard noise inside the house and called emergency responders at around 3:30 P.M. The mother was charged with manslaughter less than a day after the incident. She pleaded not guilty and was released under several conditions, including that she cannot care for children under twelve years old. There was not enough evidence to charge the grandmother. The infant's father, who was not home during the attack, did not believe the mother was at fault. Two dogs that belonged to the homeowners were seized from the residence and at least one was euthanized. They had no history of violence.[128][129][130][131][132]
February 16, 2012 Airdrie, Alberta Husky Unnamed male child Newborn The baby died en route to a hospital after being attacked by the family dog in his home.[133]
March 16, 2014 Oakbank, Manitoba Alaskan Malamute (2) Gracie Hernetier-Clark 7 years Hernetier-Clark from St. Andrews was visiting the home of her grandparent's friends. She was playing with their two dogs. The adults stepped away for a minute and the two Alaskan Malamutes attacked her. She was pronounced dead at the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg.[134][135]
April 15, 2014 Lac Brochet, Manitoba Unknown Large Breeds (2) Raquelle (or Racquelle) Tssessaze 10 years Tssessaze lived in a fly-in remote community 900 km north of Winnipeg. Racquelle was going to or returning from taekwondo class and took a shortcut through a trail in the forest. One source states she was with two companions, while others state she was alone. At around 6:00 P.M. she was attacked by a community member's dogs. One source states two friends from class ran for help. A man, Jack Denecheze, raced to her on his snowmobile or truck. Her companions were uninjured, but Tssessaze died en route to the local nursing station. Both dogs were euthanized. Two weeks prior to her death, another girl in Lac Brochet was chased by dogs.[136][137][138]
April 24, 2014 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mixed Medium Sized Dogs (2)[139] Unnamed Male 58 A man went to a neighbour's residence in the north end of Winnipeg to purchase a generator from the owner. He entered the backyard and was attacked by 2 dogs. He suffered serious injuries to his arms, hands, and legs, and died. A neighbour reported that the dogs were loud and intimidating. Since this was the third dog mauling in Manitoba in eight weeks, the police stressed to the media that the man also suffered a cardiac arrest during the attack and that the public needed to wait for an autopsy report. However, there is no update as to the autopsy report by the police, nor any update to the investigation, so whether the man suffered cardiac arrest from blood loss is not confirmed.[139][140]
June 14, 2014 Puvirnituq, Quebec Husky Sheena Levina Jenny Uqaituk 4 years Uqaituk was mauled by a sled dog who was chained on a neighbour's property. She died from her extensive injuries.[141]
July 9, 2015 Hamilton, Ontario Shar-Pei-Fila mix Matthew Brigmantas 32 or 33 years Matthew Brigmantas, a construction worker, was walking with another man and a dog, described as between 40 and 45 lbs, when the dog attacked him. Brgimantas fell to the ground and the dog attacked his chest and would not let go. A passerby heard screaming from Brigmantas and grabbed a baseball bat to attack the dog. When the dog was finally pulled off Brigmantas, he was deceased. It took 5 hours to seize the dog, and required it be pepper sprayed. A coroner's investigation determined that Brigmantas ultimately did not die of the dog's wounds, but by a medical emergency caused by the attack. However, the attack was part of the cause of death and the dog was euthanized.[142][143]
October 17, 2015 Ross River, Yukon Rez dog (4) Shane Glada 22 years Shane Glada had been missing several days when he was discovered in a gully near houses in the rural Kaska community. He had been killed by four stray dogs while walking in the woods. The dogs were feral or semi-domesticated.[144]
January 30, 2016 Kamloops, British Columbia Mutt Kathleen Green 78 years Green was killed in Kamloops, British Columbia by a family member's dog who was tied up in a backyard.[145]
June 6, 2016 Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut Rez dog Unnamed female child 4 years A 4-year-old girl was killed by a dog in Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut. The dog had not been tied up properly and mauled the girl who died on arrival to the hospital.[146]
June 8, 2016 Montreal, Quebec Pitbull[147] Christiane Vadnais 55 years Victim was killed in her own yard by a neighbour's escaped dog that had a muzzle dangling around its neck. The dog had previously bitten two others and was so aggressive its owner kept it muzzled when in his home.[148] The owner of the dog could have been charged with criminal negligence.[149][150] The victim's sister wrote a book about her sister's life and violent death, and the aftermath, including bullying and threats by pit bull defenders.[151][152]
May 13, 2017 Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba Large pack of stray dogs Donnelly Rose Eaglestick 24 years Eaglestick was chased down and attacked while walking home at night through a construction site. She was severely mauled and had died of her injuries when the body was found the following morning.[153]
July 27, 2017 Kitchener, Ontario Boxer-bulldog mix Andrew Kochut Unspecified, adult Andrew Kochut died after having a seizure in his girlfriend's apartment. Andrew Kochut's girlfriend stated the dog had attacked him, but the cause of death was not ruled as a result of the dog bite. The cause of death was not determined as at the date of the article.[154][155]
September 13, 2017 Riceton, Saskatchewan Alaskan Malamutes Cameron Mushanski 6 years Cameron had been playing in his grandparents' yard after school. He reached into a dog pen and was pulled halfway into the pen by two of his grandparent's dogs and mauled on his upper body. The dogs had a prior police history of attacking domestic animals in Alberta, yet the Grandmother had claimed there had been no incidents. The dogs were destroyed. After this incident, the grandparents still owned 15 pugs and 2 guard dogs.[156][157]
September 15, 2018 Rocky View County, Alberta Pitbull Mix[158] Lisa Lloyd 49 or 50 years Lloyd was killed by her own dog, Jackson, while trying to protect her toddler granddaughter. The attack occurred shortly after 6:00 P.M. at Lloyd's residence near Langdon and Chestermere. Her granddaughter was taken to the Alberta Children's Hospital for severe injuries to her limbs, but was in stable condition. Lloyd was pronounced dead at the scene. Jackson was euthanized and tested negative for any diseases. He did not have a history of violence, but neighbours found him "intimidating" and complained of his frequent barking.[158][159][160][161][162][163]
September 23, 2019 God's Lake First Nation, Manitoba Stray dogs (1-2) Unnamed male child 2 years A child wandered away from his residence, where he was with a family member. It is believed he was promptly grabbed by dogs and dragged to a wooded area. Authorities, who responded to the incident at approximately 12:45 P.M., pronounced him dead at the scene. Community members euthanized several dogs returning to the area.[164][165]

Fatalities in 2020-2023Edit

Date Location Category of Dog Victim's name Victim's age Circumstances
June 9, 2020 Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia Pitbull (American Bulldog) Megan Milner 38 years Megan Milner was last seen giving water to her dog on a walk at 7:45 a.m. before it attacked and killed her. Shortly after 8:00 A.M., a teenaged pedestrian found Milner in a ditch near the intersection at Webster and Wittenburg Roads. Police tweeted a warning about the dog. At around 9:30 A.M., it was intentionally struck and killed by a vehicle on Highway 224. The dog, a male, attacked another dog at an off-leash park in 2017. It also mauled Milner in 2018, who had to be hospitalized. Milner's mother previously suggested that she surrender him. Both of Milner's pitbulls had prior involvement with police. One had been removed from Milner's home by Animal Services. The male dog that killed Milner was supposed to be wearing a muzzle, and was known by neighbours to be aggressive.[166] The man who struck the dog was not charged, as he did not have criminal intent and was concerned about the public's safety. The dog was confirmed to be an American Bully, which is a pitbull, through DNA testing.[167][168][169][170][171][172][173]
June 29, 2020 Kamloops, British Columbia Pitbull Unnamed adult male Unknown A man was visiting the residence of a male friend when he allegedly suffered a seizure and was killed by the friend's pitbull. Three other adults were inside the residence in the 900 block on Singh Street, Kamloops, but did not see the attack. Police received a report about the attack at 11:45 A.M. The dog was sedated before being removed and euthanized. Due to an ongoing investigation, police refused to release the man's name.[174][175][176][177][178]
April 1, 2021 Muncey (part of Strathroy-Caradoc) Ontario 3 dogs: Unreported Large Breed Megan Fay Fisher 17 years Fisher, a senior student from the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, was visiting the residence of a family friend, 30 year old Andrew Littleton, when she was attacked by his dogs. She was pronounced dead at his residence on Gentleman Drive at about 2:30 P.M. All three dogs were euthanized.[179][180][181][182][183][184]
June 1, 2022 Witchekan Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan Pitbulls[185] Noel Thomas 43 years Noel Thomas was helping his neighbours mow their lawn when the neighbours' two dogs charged at him from behind. Neighbours released their dogs on the attacking dogs to try to stop the attack. Thomas was pronounced dead at the scene despite CPR attempts. The RCMP of nearby Spiritwood assisted in the investigation and the dogs were seized.[186][185]
June 5, 2022 Calgary, Alberta 3 dogs: American Staffordshire Terrier[187] Betty Ann Williams 86 years Betty Ann Williams, an elderly woman, was gardening in the alleyway beside her home when she was attacked and killed by her neighbours' three dogs.[188] The owner, Denis Bagaric, claimed he was in his backyard with his dogs, and that he then noticed his gate was askew.[189] After the attack, he claimed on social media that this was not his dogs' fault and the story was false, which he then deleted.[190] In a later media statement he claimed that the victim mistook the attack, that the dogs were playing, and blamed her because she "swung a bag of dandelions" at the dogs in defense.[191] While Bagaric removed one attacking dog, Smoki to his garage, his other two dogs, Bossi and Cinnamon, fatally mauled Williams. The incident was covered heavily in the media due to the fact that the owner, Bagaric, had a prior history of stabbing and slitting the throat of a fawn,[190] charges of possession of drugs,[190] and had lied that he had been the one to call 911 during the attack on Williams.[190] Also, the ambulance to assist Williams took thirty minutes to arrive, causing community concern and an internal investigation, which led to a report that a communication breakdown had occurred.[192] Bagaric and his girlfriend, Taylin Calkins were jointly charged with 12 offenses under the Calgary Responsible Pet Bylaw.[190] Police claimed there was insufficient evidence to press criminal charges against Bagaric and Calkins. Bagaric had long been known to police for the drunk driving death of his passenger, a sixteen year old, in Alberta in 2007.[190][193]
March 5, 2023 Whitefish Lake First Nation, Naughton, Alberta 3 Dogs: 2 Rottweiler mixes, 1 Rez dog (either a Pitbull mix or Rottweiler mix, pending DNA results) Avery (Surname not published) 5 years A five-year-old boy, Avery, who was in the care of Alberta Child Services, had been placed with biological family after being in the care of a foster family. Avery was playing outside, unsupervised, at his grandparent's home on Whitefish Lake First Nation, north of Slave Lake, about 375 km north of Edmonton, when a relative's two Rottweiller Mix dogs along with a "reservation dog," attacked and killed him. Upon discovering Avery, the family immediately destroyed their two Rottweiler-Mix dogs, while police searched for and found the third dog and destroyed it. The public demanded an answer from Alberta Child Services why the child had died while in their care, a national issue of child deaths while under government care often reported in Canadian media, and there was community outrage that loose reservation dogs had been allowed to roam the area.[194][195]

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