List of wolf attacks

This is a list of significant wolf attacks on humans worldwide, by century, in reverse chronological order.


Victim(s) Age Gender Date Type of attack Location Details Source(s)
Timur Makhametov 23 December 30, 2019 Unknown Ketpen Village, Uighur District, Almaty Region, Kazakhstan The wolf attacked the young man when he went out into the yard to get water. Alarmed by his screams, villagers killed the wolf with sticks. The victim was taken to the Central Hospital of the Uygur District. A rabies examination of the wolf was arranged. [1][2]
A Herder Adult December 12, 2019 Rabid Tariat District, Arkhangai Province, Mongolia A wolf bit a shepherd who was leaving his house, injuring his hand. The man was treated and vaccinated in the hospital. The wolf was shot and its head was sent to the Provincial Veterinary Laboratory. The wolf was posthumously diagnosed with rabies. [3][4][5]
Vladislav Lomako 56 December 8, 2019 Rabid Khotovo Village, Stolbtsy City, Stolbtsovsky District, Minsk Region, Belarus A man, his wife and son were waiting for a minibus at a bus stop when a wolf ran out of the forest. The animal attacked and bit the man. The wife and son began to stop cars, asking for help. One driver stopped and killed the wolf with a hatchet. The victim received serious injuries on the forearm and left buttock and was hospitalized. The wolf was found to be rabid. [6][7][8][9]
Zinaida Kozlovskaya Adult November 22, 2019 Rabid Senno City, Senno District, Vitebsk Region,  Belarus A woman went out into a street of the village in the evening, to meet friends, when all of a sudden she was bitten on the leg by a wolf. Later the animal was neutralized by hunters and was found to be rabid. The woman got the necessary treatments and vaccinations in the hospital. [10][11][12]
Petr Grishchenko Sergei Budnik 57,


♂♂ October 24, 2019 Unknown Ruchaevka Village, Loevsky District, Gomel Region, Belarus First, the she-wolf attacked a 57-year-old man living on Sadovaya Street. He went out onto the porch, and at that moment the beast pounced on him. As a result, his face, arms and legs were wounded. The wolf later attacked another resident of the village, who suffered only minor injuries thanks to the help of fellow villagers who drove the animal away with a pitchfork and shovels. The wolf was later shot by official forces and a rabies investigation was started. The injured were treated in the surgical department of the Loevsky Central District Hospital.
4 People Adults ♀♂♂♂ October 7, 2019 Unknown Kayasula Village, Neftekumsk District, Stavropol Territory, Russia Within two days, wolves attacked and injured 4 people in the area. All of them were hospitalized with injuries and various bites. One wolf was shot and two were wounded after the attack. A rabies investigation was initiated. [17][18][19][20]
3 Residents Adults ♀♂♂ September 14, 2019 Rabid Perevalnoye and Privolnoye Villages, Simferopol District, Republic of Crimea After entering a private courtyard, a she-wolf in attacked a dog and injured its female owner, who rushed to help her pet. A little later, the predator bit two truckers who had descended from the highway to a forest stream. One of the men entered into a battle with the animal and began to strangle it in order to protect himself. He suffered injuries to his foot and arm. In total, three people were taken to Simferopol district hospital and the Simferopol city emergency hospital with bites. The wolf was shot by huntsmen an hour and a half after the attack and was later found to be rabid. [21][22][23]
Matthew Rispoli,

Elisa Rispoli, Holden Rispoli, Reid Rispoli

Adult, Adult, 7, 5 ♂♀♂♂ August 9, 2019 Unprovoked Rampart Creek Campground, Banff national Park, Alberta, Canada A wolf attempted to drag a New Jersey man out of his tent, where he slept with his wife and their two young sons. Rispoli began fighting off the wolf, while his wife shielded the children. A nearby camper heard the screams for help and ran to aid. The camper kicked the wolf, which startled it and caused the wolf to retreat from the tent. The two men then threw rocks at the wolf, while the family ran to the rescuer's van for safety. Rispoli suffered multiple puncture wounds and lacerations to the arms and hands. The campground was closed until the wolf was located and put down. Necropsy results revealed that the male wolf was malnourished, emaciated, and had worn down teeth, which exposed nerve endings. [24][25][26][27][28]
Sonya Chernigova (†) 14 August 4, 2019 Predatory Yodva Village, Udorsky District, Komi Republic, Russia Late in the evening, a 14-year-old girl went to the store for a chocolate bar and never came back. When the teenager's father went in search, he found only a lifeless body. An old she-wolf was killed, the remains of which were sent for examination. Final investigations found it was the wolf which had mauled the young girl and all other theories (bear or feral dogs) were rejected. [29][30][31][32]
Kaje Napira Adult July 24, 2019 Unprovoked Tahko Village, Hiiumaa, West Estonian Archipelago, Estonia Early in the morning, a woman let her dog out for a walk in the yard. After hearing the dog bark, she went to let it in. When the woman opened the door, the dog ran in and was followed by a wolf, which attacked the woman. She suffered serious injuries to her eye and upper face and was treated in hospital. [33][34][35]
15 People ? ? June 28, 2019 Unknown Langate, Kralgund, Malbagh, Maqdambagh, Ujroo, Sehpora Areas, Handwara Town, Kupwara District, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Over the course of one week, wolves attacked and injured at least 15 persons in the area. At least four wolves were on the move, one of which was shot immediately after the attacks. [36][37][38]
Ibrahim Islamov, Mahira Mammadov, Namig Bakirov,

Tural Mammadnabili

57,57,15,15 ♂♀♂♂ June 28, 2019 Unknown Khachmaz Village, Oghuz Rayon, Azerbaijan After attacks on animals, a wolf wounded four residents in a village. With injuries of varying degrees of severity - including the head, upper lip, neck, back of the head, and the upper and lower extremities, they were admitted to the Shaki Region Central Hospital. The wolf escaped and was never found. [39][40][41][42]
Arlind Suma 5 June 25, 2019 Predatory Dimcë Village, Han i Elezit Municipality, Ferizaj District, Republic of Kosovo A boy was playing with friends in a field near his house when a wolf suddenly attacked him and dragged him a few feet before his uncle rescued him. Suffering severe injuries, the boy was sent to the Clinical and University Center of Kosovo (UCCK) and treated in the Plastic Surgery Clinic. [43][44][45][46]
Tariel Mikeladze

2 Women

24,?, ? ♂♀♀ March 19, 2019 Unknown Chivisubani Village, Tsalka District, Kvemo Kartli Province, Georgia A wolf attacked a woman in her yard. Neighbors tried to help her and eventually Tariel Mikeladze was able to defeat the wolf, which was killed by inhabitants of the village. Mikeladze, the first victim and one more woman were injured by the wolf and had to be treated in hospital. [47][48][49][50]
Sergei Merzlyakov, Sergei Solovyov, Alex Pyak, Ksenia Marco 61, 54, 43, 33 ♂♂♂♀ March 12, 2019 Rabid Nizhnyaya Ilinovka Village, Mikhailovsky District, Amur Region, Russia Two wolves attacked residents of the village. One predator was killed by the guard of the local grain yard with a tractor cardan. Three men and one girl suffered from bites, with injuries of varying degrees of severity. All of the victims were hospitalized in the Poyarovo hospital, where they were given first aid and rabies shots. The body of the wolf was taken to the vet laboratory. [51][52][53][54][55]
Amalbegim Tashrifbekova (†)

Mastibegim Davandova (†)

83,55 ♀♀ March 7, 2019 Unprovoked Mdenkhor Village, Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region, Tajikistan Amalbegim and her daughter were attacked and killed by a pack of wolves when they went into their yard to prepare for the Muslim morning prayer. [56][57][58][59]
3 People 1 Adult Male, 2 Females 27, 12 ♂♀♀ March 5, 2019 Unprovoked Ashutasty Village, Kostanay Region, Kazakhstan A wolf attacked and hurt 2 females, then charged at its last victim, an adult male who managed to kill the animal. The animal's body was sent for rabies examinations and those involved were given necessary medical care and rabies vaccines at the Arkalyk Regional Hospital. [60][61][62][63]
Resident Adult February 21, 2019 Rabid Terebovlia District,Ternopil Region, Ukraine A rabid wolf attacked dogs in the area. When a local peasant tried to protect his dog, he was attacked himself and had to be sent to hospital with facial wounds. The predator was shot and found rabid. [64][65][66][67]
A. J. Khafir Nizami,

his sister Eisha,

Rania Youssef Abdullah,

Essam Jaafar, Mahmoud Atta Fakhry

2 Adults, 3 Children—7, 6, 4 ♂♀♀♂♂ February 21, 2019 Unprovoked Agricultural Area, Nag Hammadi City, Qena Governorate, Upper Egypt, Egypt Five members of a family were injured in various places, following the attack of a wolf. They were taken to Naga Hammadi Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. According to media reports, a wolf was later killed. [68][69][70][71]
8 People Adults ♂♂♂♂♂♀♀♀ February 14, 2019 Predatory Shimuldanga, Phukuria, Nedabohora, Jarulia Villages, Jhargram District, West Bengal, India After several people were injured in the area, a wolf was caught when attacking a goat. The injured were admitted to Jhargram District Hospital, while he animal was taken to Jhargram Zoo Hospital to ascertain whether an injury had made it aggressive. [72][73][74]
Luda Vasilyevich,

Dmitry ?,

+ 2 Adults

52, 34, ?, ? ♀♂?? January 26, 2019 Rabid Sloboda Village, Stolbtsy District, Minsk Region, Belarus Luda and Dmitry were attacked by a rabid wolf in the evening nearby their homes, when they came back from work. Both were injured, in particular the woman had been seriously wounded. With a pitchfork her alarmed husband was able to chase the animal away, which on its course attacked two more people. The four wounded were referred to the hospital in Stolbtsy. Later the wolf was shot by official servants. [75][76][77][78]


4, 2 ♂♂ January 24, 2019 Predatory Kashipur Village, Sambhal District, Uttar Pradesh, India Playing around their parents who were working nearby in the fields, the two boys were suddenly attacked and dragged away by wolves. Their father and other farmers from the fields could rescue the two children. Due to their serious condition doctors referred the boys to Aligarh. [79][80][81]
Anita ( † ) 7 January 22, 2019 Predatory Alipur Village, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, India After she was dragged away by wolves, at the end only her skull could be found in the fields [79][82][83]
2 Woodcutters ? ♂♂ January 13, 2019 Unprovoked Osipenko Village, Berdyansk District, Zaporozhye Oblast, Ukraine On two following days two wolf attacks occurred in the same area. In the second attack the wolf jumped on the back of one of the young men who were cutting trees. Together with his partner he managed to kill the beast. Because of legal issues in wood cutting and injured only slightly the two men refused to be hospitalized but informed the officials, so that the carcass of the wolf could be burnt and the head sent for rabies examination. [84][85][86]
3 Adults ? ♀♀♂ January 12, 2019 Unprovoked Osipenko Village, Berdyansk District, Zaporozhye Oblast, Ukraine On two consecutive days, two wolf attacks occurred in the same area. In the first incident, two women and a man were attacked and injured. One of the women was severely bitten in the head, resulting in intensive care at the hospital. The victims were hospitalized, treated and vaccinated. In the second incident the next day, a wolf was killed, which showed no rabies in the preliminary examination. [84][87][88]
Lalit Hemam ( † )

2 People

? ♂,? January 7, 2019 Unprovoked Bulauka Village, Jamboni Block, Jhargram District, West Bengal, India Three youth were sitting around a fire in the evening when they were all suddenly attacked by a wolf. One young man was killed, while the other two sustained serious injuries. He died at Midnapur Medical College Hospital. [89][90][91][92]
3 Residents 30, 6, 5 ♂♂♂ Since January 2019 Predatory Dashtak+Sipindz Village,Shugnan District, Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region,Tajikistan Since January 2019 wolves attacked, injured and killed people in the area including adults and children. Finally hunters were hired to destroy the pack. [93][94][95]
Vikesh ( † ) 2,5 December 30, 2018 Predatory Hakimpur Village, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, India The young boy was taken away from the village by wolves. His mutilated body was found 2 days later. [82][83][96]
Murman Tsibadze

4 People

Adult,? ♂? December 22, 2018 Unprovoked Partskhanakanibi Village, Tskhaltubo Municipality, Georgia Five people had to undergo medical treatments and vaccinations after being attacked by wolves. Murman Tsibadze was bitten at about 02:00 in the morning on his way to the bazaar when he tried to defend his dog from an attacking wolf. [97][98][99][100]
Zenoviy Lototsky, Bogdan Kozyr 67, 46 ♂♂ December 1, 2018 Rabid Bilyavintsy Village, Stary Petlikivtsi Village, Buchachsky Area, Ternopil Region, Ukraine In two incidents two male victims were attacked and injured on hands and arms by a rabid wolf. They got first aid and vaccinations at Buchach District Hospital. The wolf was shot by hunters. [101][102][103][104]
Lalmohan Soren ( † ) 30 December, 2018 Unprovoked Jamboni, Jhargram district, West Bengal, India The man died after a wolf mauled his neck. [105]
Malik Agayev,

Tofig Askerov,

Gunesh Shahmuradova,

Jale Firudinzadeh,

Rafiq Bakhshiyev, Lala Ashrafova, Shanlik Goshgar

44, 40, 26, 26, 14, 11, 9 ♂♂♀♀♂♀♀ November 29, 2018 Rabid Shuvi and Zangayash Village Astara Region, Azerbaijan About 8 o'clock in the morning a wolf attacked children and adults on their way to school. Before citizens in a nearby place had already been attacked. At least 7 people were wounded. T. Askerov was able to kill the beast with a knife, which caused him to be injured seriously. All injured victims were hospitalized in the Astara Central District Hospital. [106][107][108][109][110]
Anar Rajabov,

Khalid Gunduz Abdullayev

16, ? ♂♂ November 28, 2018 Unprovoked Bilasar Village, Lankaran Rayon, Azerbaijan In the evening Anar Rajabov was attacked and injured by a wolf. A few minutes later, the wolf attacked the 8th grade student Khalid Gunduz Abdullayev and hurt him. Both wounded were taken to the Central Hospital of Lankaran Region and received necessary medical aid. [111][112][113][114]
A. Kalys,

A. Abdujapar,

J. Altyn,

I. Makhmud

K. Ruslan

51, 46, 42, 41, 29 ♂♂♂♀? October 23, 2018 Rabid Maidan/Uch-Korgon Village, Kadamjay District, Batken Region, Kyrgyzstan. Around 7 in the morning two wolves descended from the mountains and attacked people and domestic animals in the villages.The human victims suffered from injuries of different degrees on their hands, heads, faces and ears. One of the wolves was beaten to death by a villager and the subsequent examination showed rabies.The injured got the necessary treatments in the Uch-Korgon Territorial Hospital. [115][116][117][118]
1 Citizen Adult October 17, 2018 Provoked Khrustovaya Village, Kamensky District, Moldova The man was awakened at night by the barking of his dog. When he tried to defend his dog against an attacking wolf, he himself was attacked and injured. Together with his neighbor, who was alerted by his cries for help, he was able to neutralize the wolf. He got the necessary medical care at the district hospital [119][120][121]
Galina Matsepa. 59 October 5, 2018 Provoked Shibalin Village, Berezhansky District, Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine A wolf ran to their yard in the evening and Galina and her daughter tried to drive it out with sticks. The animal attacked and the elderly woman received wounds to her left thigh. She was hospitalized at the Berezhansky Central District Hospital. [122][123][124][125]
1 Citizen Adult September 15, 2018 Predatory Anaba Town, Mazar District, Irbid Province, Jordan A citizen was attacked by a wolf in the garden of his house. Observing this his wife provided him with a knife and he could kill the predator. With wounds on his hand he got medical care in the hospital. [126][127][128][129]
Vasil Mamaiashvili,

Giorgi Mchedlishvili,

Tinatin Kapanadze

65, 60, Adult ♂♂♀ September 10, 2018 Unknown Tibaani  Village, Sighnaghi District, Kakheti Region, Georgia At 5:00 a.m. a wolf attacked Vasil Mamaiashvil and injured him while he was sleeping on his balcony. Then the animal attacked a woman and a man waiting for a minibus. The man suffered more injuries than the woman. All victims were given adequate medical care in the Archimedes Clinic [130][131][132][133]
3 People girl (8), boy (10), Tourist (unknown age) ♀/♂/? June 26. 2018 Unprovoked Przysłup, Podkarpacie region, Poland The children played outside when the animal fell on them – the parents could then expel it again. Among other things, the children came to the hospital with bite wounds on their legs. According to media reports, it was not the only alleged wolf or dog attack in the region: there was a suspicion that in mid-June a tourist was bitten by the same animal in a campsite. - Scientists from the department of biology from the University of Warsaw confirmed that the animal that bit three people in June was in almost certainty a wolf. [134][135]
Lyova Suren Arzumanyan,

Kamo Carlsen Gasparyan ( † ),

Tigran Khachatur Khamperyan,

Arina Margaryan ( † )

41, 11, 10, 4 ♂♂♂♀ May 28, 2018 Rabid Mets Tagher and Tumi Communities, Hadrut Province, Artsakh Between 6-7 p.m. 4 people were attacked and injured by a rabid wolf.

Despite all the medical treatment, 2 of the children eventually died from the rabies infection.

Valery Vinokurov Adult April 14, 2018 Unprovoked Ust-May Village, Ust-Mayskyi Region, Yakutia, Russia Thanks to his two dogs and a shovel, Vinokurov survived the attack unhurt. He was able to enclose the wolf in a boiler room. Later, when police opened the room and were attacked by the wolf or wolflike dog, they shot it. The carcass was sent for rabies testing. [140][141][142]
2 People ? ? February 20, 2018 Unprovoked Kohangan Village, Semirom County, Isfahan Province, Iran In a wolf attack Piotr Zacharski suffered injuries in the hand and shoulder area. Both were transferred to a health center. [143][144][145][146]
1 Resident ? ? January 24, 2018 Predatory Ghannam Village, Dghara Area, Diwaniyah City, Qādisiyyah Governorate, Iraq A citizen was injured by a group of 3 wolves attacking on a village in the province. One wolf was killed in the pursuit of the pack.The injured was transferred to the hospital, It was the third attack of this kind during one month.
Lydia Vladimirovna 70 January 19, 2018 Rabid Omyt Village, Zarechni District, Rivne Region, Ukraine A wolf attacked the woman in the yard when she was busy with the household. First it bit her right arm and then tried to snap her throat. A bucket which she used to protect her throat saved her life as the rabid animal furiously ripped the bucket. A neighbor shot the wolf which was tested rabid. The attacked lady got the necessary medical treatments. [150][151]
4 Residents ? ? January 13, 2018 Unprovoked Dghara Area, Diwaniya District, Al-Qadisiyyah, Governorate, Iraq. In the evening, a wolf attacked citizens at a youth cafe. Four people were injured and had to undergo medical treatment in the Diwaniya General Hospital. The wolf was shot by police forces. [152][153][154]
Anna Lushchik, Vladimir Kiryanov, Lyubov Gerashchenko, Lina Zaporozhets 63, 59, 53, 14 ♀/♂/♂/♀ January 4, 2018 Unprovoked A Village, Koropsky District, Chernihiv Region, Ukraine 2-3 wolves strayed through a small village. Within 10 hours starting at 9 P.M. one of them attacked and hurt 4 people. Lina Zaporozhets was saved by her laptop computer. When the wolf bit into it, she escaped through the door of her yard.The injured were treated in the Koropsky Central District Hospital. One of the wolves was shot in the middle of the village and sent to rabies examination. [155][156]
2 Men Adults ♂/ ♂ January 2, 2018 Unprovoked Komarin Village, Bragin District, Belarus At intervals of 40 minutes a wolf attacked two men. The first incident occurred around 7 o'clock in the morning, when a man waiting at a bus station was bitten by a wolf. The animal ran away but later attacked another man at a petrol station. The victim tried to fight off the wolf, at some point the animal ran away, and the employee of the gas station let the victim in. The wolf began to scratch the door, but after a while left in an unknown direction. The attacks were documented by CCTV cameras. The injured got medical care and anti-rabies vaccinations. Three days later the wolf was shot by local hunters. [157][158][159]
4 Residents ? ♂/ ? December 11, 2017 Unprovoked Norilsk City, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia In total 4 people got medical treatments after they were bitten by a polar wolf, which was hunting for dogs in the city. Doubts about the identity of the animal being a wolf or a dog were solved, when finally security forces shot a polar wolf which had abducted a dog into a cellar. [160][161][162][163]
Mirbek Kelgenbaev Adult November 7, 2017 Unprovoked Sarychat-Ertash State Nature Reserve, Issyk-Kul Region, Kyrgyzstan In the evening, when he tried to repair his broken down car the victim was attacked by a wolf. His wife who had warmed up herself in the nearby building of the transshipment point saved his life by stabbing the animal to death with a knife. In the hospital medical treatment and rabies vaccination were applied. [164][165][166]
Madi Utegenov 13 October 14, 2017 Unprovoked Taldykyduk Village, Kaztalovsky District, West Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan In the morning in the shed the boy noticed a wolf. Unexpectedly the animal attacked the teenager.

The boy managed to escape, climbing onto the roof of the shed. Adults came to help him and the wolf was shot. With a deep wound on his hip the boy was taken to the Zhalpaktal District Hospital, where he received first aid and rabies treatments.

Celia Hollingworth ( † ) 62 September 2017 Unprovoked. Final report on death cause is pending[171] Maroneia, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece The body of Hollingworth found by fire service fragmented in mountainous area two days after her disappearance. The coroner had been reported saying that the attack was made by wolves and jackals and not by feral dogs. He based his statement on the fact that the body of the dead woman was dismembered and eaten. He also stated that dogs could not do this sort of attack. This statement is not supported by published literature where dogs are known to attack, kill, consume and dismember humans like other wild canids do.[172] Final report has not been published yet (October 2, 2017) while genetic analysis is still pending on the species origin of the hair found over her body.[171] Jackals are too small to cause such an attack while wild dogs, while feral or uncontrolled sheepdogs, are known to frequent the area. [173][174]
Khasrat Gurbanov, Fikret Aliyev Adult ♂/ ♂ August 7, 2017 Predatory Padar Village, Agsu District, Azerbaijan An attack of wolves in the night left behind 2 men seriously injured. While H. Gurbanov had to undergo a 5-hour lasting operation in a local hospital due to his wounds in the head, face and ear. F. Aliyev was transferred to the Mingachevir City Central Hospital because of the severity of his condition. [175][176][177]
Elderly Woman Adult August 1, 2017 Unprovoked Makrohori Village, Korrestia Kastoria Regional Unit, West Macedonia, Greece The elderly woman went to feed her sheep, and was suddenly assaulted by a wolf. Being injured she was immediately transferred to an emergency at the Kastoria Hospital where first aid was provided to her. [178][179][180][181]
Resident ( † ) 70 July 30, 2017 Predatory Vachnadziani Village, Gurjaani Municipality, Kakheti Region Georgia The man tried to hide from the wolves, who killed his dogs, in a wooden booth in a vineyard but the animals managed to get into the wooden booth through the window and killed the man. [182][183][184][185]
Alyeva Aida Abbas 49 July 25, 2017 Predatory Korhalfali Village, Agstafa District, Azerbaijan At daytime in the village a wolf tried to drag the ram. Seeing this, the mistress of the house wanted to drive it away. The wolf attacked the woman and bit her. The victim was taken to the central hospital for necessary treatments. [186][187][188][189]
Matin Bashiri ( † ) 3 July 24, 2017 Predatory Bashirabad Village, Kolyai District, Sonqor County, Kermanshah Province, Iran While their parents were working in the fields, the nearby playing little boy and his sister were attacked by a wolf. The animal lifted the boy away. Alarmed by the screams of their daughter the parents and other villagers started to search but found the child only some hours later soaked in blood but still alive. Some days later the young boy died due to his severe injuries in the ICU of Imam Reza Hospital in Kermanshah. [190][191][192][193]
Rajab Gadirov 61 July 20, 2017 Predatory Khidirli Village, Salyan District, Azerbaijan Severely injured by a wolf the victim was taken to the Salyan Central District Hospital by a friend. The animal attacked him when he was grazing sheep 5 or 6 kilometres outside of the village. In a life and death struggle the man killed the predator, which had tried to bite his face and neck. [194][195][196][197]
Mohammad Mammadov, Bakhshish Asgarov 16, 19 ♂, ♂ July 19, 2017 Predatory Ashtarak Zarbaktar Village, Zaqatala District, Azerbaijan The young Mammadov was attacked by a wolf while grazing his family's sheep. He escaped injured. Later the same animal attacked Asgarov, a member of the border patrol and injured him badly on the back. The wounded were delivered to the Zagatala District Central Hospital (RMX), getting adequate medical care and vaccinations against rabies. [198][199]
Beekeeper 60 July 7, 2017 Rabid Vydel Farm, Tuzlov Hunting Farm Territory, Rodionova-Nesvetay District, Rostov Region, Russia The attacking wolf crept up to the man from behind. The beekeeper managed to fight off the beast and took shelter in a nomadic booth. For a long time the wolf threw himself to the metal structure and tried to gnaw it. Deep dents were found on the walls. Later with lacerated wounds on his hands the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment and rabies vaccination. The wolf was shot and found rabid. [200][201][202][203]
3 People 47, 66, ? ♀/ ♂/ ♂ July 4, 2017 Unprovoked Tamishek Village, Sukhumi Region, Abkhazia, Georgia A wolf entered the courtyard of an apartment house and injured a woman, then fled to a neighboring yard and bit two men. All bitten were taken to hospitals and got rabies vaccinations. [204][205][206][207]
Makhmadnazar ( † ) 3 July 1, 2017 Predatory Imom Village, Shugnan District,GBAO, Tajikistan After dinner a wolf unexpectedly attacked three children playing in the village. It grabbed the boy by his throat and dragged the child to 100 meters. All neighbors attempts to save the child were in vain. The young boy died due to his serious wounds in the neck and abdomen.
Resident ? June 17, 2017 Provoked Wadi Niyat, Duqm al-'Owaid Village, Al-Liith, Saudi Arabia Hearing the sound of a sheep a citizen entered a barn and was attacked by a predatory wolf. Slightly injured in different parts of his body, he was saved by his neighbor, who managed to kill the wolf. Thereafter, his injuries were treated in a health center. [211][212]
3 Children

4 Adults

14, 8, 13, ? ♀/ ♀/ ♂/ ♀/ ♀/ ♂/ ♂ June 13, 2017 Unprovoked Ramin Village, Zanjan Province, Iran Two wolves injured 7 people in an Iranian village. After treatments by emergency ambulance and in the Zanjan Ayatollah Mousavi Hospital all victims were in good condition. [213][214][215]
Tahira Habulla,

Nazli Mammadaga

48, 45 ♀/ ♀ June 10, 2017 Unprovoked Shakerli Village, Salyan District, Azerbaijan Two women were attacked by a wolf and suffered injuries from bites on their arms. Shepherds rescued the victims and killed the animal. [216][217][218][219]
At Least 10 Attacks Mostly Small Children, Sometimes Babies ♀.../ ♂... From May 2017 during 4 Month Predatory Masada, Ein Gedi,Israel The incidents at campsites and attractions began in May, when a wolf entered the tent of a family holidaying near Masada. The attacks continued over the summer. Because of the vigilance of the accompanying adults, there were injuries but no fatal cases. The injured victims were treated medically in the hospitals. [220][221][222][223]
Fatima Karami 3 May 6, 2017 Predatory Zarand Village, Aq Bolagh Rural District, Sojas Rud District, Khodabandeh County, Zanjan Province, Iran A wolf lifted away the girl from the garden of her family under the eyes of her 12-year-old sister and her grandfather. The screams of her sister alarmed their parents and neighbors. Shouting and shooting they followed the animal two kilometers until it finally let go of the girl. Injured in the head, face and abdomen the victim was transferred to the Ayatollah Mousavi Hospital in Zanjan. [224][225]
Bahram Seyidov 28 April 21, 2017 Provoked Gudula Village, Shaki District, Azerbaijan Bahram pastured his family's sheep in the mountains. Suddenly 5 wolves attacked. When he was chasing the animals, one of the wolves took a lamb and tried to escape. When Bahram Seyidov saved the lamb, he was attacked by the wolf himself and injured in his chest. He was hospitalized after receiving the necessary medical care and having been vaccinated against rabies [226][227][228][229]
Mohammad ? 1,5 April 18, 2017 Predatory Zawajar Village, Qeydar City, Khodabandeh County, Iran At 12 o'clock in the afternoon a wolf attacked a boy of one and a half years, grabbed him and ran away. After a chase over 3 km, the child was rescued but was seriously injured. He was transferred to the Zanjan Hospital for further treatment. [230][231][232][233]
 Sultan Hasanoğlu, Mürteza Hasanoğlu, Ali Hasanoğlu, Birsen Hasanoğlu 72/ 71/ 46/ 44 ♀/ ♂/ ♂/ ♀ April 2, 2017 Rabid Yoğurtçular Village Şenkaya District, Erzurum, Turkey A rabid wolf attacked livestock; defending the livestock four people were injured. The examination of the wolf's carcass showed rabies. [234][235][236][237]
Farmer Adult March 15, 2017 Predatory Terek Village, Alai District, Osh Region, Kyrgyzstan A wolf attacked a man in his barn, the man was hospitalized. [238][239][240]
Vusal Abbasov 36 February 21, 2017 Predatory Quycu Salyan Region, Azerbaijan A man was attacked when attempting to chase away a wolf but suffered no serious injuries. [241][242][243][244]
Marcelo Vanzuita Adult Male February 2017 Predatory Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Vanzuita, a native of Wellington, had a pack of wolves pursue him during the Yukon Arctic Ultra race after an early lake crossing. This incident forced him to drop out of the race. Fairfax New Zealand[245]
3 People Adults

♂/ ♂

February 5, 2017 Rabid Zaderiyivka Village, Chernigiv Region, Ukraine In their leisure time at night two border guards heard screams for help. Approaching the spot, they saw a man being attacked by a wolf. To rescue the resident who was already in serious condition from the bites, they had to use their knives and kill the wolf. Both guards were wounded on hands and arms, while the first attacked victim was severely injured. All of them got the necessary treatments and vaccinations later in the hospital. [246][247][248]
Kadyrzhan Sharshenbek uulu 27 February 5, 2017 Predatory  Kalkagar Village, Tong District, Issyk-Kul Region, Kyrgyzstan At 5:30 A.M. Kadyrzhan Sharshenbek

Louulu heard a dog whine. He went into the yard to look for the livestock. When he went to the shed a wolf attacked him and bit his right leg and hand. He shouted out for his father and with other family members they killed the wolf with stones. The wolf was one of a flock of five animals which had attacked the livestock. One more wolf of the four, which disappeared, was wounded. Kadyrzhan was sent to the Balykchy City Hospital.

Skiers Adult December 7, 2016 Unprovoked Smithers, British Columbia, and Mt Norquay, Alberta, Canada A wolf killed a domestic dog and tracked its owner back to Bulkley Valley Nordic Centre's parking lot. The male skier did not have any injures. After this incident, a small wolf pack approached another male skier near Banff National Park. He fled on a snowmobile at that moment. Three wolves in the Bow Valley were getting too close for comfort to the worker at Mount Norquay. They prompted him to hop on his snowmobile. The pack chased him for a very short time. [252][253]
Child 12 Winter 2016/17 Predatory Indian Himalayas Multiplely injured on his face and hands with extensive bleeding the boy was rescued bringing him to a low resourced healthcare center in the Indian Himalayas. Still oozing blood his wounds told the story of a long fight with the wolf as he tried to protect his face and his throat with his hands. [citation needed]
2 People Adult ♂/ ? December 4, 2016 Predatory Susangerd City Dasht-e Azadegan County, Khuzestan Province, Iran Wolves attacked Susangerd Abouzar dormitory residents and left two people injured. A few days ago hungry wolves had entered a house in the city and another person injured. The residents believed that waste had attracted the animals. [254][dead link][255][256]
Oil worker 44 December 2, 2016 Unprovoked Beyneu District, Mangystau Region, Kazakhstan At 9:30 A.M. a wolf attacked a welder of an oil company. The animal grabbed his leg, but due to thick layers of clothing couldn't cause too much damage but some scratches. Fortunately nearby shepherds shot the wolf. The man was treated in Bejneuskoj Central District Hospital and got rabies vaccinations. [257][258][259][260]
Sivam Kewat ( † ) 0.9 November 24, 2016 Sanjay National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India Fatally bitten on the face. [261]
A child 11 November 8, 2016 Predatory Kum-Dobo village Kochkor district of Naryn oblast, Kyrgyz Republic Playing close to his house, the boy was charged and bitten by a wolf. His father shot the animal. First examinations found no rabies. [262][263][264]
11 children 14 / 4/ ? ♂/ ♂/ ? November 7, 2016 Rabid? Sardrud, Tabriz, Iran (East Azerbaijan) As usual the children gathered in the evening to play when they were attacked by wolves. When a wolf tried to lift away the 4-year-old boy, his 14-year-old brother bravely pulled him out of the wolf's mouth. It was reported that 9 more children got injured. The two boys, who suffered serious injuries and 9 other children got treatments in the Tabriz Children's Hospital. [265][266]
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1 Child

November 4, 2016 Unprovoked Ghariza / Sepah Tehsil Jamrud, Khyber Agency, Pakistan After the wolf attack due to the suffered injuries the child lost his life on the way to hospital, while two other victims got treatment. [267][268][269]
Brent Woodland 36 Male November 1, 2016 Unprovoked Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada Two wolves stalked Brent and his two Labrador retrievers while he was jogging near Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. After he found refuge at the Kwisitis Visitors Centre which was closed at the time, he climbed the stairs of the balcony and saw two wolves sitting on the beach below. Brent called the emergency number and police sirens frightened the wolf pack away. Westerly News[270] and Grind TV[271]
Resident 30 October 31, 2016 Rabid? Esfahlan, Tabriz, Iran (East Azerbaijan) The victim was attacked and injured by a wolf close to his house in Esfahlan. He was treated in Tabriz Shohada Hospital. While the behaviour of wolves in the area with various attacks on livestock and people showed signs of rabies, none of the injured people showed any symptom of the disease. [272][273]
Andrew Morgan 26 October 8, 2016 Predatory Canmore, Alberta, Canada Morgan was walking home along a forest trail when he noticed a wolf was behind him. The wolf snarled at him, lunged, and then chased him down the trail. Morgan tried to lose the wolf by going off the trail and through the forest. He fended off the wolf with a tree branch multiple times until it released him. He climbed over a barbed-wire fence, falling a few times, and finally made his way out of the forest near the Holiday Inn in Canmore. He eventually recovered from the incident. [274][275]
Worker 26 August 29, 2016 Unprovoked Cigar Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada An unidentified young contract worker on his midnight break was jumped and mauled by a lone wolf less than one hundred meters from the main camp. A nearby female security guard frightened the wolf away. She administered first aid and called for an air ambulance, which airlifted him 675 kilometers to a hospital in Saskatoon, where he recovered. After the attack, authorities ordered that area wolves be shot, that food disposal systems and fencing be inspected, and that staff be educated. [276][277]
Alexander Chausov, Ivan Golub, Vadim Golub, Valentine Golub 15/ ? ♂/ ♂/ ♂/ ♀ July 7, 2016 Rabid Pervomaisk, Rechitsa District, Gomel Region, Belarus The attacking rabid animal caused a lot of damage among the inhabitants and pets of the village. 4 people were wounded and the 20 pets had to be destroyed because of the rabies. All of the injured people were treated at the hospital. A 15-year-old boy killed the wolf with an axe. [278][279][280]
2 Children 7/ ? ♀/ ♂ June 8, 2016 Predatory Omman Village, Qorveh-e Darjazin District, Razan County, Hamadan Province, Iran Two children were attacked in two different incidents in the same area. While a boy due to his protection by family members escaped with no more than a fright, when a wolf tapped with its claws on his shoulders, the 7-year-old girl was seriously injured. While playing in a garden a little bit further away from her resting family suddenly a wolf came in, grabbed her and ran away. In the following wild chase the wolf had to stop two times because of its burden so its chasers could outrun it and save the victim. The wolf escaped and the girl was taken by family members to the Valiasr Hospital Razan. Later a wolf was shot and sent to rabies examination. [281][282][283][284]
Bülent Taşçı Adult June 8, 2016 Unprovoked Günbatan, Posof District, Ardahan Province, Turkey. While he was taking care of the cattle a wolf attacked the shepherd. After a short fight the wolf was stabbed and the man was saved but wounded. He was treated at the State Hospital. [285][286][287]
Sahib Mamedov 63 May 31, 2016 Predatory Galynjag Village, Ismayilli Region, Azerbaijan On his way home with his herds of sheep and cows 4 wolves attacked. By trying to drive away the animals the shepherd was attacked himself and injured on his arm, jaw and neck. Later he had to get surgery at the Ismayilli Central District Hospital. [288][289][290]
Zlyva Hussein, Gōld Hussein, Sarab Ghazanfar, ? Adults ♀/ ♂/ ♂/♂ April 22, 2016 Unprovoked Kaveh, Delfan County, Lorestan Province, Iran On his course a wolf injured 4 residents, the Husseins were attacked in their house. All Victims were treated in the Ibn Sina Hospital Delfan. [291][292][293][294]
Aslan Shauhalovu 35 April 13, 2016 Predatory Dalakov village, Ingushetia, Russia In search for food a white wolf came to the yard of Aslan, where children were playing. Aslan made the children go into the house and went back to the yard to chase away the animal. Standing face to face with the predator, the fight started. In the battle, and despite his bitten hands, Aslan was able to grab its head and twist it. He immobilized the wolf, and, due to his screams alerting incoming residents, it was possible to bind the wolf and to defuse the situation. [295][296]
5 People Adult/ ? ♂/ ? April 2, 2016 Rabid Jabdaraq village, Meshginshahr, Ardabil Province, Iran In the afternoon a rabid wolf came into the village and killed livestock and dogs. After severely injuring 5 people it was killed by residents. All injured were sent to hospital for treatment. [297][298][299][300]
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2 Month

♂/♀/♂ March 25, 2016 Rabid 19th Khoroo, Sukhbaatar District, Mongolia After two wolves had bitten dogs and cows in the settlement they attacked the couple and the baby. In the following fight the man and the woman were injured, the woman more slightly and in the course of the events one of the wolves was killed by a neighbor with a spade. The injured were treated and vaccinated at the health center. [301][302][303][304]
Rosa Harutyunyan 75 March, 21. 2016 Unprovoked Khachik village, Vayots Dzor, Armenia. The relatives of the elderly lady wondered, how she could escape from the attacking wolf to the second floor of the house with her face damaged and her hands seriously injured. She wasn't able to talk about. Later she was referred to the Erebuni medical center. [305][306][307]
Valiko Tagiashvili ( † ) 55 March, 20. 2016 Predatory Koshalkhevi Village, Dusheti District, Georgia A boy found the corpse of the victim eaten by wolves still in clothes on the road. Governor Roland Zurabashvili, who then was informed, supposed that the man was returning home when he was fatally attacked by the animals. [308][309][310]
2 People Adults ♀/ ♂ February 24, 2016 Rabid Yasyrev, Volgodonskoy District, Rostov Oblast, Southern Federal District, Russia, First a wolf attacked a woman in the area and later it injured a man on the ground of an abandoned farm, when he tried to defend his dog from the beast's attack. The man managed to strangle the wolf. The wolf was found rabid and the human victims were treated and vaccinated in the hospital. [311][312][313]
Seyed Hassan Mousavi. 30 February 22, 2016 Unprovoked In the mountains of Qazvin Province, Iran Despite the general advice to go there only in groups the young man was cycling alone in the mountains. About two hours after he was attacked by wolves a shepherd found him severely injured. Due to the efforts of the doctors of Shahid-Rajaee—Hospital after several surgeries the man's life was saved, unfortunately beside his serious damages in his face and head he suffered a spinal cord injury and had been paralyzed. [314][315][316]
A shepherd January 30, 2016 Predatory Batinci, Skopje, Macedonia The wolf entered the barn filled with sheep and attacked them, and later the shepherd. In the fight the shepherd killed the wolf with an ax, but was seriously wounded. He was treated in the Clinical Centre in Skopje. [317][318][319][320][321]
Bejshebaj Turgunbayev, Kanykei Aktanbaeva 55/ 29 ♂/♀ December 21, 2015 Rabid? Oruk Tam village, Naryn Oblast, Kyrgyzstan Two people were attacked and injured in the early morning by wolves coming into the village. The man, the stoker of the local school, was attacked on the schoolyard, the woman on the way to her outside restroom. Both were injured on hands and arms and got treatments in the local hospital. The two predators were shot by local hunters and their carcasses sent to the laboratory for rabies examination in Bishkek. [322][323][324][325][326]
Musa uulu Taalaybek. December 2, 2015 unprovoked Kadamjay District of Batken Region of Kyrgyzstan The wolves attacked 2 dogs and hurt their owner. Earlier, on November 9 another person, a villager from Bakkaza Zhumamatovaand Village was bitten and hurt by wolves. He was treated in Kadamzhay Hospital. [327][328][329][330]
Elchin Mamishov November 30, 2015 Predatory Mingachevir, Kalbajar District, Azerbaijan; When he tried to protect the sheep, the man was attacked himself. To aid coming residents rescued him, but were also attacked. For treatment injured Elchin was sent to Mingachevir Central Hospital. The animal was cremated and buried under the supervision of veterinarians. [331][332][333]
6 People 46/ 40/ 4/ ? ♀/ ♂/ ? November 29, 2015 Unprovoked Lushan, Rudbar County, Gilan Province, Iran. On two following days wolves attacked several people. One attack took place in a house of the settlement, where three family members were wounded. 6 people got treatments in the Vali Hospital in Rudbar, one of them had to undergo reconstructive surgery. A wolf later was shot and bodyparts sent to rabies examination. [334][335][336][337][338]
Ilham Mammadov, Padar Behramov 42/ 34 ♂/ ♂ October 26, 2015 Predatory Novju Village, Ağsu, Azerbaijan. When grazing the village sheep in the area they were suddenly attacked by wolves. Their throats and faces were seriously injured. The injured were taken to hospital by relatives. According to the hospital's department of surgery, the patients underwent surgery, and remained in serious condition. [339]
A Resident 55 October 16, 2015 Rabid Öğrendik Village, Ağın District, Elazığ Province, Turkey The woman was attacked by the rabid wolf, when she was collecting walnuts in her garden. Relatives saved her from the beast. Due to the attack she lost one finger but after treatments in the Fırat University Hospital Elazığ her condition was stable. One day later the wolf was found dead and rabid in a nearby garden. [340][341][342]
3 People Adults ♂/ ♂

October 4, 2015 Rabid Orechovka Village, Millerovo District, Rostov Oblast, Russia  First the rabid she-wolf attacked a man in the local water tower. From a distance of 8 metres the animal jumped on him and bit him in the face. Then in the next yard two more people were injured on their legs. From the report of the regional animal disease control station: "In total, the beast attacked three adult males, one is in the hospital, the other two undergo preventive treatment. She also bit two cows, five dogs, she tore the sixth dog, and several birds," [343][344][345][346]


Adult September 23, 2015 Predatory Colburn, Adams County, Wisconsin, USA Matthew was scouting a potential hunting area when he made eye contact with a wolf 30 yards away to his right. Then two more wolves began closing in from the left. The first wolf lunged and Matthew kicked it in the face, deflecting an attempted bite within four seconds. He subsequently shot one of the other two wolves with his sidearm. The pack fled, one bleeding. Matthew quickly retreated to his truck and contacted the state wildlife authorities. [347]
Mahaneh Shams 75 July 31, 2015 Predatory Buqa'ta Village, Golan Heights, Syria Watering his apple trees around 6:30 A.M. Mahaneh Shams was suddenly attacked by a veritable wolf. He got injuries from wolf bites first on his hands and then on his face and neck but managed to escape on his tractor. His son took him to the Ziv Hospital in Safed, where he got the necessary medical treatments. [348][349]
Abuzer Baydemir Adult July 8, 2015 Predatory Yarpuzlu Village, Sincik District, Adıyaman Province, Turkey The victim went to the sink in the garden of his house when he was attacked by a wolf. Family members who cut the wolf's throat with a knife saved Abuzer Baydemir. Seriously injured he was referred to Kahta State Hospital. [350][351][352][353]
Dhakira Ghasemi, Abolfazl Rahimi 5/ 4 ♀/ ♂ July 6, 2015 Predatory Razan County Hamadan Province, Iran The wolf attacks occurred on two following days. Both children were saved by their parents but got injured and referred for treatment to Hamadan Hospital. [354][355]
Mehmet Karasu, Ali Yasar 70 / 65 ♂/ ♂ June 20, 2015 Predatoty Bayındır, Mecitözü/Çorum Province, Turkey In the village humans and dogs were attacked by a wolf on their way to the morning prayer, at 3:15. Two men were injured and brought to the Çorum Training and Research Hospital. The wolf was shot by a gun. [356][357]
Yamanurappa Basappa Mushigeri, Sakrappa Hanumappa Itagi 30 / 12 ♂/ ♂ June 9, 2015 Predatory Vadageri village, Ameengad, India Both persons did farmwork, when the wolf-attacks occurred. Yamanurappa was grazing sheep, Mushigeri was working in the fields. Typically they were injured on their hands and heads and were treated at the Kumareshwara Hospital and Research Centre in Bagalkot. The wolf was chased to death by residents. [358]
Amir Menkes and 4 more people 21/ 9/ ? ♂/ ♂/ ♂/ ♂/ ♀ May 9, 2015 Rabid Nimrod Fortress, National Park, Golan Heights, Israel A she-wolf caused injuries among 5 people in 3 different incidents. The victims were transferred to the nearby Ziv Medical Center and got the medically necessary treatments. Later Park Rangers found the carcass of a rabid wolf, suspected of being behind the three separate incidents of wolf bites that occurred in the Golan Heights. [359][360][361]
2 People Adults ♂/ ♀ April 26, 2015 Unprovoked Strelichevo Village, Khoiniki District, Gomel Region, Belarus When she heard a strange noise in the morning the wife went out of the house on the porch just to see a wolf fighting her dog. Meanwhile, her husband appeared and the wolf disposed the dog then headed towards the couple. Both ran into the house, shut the door and called the police. After a short time two police men in their car arrived and police lieutenant Sergei Tours shot the animal from the car over a distance of 15 metres with two bullets in the head and in the chest. This caused the death of the attacker. [362][363][364]
Lima Ankudinova ( † ) 77 April 7,


Predatory Borovitsa in central Russia In the morning a neighbour found the remains of the elderly lady one leg and the top of her head missing and the other leg half eaten. It was assumed that the woman maybe died from a heart attack, because reporters don't believe that wolves would attack living humans, but dying by heart attack when a wolf is charging isn't the worst. The beast which devoured parts of her body, was chased by police. [365][366][367]
6 People ♂ / ♀ April 6,


Predatory Maysan Province Iraq When a wolf pack attacked the village 6 people were injured, some of them seriously. [368][369][370]
5 People 50/ 37/ 37/ 31/ 31 ♀/ ♀/ ♀/ ♀/ ♂ March 24, 2015 Predatoty Chiva village, Vayots Dzor, Armenia In a field a group of spinach workers were attacked by a wolf. The animal hurt their hands, feet and arms and two women were bitten in the face. When the wolf attacked the man, he killed it with a knife. All victims were brought to Yeghegnadzor Medical Center for treatment. [371][372][373][374]
Giorgi Gogiberidze 23 March 7, 2015 Unprovoked Kvelobani Village, Chokhatauri District, Guria Region, Georgia A wolf entered a yard in the village. When the young man tried to chase it away a fight started. With the help of neighbours the wolf was killed and the injured man was treated at the Chokhatauri Hospital. [375][376][377]
Two families on a snowmobile ride Adults and their children ♂ / ♀ January 25, 2015 Rabid On a trail between Wabush and Labrador City, Labrador, Canada Twenty minutes into the trip, they encountered a wolf on the trail that charged and lunged. They escaped and informed authorities, who soon tracked and killed the wolf, which tested positive for rabies. [378]
Tagir Atajev, Anatoly Sonich, Vera Sonich Adults ♂/ ♂/ ♀ January 21, 2015 Rabid? Medvedev, Svietlahorsk District, Belarus A wolf attacked different people and a dog in a village. Three persons were injured and treated in the hospital. The wolf was killed with a knife in a fight and his head was sent to Svetlogorsk zone Hygiene and Epidemiology Center for rabies examination [379][380][381][382]
Amankhan Amirov, Ozat Kyrykbaev Adults ♂/ ♂ January 16, 2015 Predatory Jeldiqara village, Mynbulak rural district, Easts Kazakhstan According to residents in the night 4-5 wolves came into the village. Two men were injured, one on his hands and legs and the other one was bitten in his face. They were referred to the district hospital. [383][384]
2 Residents ( † ) Adults ♂/ ♂ January 14, 2015 Rabid Zheldikar, Ayagoz District, East Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan A rabid wolf attacked two men. During the attack, the wolf was stabbed with a kitchen knife by a wife trying to save her husband. Despite receiving treatment, one man died in the hospital a month later from rabies. [385][386][387]
Ragif Mirzoyev ( † ) 22 January 2015 Rabid Chirchik District, Salyan Rayon, Azerbaijan When Ragif Mirzoyev tried to protect the sheep from a rabid wolf, he was slightly bitten on his hand. Eventually he died from the rabies infection. [388][389][390][391]
Man 32 December 23, 2014 Predatory Kyrgyzstan After a fight of 30 minutes, the man managed to conquer the wolf, which had first attacked his dog and then immediately him while he was taking care of his fenced cattle. The man was wounded on his legs and hands, the wolf died during the night due to suffocation. [392]
Resident Adult December 20, 2014 Predatory Novokazicinsk, Zabaykalsky Krai, Siberian Federal District, Russia With a crowbar a resident of Novokazicinsk Village killed an attacking wolf. The tool which he used for breaking the ice open, when he was fishing, saved him from much heavier affliction. [393][394][395][396]
3 People Adults ♂/ ♀/ ♀ December 10, 2014 Predatory Mikhailovka Village, Kamensky District, Rostov Oblast, Russia The wolf attacked and bit three people in the village. It made its way to the courtyard of one of the residents of Mikhailovka. There it attacked the master and yard dogs. The man managed to drive out the beast to the street, where it attacked a woman. Incoming residents saved her life and ambulance veterinarians and hunters were called. On its run the wolf injured another woman. The victims were hospitalized. The wild beast, after a long chase, was shot by local hunters. No rabies were found during the following examination. [397][398][399]
Bolot Zhunushaliev Teenager November 23, 2014 Unprovoked Ak-Muz Village, At-Bashi District, Kyrgyzstan  The young man, a pupil of the 11th grade was on horse looking for his livestock, when he met the wolf. Without another weapon the schoolboy didn't lose his head, took off the stirrups and killed the animal, which attacked him, with several blows. Being without serious injuries Bolot Zhunusaliyev later was awarded a diploma and a valuable gift on behalf of the village government. [400][401]
Şükran Aliyev Adult October 29, 2014 Unprovoked Mireshelli Village, Ağdam.District, Azerbaijan A wolf appeared in the village and menaced a resident in front of a car. With the help of incoming neighbours the wolf was overpowered and badly hurt. Şükran Aliyev was injured in the fight with the animal. [402][403][404]
Nurçiçək Yusif, Əfsanə Yusif, Vüsal Yusif, Aygül Yusif 20 / 19/ 16 / 11 ♀/ ♀/ ♂/ ♀ October 27, 2014 Rabid? Jalilabad District, Azerbaijan. In this incident a wolf first attacked the family's 11-year-old daughter in their homeyard and then hurt 3 more family members in the upcoming fight, when they tried to save each other from the wolf 's attack. All were treated at the Central Hospital of Jalilabad. Later the wolf was shot and the rabies examination started. [405][406]
Dijanu Kurtović 33 September 26, 2014 Unprovoked Drnis, Sibenik-Knin County, Dalmatia, Croatia When the woman was walking with her dog a wolf attacked her, grabbed her hand and bit it. With the help of her dog she chased away the attacker wth her hand seriously injured. She received medical treatment and rabies vaccination. [407][408][409]
 Vinod, Yograj, Sewaram, Perkasha, Bablu, Savitri ♀ / ♂ September 26, 2014 Rabid Hashampur Village, Muzaffarnagar District, Uttar Pradesh, India On two following days a rabid wolf attacked and injured first 5 and the next day six people working on the fields in the area. All of the injured people were treated in the local hospital. [410][411]
 Khem Chand, Kamlesh, Rita, Baljore, Maksood ♀ / ♂ September 25, 2014 Rabid Hashampur Village, Muzaffarnagar District, Uttar Pradesh, India On two following days a rabid wolf attacked and injured first 5 and the next day six people working in the fields in the area. All of the injured people were treated at the local hospital. [411][412][413]
Abdurrahman Kara, Ahmet Topçu, Zehra Topçu Ali Topçu Ismet Topçu, Kemal Keles 69,50,45,45,32,40 ♂/♂/♀/♂/♂/♂ August 26, 2014 Predatory Yıldızeli/Sivas, Turkey The Topçu family was attacked by the wolf on a picnic. Kara was alone working at the river. Keles was on the way to his tractor. In both cases the wolf came from behind. Kemal Keles finally strangled and drowned it in the Kizilirmak river. All involved people had to be treated in the Cumhuriyet University Hospital. [414]
Zhao Duoba and 5 other people Villagers ♂ / ♀ ? August 13, 2014 Predatory Kalazhuole village in Altay, China Between 2 am and 4 pm four or five wolves attacked the flock in the village and awakened the sleeping in five families. 6 villagers, poultry and livestock were subject to varying degrees of injury, of which two more seriously injured herdsmen were transferred to Ürümqi Hospital for treatment. One of them lost his ear in the attack. The county police and the township government dispatched more than 30 people to prevent further wolf attacks. [415][416][417][418]
Nuriye Alacahan, Gaziye Can 70 / 38 ♀ / ♀ July 8, 2014 Rabid Yenibardak Village of Adıyaman, Gerger, Turkey The two women were attacked by a wolf while they were working in the field. Villagers who heard the screams saved the women from the attack.

After first aid measures the severely injured women were referred to the Adıyaman University Training and Research Hospital due to their severe injuries. Meanwhile, it was alleged that the wolf may be rabid.

Cuma Dalbudak, Selahattin Öcal 53 / 48 ♂/♂ June 3, 2014 Predatory Küçükavşar/Delice/Kırıkkale, Turkey Wolves attacked the two shepherds, who were injured on various parts of their bodies. They were rescued by the villagers. Dalbudak and Öcal were treated at Kırıkkale Yüksek İhtisas Hospital. [420]
Öner Kırdar, Erdek Karsiyaka 36/ ? ♂ / ♂ April 21, 2014 Unprovoked Kapidag, Bandirma, Turkey Both men were attacked by a wolf on Sunday evening. While Erdek was able to defend himself with a knife and got away uninjured, Öner suffered serious wounds and was brought for treatment to Bandirma State Hospital. [421][422]
Nikolai Mikhailov Adult End of January 2014 Rabid Vasyukova Village, Bezhetsky District, Tver Oblast, Russia When leaving his shed in the village Mikhailov was attacked by a wolf from behind. Seriously injured he survived due to an incoming hunter with a rifle, who shot the predator. Mikhailov was treated in the Bezhetsk Central District Hospital, remains of the wolf were sent for rabies examination. [423][424]
Resident 74 January 10, 2014 Rabid Mălureni Village + Commune, Argeș County Southern Central Romania On Friday evening a woman was attacked and injured by a rabid wolf in her yard when she was looking for the barking dogs. Incoming neighbors saved her. She was bitten on her hand and got necessary treatments in the UPU Argeş County Hospital. The wolf was shot and found rabid. [425][426][427][428]
Ruslan Nuritdinov 35 January 6, 2014 Rabid Udachny Mine, Mirninsky District, Sakha Republic, Russia  Coming from a routinely physical examination, Ruslan was attacked by a wolf when he went to his night shift on the area of the Udachny Mine. His hands and legs were injured but he managed to chase away the wolf. Medical treatments and rabies vaccination followed for him, while the wolf was shot in the area of the mine. [429][430]
Meryem Öztürk, Elif Sevinç, Baki Gündoğdu, Mevlüt Yiğit 70, 60, 45, 26 ♀ / ♂/ ♀/ ♂ January 3, 2014 Predatory Kederli Village, Ağaçören District, Aksaray Province, Turkey. Hungry wolves descended from the mountains and entered the village at 3:00 P.M. On their raid they attacked and injured people and animals. Afterwards 4 people had to got medical treatments in the Ağaçören State Hospital and later were referred to Ortaköy State Hospital. One of the wolves was shot by villagers. [431][432][433] l
8 People ♂/ ? October 20, 2013 Rabid Nasirabad Village, Parikhan Village, Hajjilu Village, Meshgin Shahr County, Ardabil Province, Iran. On two following days wolves attacked people, dogs and livestock in three villages. 8 people were injured and a gardener suffered the most. His nose and one ear were completely destroyed and his face seriously damaged. Because of rabies all wounded livestock had to be destroyed. The wolves were hunted by 25 relief forces. [434][435][436][437]
Yura Arushanyan October 17, 2013 Predatory Katnajur, Lori region, Armenia Having bitten the hand of another resident of the village and having been chased away by others, the wolf started to gnaw the door of Yura's home. Stepping outside the man and the wolf started fighting. Hearing his shouts Yura's brother came to his aid. Together they overpowered the animal, which seemed to be dead, but later actually ran away. After a successful search hunters eliminated the attacker. Yura had to be treated in the hospital with severe wounds on both hands. [438]
Michelle Prosser Adult October 15, 2013 Predatory Merritt, British Columbia, Canada Michelle went to do a forestry road traverse near Merritt, but she noticed a few wolves stalking her minutes after heading out of the forest. Michelle managed to escape with her two domesticated dogs, though only one survived the incident. Her other domesticated dog was sacrificially protecting her from the wolf pack. [439]
8 People Adults October 10, 2013 Unprovoked Eshtehard City, Karaj County, Alborz Province, Iran. The first attack occurred in the evening at 10 P.M. Due to bad weather conditions the alarmed security forces weren't able to track down the animal directly. In the course of the night seven more citizens were injured. Finally in the morning the wolf was shot and the carcass was sent to rabies examination. After immediate emergency treatments all victims were transferred to Tehran for vaccinations. [440][441][442]
Zeki Cane 74 October 7, 2013 Unprovoked Solhan, Bingöl Province, Turkey On his way to Yiğitharman village the wolf suddenly appeared in front of Zeki Cane and attacked. In the upcoming fight the man killed the wolf with a rock. Seriously injured he first was treated in the Solhan State Hospital and later in the Bingöl State Hospital. [443][444]
Daulet Tuyeshiyev Adult September 5, 2013 Predatory Zhetybay Village, Karakiyansky District, Mangistau Region, Kazakhstan. In the remote Kazakh steppes the former police officer Tuyeshiyev was inspecting his car, when suddenly a wolf attacked him from behind. In a life and death fight he finally strangled the beast to death with his bare hands. Seriously injured he made it to the hospital and got the necessary treatments. [445][446][447][448]
Noah Graham 16 August 24, 2013 Unprovoked Near Lake Winnibigoshish in Minnesota, USA Noah was awake and talking to his girlfriend when a lone wolf attacked from behind, biting his head. He kicked, screamed, punched, and grabbed, and it disappeared. He was taken to the hospital for 17 staples to close a large head wound and to get precautionary injections. Authorities killed the wolf the next day and sent the body for rabies and DNA testing. The wolf tested negative for rabies but was diagnosed with deformities and brain damage. [449][450][451]
Adil Ahmad ( † ) 9 July 13, 2013 Predatory Kreeri area, Baramulla district, north of Srinagar, India Fatally bitten on the neck. [452]
Aadil Hameed Sheikh ( † ) 7 July 13, 2013 Predatory Hail village, northern Kashmir Killed by two wolves. [452]
William "Mac" Hollan Adult July 6, 2013 Unprovoked Alaska Highway 60 mi. west of Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada Hollan was riding 1/2 mile ahead of his two buddies when a lone wolf sprinted out of the woods and surprised him with an attempted bite just missing his pedal. He unsuccessfully attempted to outrace the wolf and deter it with pepper spray as the wolf ripped open the bike's rear packs. Four attempts to stop passing motorists failed. Hollan approached a hill. As he prepared to stop and use the bike as a weapon, a couple in a Humvee pulling a trailer came to his aid, and threw the passenger door open as Hollan was attempting to climb through the window. The wolf furiously attacked the bicycle packs. The female rescuer unsuccessfully stood in the vehicle's doorway shouting at the wolf from 8 feet away as passing motorists honked their horns. She threw a water bottle that hit it in the head. It retreated to a ditch. Other motorists threw rocks at the wolf until it left. [453]
Mevlüt Özcanlı ( † ), Fikriye Pişkin, Cihan Erdoğan, Mustafa Savaş, Asiye Aktepe 80 ♂ /♂/ ♀ / ♂ / ♀ June 12, 2013 Hacılar village, near Tortum, Erzurum province, eastern Turkey The wolf killed the 80-year-old Mevlüt Özcanlı and also wounded four more people, one of whom was reported to have saved himself from a second attack by climbing a tree. The wolf was shot and killed and its body was sent to a lab for rabies testing. [454][455]
Feyzullah Aydin, Pınar Aydın, Gülgez Aydin, Kamile Aydin, Rukiye Aydin Adults and children ♂/ ♀/ ♀ /♀ /♀ April 26, 2013 Predatory Yemişen/Bulanık/Muş, Turkey Wolves descending to the center of the town of Yemişen wounded 5 people. From inside his house Feyzullah Aydin saw some wolves attacking his dog in the garden. Going to its rescue he was attacked by himself as it happened to his whole family. Incoming citizens shot and killed one of the wolves. All of the family was treated in the Bulanik State Hospital and later referred to the Mus State Hospital. [456]
Vitaly Vanadze Adult April 23, 2013 Predatory Laituri Village, Ozurgeti Municipality, Guria Province, Georgia In the houseyard two wolves attacked the young man's dog. When he tried to protect it from one of the beasts the other one came over him and wounded him seriously. Incoming neighbours finished his troubles and he was taken to the Ozurgeti Medical Center. [457][458]
Dawn Hepp Adult March 8, 2013 Predatory Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Canada [459][460]
Ziya Kerdige, Sercan Ceco, Kamber Altun 55/ 30/ 30 ♂/ ♂/ ♂ March 5, 2013 Predatory Esenyayla, Göle, Ardahan Province, Turkey 4 wolves appeared in the village. They attacked Sercan and Kamber, leaving them injured. Ziya, who went to the rescue with bare hands, saved their lives, but was wounded seriously. One of the wolves was shot. The victims were treated in the Ardahan State Hospital. [461]
Elderly Woman ( † ) 81 February 5, 2013 Predatory Badzhuv Rushan, Tajikistan The victim was attacked by multiple wolves early in the morning. Despite intervention from neighbors, she died from a severe injury to the throat. [462]
Lance Grangaard 30 week of December 10, 2012 Rabid 30 miles off Taylor Highway in remote area known as Ketchumstuk near Tok, Alaska, USA Lance was "putting along" on his snow machine on a frozen river when a lone wolf attacked his right arm, ripped through his parka and three layers of underclothing and inflicted a superficial 3" long laceration above his elbow. Lance, taking the offensive, jumped onto the wolf's back and knocked it hard onto the ice. The wolf freed itself from his grip, ran 15–20 feet away, stopped and turned back again facing him. Lance threw his arms up and yelled, which scared the wolf away. He subsequently escaped on his snow machine. Although the Alaska wildlife authorities were unaware of any rabid animals in the area, Lance was treated for potential rabies exposure. Authorities could not capture the wolf. [463]
Muratbek Bakhtygali, Aigul Espentayeva, Nazgul Adilgereyeva, Beket Shadmanov 70/? ♂/ ♀/ ♀/ ♂ December 6, 2012 Predatory  Algabas Village, Almaty Region, Kazakhstan A wolf attacked Muratbek in the courtyard and bit off his nose. He felt like dying but his cow rushed along and took the predator on its horns. The wolf fled, but on its way it injured two workers of the local kindergarten on their hands and legs. Finally it got killed with a stick and a crowbar by Beket Shadmanov. All victims were treated in the hospital. The examination of the wolf's corpse showed no rabies. [464][465][466][467]
Aishat Maksudova November, 2012 Makhachkala, Russia. Russia's province of Dagestan in the North Caucasus Mountains. Aishat Maksudova was attacked by a lone wolf, however she managed to fight it off with a nearby ax. [468][469]
Meryem Kara ( † ), İsmail Atmaca 60 /? ♀ / ♂ October, 15.2012 Rabid Yazıçayırı, Kulu, Konya, Turkey The incident took place on 15 October in the village of Yazçayır, which belongs to Kulu. Meryem Kara, 60 years old, went to the toilet outside in the garden and was killed by the wolf attacking her. The wolf which escaped from there was shot dead by a rifle after attacking İsmail Atmaca in the village of Köşker, neighbor of Yazıçayır village. Having found out that the wolf was rabid the officials started a rabies vaccination program at the Kulu State Hospital. [470]
Abbas Mohammed ( † ) 5 September 24, 2012 Predatory Hilla, Iraq The victim was picking berries with five older boys, when a wolf attacked him and tore open his abdomen. [471]
1 Person ( † ) 60 September 2012 Rabid Turkey A 60-year-old man was brought to the emergency department with facial injuries caused by a wolf emerging from a rural area and leaping at his face as he was sitting in his garden. During the incident, the patient strangled the wolf to death. Despite postexposure prophylaxis the patient likely died because of rabies. [472]
Rukmanna ( † ) 18 months August, 2012 Predatory Belur village, Gulbarga, India The victim was left sleeping under a tree as his mother worked in a nearby field. The child was found missing at 16:00, and a search was mounted. The child's skull was found on the morning of August 24 in an area where wolves were sighted. The village had previously reported a non-fatal attack on a five-year-old boy the year before. [473]
Jefer Kartsivadze ( † ) 60 July 10, 2012 Predatory Zemo village, Shuakhevi District, Georgia [474]
Stanislav ( † ) 2 July, 2012 Predatory Berezino, Ukraine The victim went missing on July 23 during a visit to his foster mother's parents. His hands and head were found on August 1, 500 meters from the village. [475]
Zhagor Imangaliyev Adult April 25, 2012 Unprovoked Esensay Village, West Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan Trying to chase away the animal from his yard the pensioner was attacked and bitten by the wolf. A neighbor hurried over and shot the beast. The wolf's head was sent for rabies examination while the victim was treated in the district hospital. [476][477][478]
Varlam Butskhrikidze ( † ) 65 February, 2012 Predatory Vazisubani village, Telavi District, Georgia Found dying of blood-loss in his home from a severed arm. It was later confirmed that the culprit was a wolf. [479]
Four People ( † ) 77/?/15/30 ♂/♂/♀/♀ June 17, 2012 Predatory Kolmården Wildlife Park, near Norrköping, Sweden The killed victim was a zoo employee who had worked with the Kolmården wolf pack, consisting of eight wolves, for three years. The wolves had previously attacked three other people: in 2007, Swedish TV-profile Arne Weise was knocked over by one, in 2010 a visitor sustained a bite to the arm, and a 15-year-old girl had been bitten on the thigh by one of the wolves a month before the fatal 2012 attack. The zoo operated a policy of "social activities", in which staff members interacted with the animals in order to establish rapport with them. The zoo employee was attacked at 11:00 A.M. after entering the wolf enclosure alone, and her colleagues only noticed her absence an hour later. Paramedics were unable to reach her on time, as the wolves had surrounded her body. After the attack, the zoo discontinued its "social activities". [480][481][482][483]
Seven people ( † † ) 62/8/? ♀/♂/? March, 2012 Predatory Tengzhou, Shandong, China In addition to the fatal attacks, the wolf involved had injured five other people, including a boy on his way to school. On March 19, the local police tracked the wolf to a wheat field and shot it in the leg, chasing it for 20 km before killing it. The wolf weighed 58.5 kg, and measured 80 cm in height and a metre in length. [484][485][486]
Surik Isayan 22 March 15, 2012 Predatory Talvorik Village, Armavir Province, Armenia Coming home at 5:30 P.M. Surik saw a wolf attacking his dog. To chase away the predator Surik turned on the light in his yard, but was then immediately attacked by himself. Man, dog and wolf were in a fight until family members came out of the house because of the noise. Together they chased away the wolf. After hours of hunting the wolf got snapped. Severely injured Surik got first aid treatments in the Armavir Medical Center and was later referred to Saint Gregory The Illuminator Medical Center. [487][488]
Grigory Gerasimovich, Valentin Shevchuk Adult/ 42 ♂/ ♂ February 1, 2012 Rabid Parokhonsk Village, Pinsk District, Brest Region, Belarus In the middle of the village, a wolf attacked the two men in turn, injuring them. Shevchuk, a hunter, was able to hold on to the animal until it was stabbed with a knife by hurrying villagers. The injured were treated in the Pinsk Hospital. The investigation of the wolf cadaver revealed rabies. [489][490][491][492]
4 People Adults ♂/ ♂/ ♂/ ♂ January 5, 2012 Unprovoked Spataev Village, Saryagash District, South Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan When a man in the morning found a wolf in his garden and tried to drive away the predator, he was attacked by the animal. With the help of 3 incoming neighbors he overpowered the wolf, which was killed in the fight. All the men were injured and had to be treated in the local hospital. [493][494][495][496]
Rene Anderson 55 September 25, 2011 Predatory Ten miles south of Pierce near Headquarters, Idaho, USA A lone wolf charged after Rene while she was hunting for elk when it jumped up from behind a pile of logs. Rene quickly thought about pulling her .44 magnum Smith and Wesson pistol and killed the 100-pound wolf with four shots. [497]
5 People ? ♀/ ♂/ ♂/ ♂/ ♂ June 24, 2011 Rabid Dvor-Savichi Village, Bragin District, Gomel Region, Belarus At about 7.00 A.M a wolf from the Polessky radiation and ecological reserve attacked the inhabitants and animals of the village causing injuries on the face, hands and feet of five pensioners, including a woman. The examination of the later shot animal showed rabies. [498][499]
Kezban Kartalmış, Şerife Erkip ( † ) 79 / 76 ♀ / ♀ April 14, 2011 Rabid Simav, Kütahya, Turkey The two attacks occurred close to grazing cattle in an area with grassland and forests. Seriously injured Kezban Kartalmış was brought to the Kütahya Evliya Çelebi State Hospital, for treatment, while Şerife Erkip lost her life on the scene, fatally wounded by the attacking wolf. Measures were being taken in the region against the possibility of rabies. [500][501][502]
Asylhanov Mukhtarov and 3 men ♀/ ♂/ ♂/ ♂ January 31, 2011 Predatory Zhanabulak village, Akzhaik district, West Kazakhstan Asylanov Mukhtarov was the last human victim of an attacking wolf which came down to the village in search for food. On its way it had already wounded 3 people. The fourth attack on the woman leaving a shop in the village was the heaviest and brought the victim close to death. She was rescued by other residents hearing her screams and chasing away the wolf. When the animal came back it was killed by pitchforks. All victims got treatments in the hospital and preventive rabies vaccination. [503][504]
Karen Calisterio 52 November 27, 2010 Narrowly averted Driveway of her home between Tensed, Idaho and Plummer, Idaho, USA Calisterio was walking alone up her long snowy rural driveway at dusk when she saw a pack of four wolves about 200 yards ahead, near her house. The wolves saw her and began walking toward her. She turned and ran, but remembered that was not recommended in such situations. She then turned around to face the wolves, kept walking backwards as fast as she could, and used her cell phone to summon a neighbor, who arrived in an SUV to rescue her by 4:53 P.M. During that time, the wolves vanished into some bushes. [505]
3 Adults,

1 Child

♂/ ♂/ ♀/ ? October 25, 2010 Predatory Razan City, Hamadan Province, Iran Around midnight a wolf attacked a mother and her child. The animal lifted up the child and tried to escape with the prey. Alarmed by the shouts of the mother incoming neighbours rescued the child. On the following wild run the wolf injured two more men. All injured were treated in the hospital and later some wolves were shot. [506][507][508][509]
 Zhyldyz Bakasova,

1 Child

29/ 4 ♀/ ♀ October 29, 2010 Predatory  Cholok-Kayin Village, Ak-Tala District, Naryn Region, Kyrgyzstan. Zhyldyz Bakasova was engaged in housework in the yard in front of the house while her daughter was playing nearby. At about 4:00 pm she saw a large wolf approaching her child. Jyldyz stood in front of the beast protecting her daughter. The wolf pounced on the woman, rested his forelegs in her chest and tried to grab her by the throat. At that time the woman's father-in-law stormed out of the house, and the wolf ran away. The woman was bitten on her hands, but after treatment in the hospital she felt fine. [510][511][512]
10 People attacked, 1 woman ( † ) Adults ♀/ ♀/ ♀/ ♂/ ? September 27, 2010 Rabid Chaditsa-, Mogilevsky-, Vazhiya-Village, Klimovsky District, Bryansk Oblast, Russia An elderly woman was killed and nine more people were injured by a rabid wolf on his run through Klimovsky District. More than 60 hunters tracked down the large animal and finally killed it. The injured people were treated in the hospitals and recovered from their injuries. [513][514][515]
Ali Şahin, Kıymet Şahin,İsmet Bozkurt 66/65/? ♂/♀ /♂ September 9, 2010 Rabid? Doganpınar Village, Pülümür District, Turkey Ali Şahin, 66 and Kıymet Şahin, his 65-year-old wife, were suddenly attacked by the wolf entering the door while they were sitting in their house at about 20:00 in the evening. The wolf first attacked Ali Şahin and tore his face and bit the other parts of his body, then Kıymet Şahin, while Ali Şahin was trying to save his wife. Upon the arrival of the other villagers who heard the shouts, they managed to escape from the door where the wolf entered. They were treated in the hospital. The wolf that Doganpınar villagers could not find despite their search at night, then attacked İsmet Bozkurt, who was in the field outside the village in the morning hours. He was wounded after the wolf attack and treated in the hospital. [516][517]
Candice Berner ( † ) 32 March 8, 2010 Predatory Chignik, Alaska, USA, 65 miles southwest of Kodiak Berner, a teacher and avid jogger, was discovered dead along a road by snowmobilers, who found Northwestern wolf tracks in the adjacent snow. The Alaska State Medical Examiner ruled that her death was caused by "multiple injuries due to animal mauling." A series of necropsies performed on wolves culled in the surrounding area shortly after the attack ruled out rabies, sickness, or wolf-dog hybridisation as being causes of the attack. The case was notable as being the first fatal wolf attack in North America in which DNA evidence was gathered to confirm wolf involvement. [518]


Ahmed Sabic 25 December 22, 2009 Predatory Cista Velika, Imotski Region, Dalmatian Hinterland, Croatia Three wolves attacked a herd of cows close to his house. Seeing this the shepherd ran out swinging a stick to chase away the predators. One of the wolves attacked the defender immediately. In the following struggle Sabic suffered several scratches which later caused him to get wound treatments and rabies vaccination in the Imotski Hospital. [519][520][521]
Male Adult December 12, 2009 Predatory Pyhäjärvi, Liittoperä, Finland Man was fixing forest machine when a wolf attacked him, he kept hitting the wolf and the wolf let go. The man was slightly injured which caused him to get wound treatments in the hospital. [522]
Nikolay Musienko 68 November 27, 2009 Rabid Vulka Gorodishchenskaya Village, Pinsk District, Brest Region, Belarus Returning from a transformer substation on his way about a 300 meters from a pig farm in the woods the electrician was attacked by a wolf. The man managed to strangle the beast. The injured victim was hospitalized at the Traumatological Department of the Pinsk Central Hospital. He got a course of anti-rabies immunizations. Later the wolf was tested rabid. [523][524][525]
Roderick Phillip 35 September 10, 2009 Rabid along the Kuskokwim River near Kalskag, Alaska, USA Phillip and his hunting party were camping and he took an unarmed stroll down to the river to look for moose. Phillip was attacked by a rabid, white, 16-month old male lone wolf weighing more than 100 pounds. The wolf bit him in the upper right thigh, its teeth cutting through a pair of Carhartt pants, sweatpants and his boxers. He wrestled the wolf to the ground and kept him there until his two companions arrived for his aid. Phillip subsequently jumped up and threw the wolf away from them. One of the men with him shot the wolf with a hunting rifle. They dressed the wound and headed for the hospital after daybreak, bringing the carcass with them. The wolf tested positive for rabies and Phillip was put through a series of 5 shots over the next 28 days. [526]
Adult ( † ) February 20, 2009 Predatory Giorgitsminda, Kakheti, Georgia, about 40 kilometres from Tbilisi The victim had been missing for several days before being discovered. Prior to the attack, numerous wolf attacks on both livestock and humans had been reported in the region in the last month. Two weeks before the attack, a woman in the village of Pirosmani suffered serious throat injuries from a wolf attack. [527]
Vladimir Pashkov (†), Alexei Suvorov and 3 more people 40/ 56/ ?/? ? ♂/ ♂/♀/ ?/? February 19, 2009 Rabies Sikiyaz Village, Duvan District, Bashkortostan, Russia, At 6 a.m. on his tour through the farm the watchman Pashkov was suddenly attacked by a large wolf. Alarmed by screams nearby working staff approached the fight scene. Using pitchforks and shovels they were able to drive away the animal. Vladimir Pashkov died from loss of blood and a traumatic shock. Four other people were wounded and treated in the local hospital. One day later the wolf was shot and found rabid. [528][529]
Kolya Nechaev (†) 10 January 10, 2009 Predatory Zavod-Kyn Village, Lysva District., Perm Krai, Russia Kolya Necheav was killed by a wolf when he was tobogganing with two friends from school. He was riding downhill close to the edge of the woods when a wolf suddenly jumped out from behind the trees, grabbed the boy and dragged him deep into the forest. His two frightened and helpless friends alarmed the adults in the village and in an immediate chase they were able to get close to the beast. The wolf left the body of the boy behind and fled. It was too late, Kolya had already been strangled. Later an expert stated, that the animal was probably too old and weak to hunt proper prey. [530][531][532]
Galina Solyanik, Zoe Rybalko and one more woman ♀/ ♀/ ♀ February 11, 2008 Unprovoked Bohoyavlenka, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine Galina and her two friends were attacked by a wolf on February 11 around 4:00 am on the way to the farm. All the victims were hospitalized in the central district hospital. [533][534]
Kyle Keays and family, Rod Barrie and family December 22, 2007 Predatory Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

The two families were attacked by two wolves while tobogganing 100 kilometres east of Fort Nelson. Thanks to Shadow, the Rottweiler-cross of Keays, which attacked the wolves when they were running toward the little children, none of them was lifted and taken away. Finally the families could withdraw from the threatening situation. Later Keays, a licensed hunter, shot both wolves as the animals followed the families to their camp.

Alycia Beiergrohslein, Camas Barkemeyer and a third woman ♀/ ♀/ ♀ December 20, 2007 Unprovoked Artillery Road, Anchorage, Alaska "They were so quiet. They just came right up on us. They were quick. The dogs had no clue. They didn't smell them or hear them — nothing,"--"I was rainbowing my pepper spray, and they fell back a little bit But as soon as we would turn our backs to try to go, they would run up on us, and we would turn around and start screaming again, and I would spray my pepper spray."--"We just kept pulling, and they were so big, and they started howling, and they were circling us. And it got us really panicked, and we kept screaming,"--"They were not afraid of us and I'm afraid that if I was out here by myself, they would attack me. They were not afraid," Camas Barkemeyer and Alycia Beiergrohslein described their situation, as they and one more friend together with their leashed dogs were surrounded by at least 7 wolves. Luckily only Barkemeyer's American bulldog Buddy had to undergo surgery to mend wounds caused by three attacking wolves after they had finally managed to escape from the thread. [538][539]
Jouko Vuorma Adult September 2, 2007 Protect Muhos Finland Jouko Vuorma, his wife and 2 kids was picking berries 5kilometers from center of Muhos. They separated and he went alone. He bent down to pick berries when he heard sniffing behind him. He looked over and saw a wolf cub, and when he looked up, he saw a female wolf growling at him a few meters away. He started to run away, but the wolf started to follow him. After 300meters, he picked up a big stick and turned to approach the wolf. He hit the wolf 4 times with a stick before the wolf backed down.[540]
Bekbolat Amirkhanov 50 April 24, 2007 Predatory Kurmangazinsky District, Atyrau Region, Kazakhstan The shepherd was grazing the sheep when the attack started. Then he decided to fight the attacking wolf in the way of another countryman by grabbing the animal's tongue. He didn't let go until the wolf exhausted and finally died. The struggle lasted an hour and Amirkhanov suffered multiple injuries on his right hand. [541][542][543]
Becky Wanamaker 25 July 7, 2006 Predatory Dalton Highway near campground northwest of Fairbanks, Alaska, USA Becky was walking along the highway and saw a big white lone wolf twenty yards away. She ran after it began to charge her. The wolf inflicted puncture wounds in both legs and a laceration in one. Wanamaker was able to take shelter in an outhouse until the wolf left. She made her way to another outhouse and awakened campers sleeping nearby, who assisted her. Wolf biologist Mark McNay speculated that human-habituation and the wolf's young age were key factors in the attack. The wolf was not captured. Wanamaker was medicated for potential exposure to rabies. [544]
Kenton Carnegie ( † ) 22 November 8, 2005 Predatory Points North Landing, Saskatchewan, Canada Carnegie had gone for a walk and did not return to the geological surveyors' camp where he was working. His body was found partially consumed in an area known to be frequented by four wolves which regularly fed on human refuse. The pathologist who performed the autopsy, testified Carnegie had lost about 25% to 30% of his body mass in the attack, with the top midsection to the thigh having been partially consumed. Although originally the possibility that the culprit was a black bear was not ruled out, a coroners' jury concluded after a two-year inquiry that the suspects had indeed been a wolf pack. [545][546]
Two people Winter, 2005 Khost province, Afghanistan Occurred during what was considered the worst Afghan Winter in over a decade. [547]
Four people ( † )( † ) Winter, 2005 Naka, Paktia province, Afghanistan Two of the victims were killed during trips to other villages. [547]
Two people Early February, 2005 Muinak district, western Uzbekistan [548]
Elderly Man ( † ) January 5, 2005 Predatory Village of Vali-Asr, near the town of Torbat Heydariya, northeastern Iran Wolves entering the village seeking refuge from harsh weather attacked an elderly homeless man in front of witnesses. Those witnessing the incident attempted to fight off the wolves, while waiting for police assistance. Police intervention never came, and the victim died. [549]
Fred Desjarlais 55 December 31, 2004 Predatory Key Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada Desjarlais was jogging three kilometres back to Cameco's Key Lake campsite when he decided to not wait for a shuttle bus. A lone wolf attacked him from a ditch during the jog. Desjarlais tried to frighten it away, but the wolf continued approaching and finally jumped on him. A busload of his colleagues spotted the incident and came to his aid. The wolf subsequently fled into the wilderness. His colleagues took Desjarlais to a nearby medical facility, where he received stitches. A few hours later, an air ambulance took Desjarlais to Royal University Hospital where he began a series of rabies treatments. After the attack on Desjarlais, governmental authorities built an electric fence around Key Lake's landfill to prevent further predatory animal attacks on miners. [550][551]
Onur Bahar (†) 10 November 28, 2004 Predatory Talas District, Kayseri Province, Central Anatolia, Turkey The boy played with friends in the snow one mile away from their homes. When wolves appeared all children ran away and didn't look back leaving Onur behind. He was killed and torn to pieces by the wolf pack. 8 hours later his remains were found in the area by his relatives. [552][553][554][555]
Three people Winter, 2003 Astrakhan Oblast, Russia [556]
Three shepherds Winter, 2003 Sredneakhtubinsky District, Russia. [556]
14 Children Within 6 months until August 2003 Predatory Laliya, Auraiya, Balrampur District, Uttar Pradesh, India Principal chief conservator of forest, RL Singh demanded the villagers in nearby areas for constant alertness and stated: "Since the man eater wolves will not kill grown up humans they can be rounded up and killed. Without the tacit co-operation of villagers and licensed firearm support of the public, the forest officials alone will not be able to contain the wolf menace. This we know from our experience in the worst recorded incident of wolf menace in the history of the 20th century wherein 170 children were killed," he said. [557]
Scott Langevin 23 July 2, 2000 Predatory Vargas Island, Tofino, Area, British Columbia, Canada Sleeping outside his tent on Vargas Island in the early morning the student was awakened by a dark-colored wolf tugging at the foot of his sleeping bag. He yelled and kicked at it without success. Fighting each other the wolf and the man rolled over the campsite. Eventually, Mr. Langevin's screams alarmed his fellow campers in nearby tents, and they scared the animal off. Seriously injured, he was transferred to Victoria for treatment. Later two wolves were destroyed. [558][559][560]
John Stenglein 6 April 26, 2000 Predatory logging camp at Icy Bay, Alaska The nearly 7-year-old John Stenglein and 9-year-old Keith Gamble were playing at the edge of the woods, when a wolf appeared and attacked John. The wolf didn't growl; it just looked at him, John said later. Keith's mother, Teresa Thompson credits their family's dog with saving the boys. John thinks the dog rushed in to save him too. But the wolf fought off the Labrador retriever and went back after the boys. While the dog and the wolf were fighting, John said, he ran in mud boots about as far as the hospital room door - maybe 20 feet - before the wolf caught him and started biting. John received 19 laceration and puncture wounds on the back, legs, and buttocks, before an adult arrived, fought the wolf off and shot it. First he was treated at a Yakutat health clinic and went home to Icy Bay the day after the attack. But two days later, John got really sick, his mother Diane Stenglein said, "He had a fever and said his feet felt like needles". In the Yakutat clinic John's stitches were removed and he was put on antibiotics. Doctors cut away the infected area in the small of his back so it would heal cleanly, the boy's back and legs were covered in bandages.

The wolf was found to have been neither sick nor starving, but in "excellent condition" with good teeth and healthy deposits of fat around its organs. Although a rumor has circulated around both camps that someone had fed the wolf before the attack, a necropsy of the wolf's carcass found no sign of human food in its stomach



Victim(s) Age Gender Date Type of attack Location Details Source(s)
Anand Kumar 4 1996 Predatory Banbirpur, India The wolf attacked Kumar while he, his two siblings and his mother were using the open ground for their toilet. When a police search party found the boy three days later, half a mile away, all that remained of the body was the head. [567]
 Zachariah Delventhal 11 August, 1996 Predatory Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada From the Congressional Record [Pages H7152-H7177]:-- "In August, 1996, the Delventhal family of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, were spending a nine-day family vacation in Algonquin and joined a group of Scouts in howling'' at the wolves. They were answered by the howl of a solitary wolf. That night the Delventhals decided to sleep out under the stars. Young Zachariah was dreaming when he suddenly felt excruciating pain in his face. A lone wolf had bit him in the face and was dragging him from his sleeping bag. Zach screamed and Tracy, Zach's mother, raced to his side and picked him up, saturating her thermal shirt with blood from Zach's wounds. The wolf stood menacingly less than a yard away. Tracy yelled at her husband, Thom, who leapt from his sleeping bag and charged the wolf. The wolf retreated and then charged at Tracy and Zach. The charges were repeated. Finally the wolf left. Thom turned a flashlight on 11-year-old Zach and saw, that the boy's face had been ripped open. His nose was crushed. Parts of his mouth and right cheek were torn and dangling. Blood gushed from puncture wounds below his eyes, and the lower part of his right ear was missing. Zach was taken to a hospital in Toronto where a plastic surgeon performed four hours of reconstructive surgery. Zach received more than 80 stitches in his face. Canadian officials baited the Delventhals' campsite and captured and destroyed a 60-lb wild male wolf. No further  attacks have occurred since. (Cook, Kathy; Night of the Wolf'' READER'S DIGEST, July 1997, pp. 114-119.)"-- [568][569][570]
Patricia Wyman 24 April 18, 1996 Predatory Haliburton, Ontario, Canada Wyman was fatally mauled on her third day of work as a caretaker of the timber wolves at the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve. Six officers eventually entered the enclosure to take the corpse away. The wolves were killed the next day and tested negative for rabies. The wolves were raised in captivity all of their lives, but never socialized with people. [571]
60 children March, 1996 Uttar Pradesh, India [572]
Michael Amosov 60 February 21, 1996 Predatory Hamlet of Bolonitza, Zadrach, Belarus Amosov disappeared while walking to Bolonitza from Zadrach through a forest. A search party followed his tracks and found an area of churned, bloodied snow surrounded by multiple wolf tracks. [573]
55 December 1995 Predatory Hvoschono, Belarus The victim was a woodcutter who disappeared while working in a nearby forest. Two days later, a search party found his remains surrounded by wolf tracks. [573]
9 December 1995 Predatory Usviatyda, Belarus Disappeared while walking home from school. Her father searched for her and found her head surrounded by bloodied snow covered in wolf tracks. [573]
Adult October 1995 Rabid Village south of Voronezh, Russia Fatally bitten on the throat while working in a cornfield. The same wolf then bit a mushroom picker, a man working on a beetroot plantation, and a third man, all of which survived. It was subsequently killed by workers armed with pitchforks. The wolf was examined at the Pavlovsk Hospital, and found to be rabid. [574]
60 children April 1993 – April 1995 Hazaribagh, India Five wolf packs were thought to be responsible for the attacks. [575]
1995 Predatory Karelia, Russia The fatal attack prompted the organisation of a major hunt, with a prize of $2000 for the hunter who killed the most wolves. [574]
Adult 1993 Predatory 40 km from Tasmurinsky State Hunting Area, north of Almaty, Kazakhstan Killed and partially eaten. [574]
Alyshia Berczyk 3 June 3, 1989 Captive Forest Lake, Minnesota, United States By her family's wolf in the backyard of her father's home. She died of liver damage incurred when the wolf slammed her into the ground. [576]
17 children Late 1985 – January 1986 Predatory Ashta, India. The pack responsible for the attacks consisted of two adult males, an adult female, a subadult female and two pups. With the exception of the pups, which were adopted by Pardhi tribesmen, all wolves were killed by hunters and forest officials. [577]
Adult June, 1982 Possibly rabid Dubrova, Belarus Discovered in the vicinity of Dubrova village, with bite marks on the face, arms and legs. The same wolf had previously attacked people, cows, goats and a dog in the villages of Berzhelat, Zagornika, and Sventoyansk. It was killed by two hunters after it attempted to charge at them. [574]
Vera Khrapovitskaya/Seruk Maria 23/58 ♀/♀ November 10, 1980 Rabid Piskuni, Postavsky district, Russia The attack occurred at 16:00 PM. Vera was mauled to death defending her geese, while Seruk was killed attempting to save her. The wolf further injured a man attempting to intervene, and was subsequently killed by a crowd of people. [578]
Elderly 1980 Rabid Estonia 1982.a. ründas marutõbine hunt Mahtra külas üksikus metsatalus elavat vanainimest Anna Pärtelit, viimane suri. Hunt läks sealt edasi naabertallu, kus ta majaperemehe poolt maha löödi.

Sellest oli juttu ka tolleaegses Rapla rajooni ajalehes "Ühistöö". See oli 1950.a., Põlvamaal, Prangli 4-kl. Algkooli naabruses elavat elanikku ründas marutõbine hunt. Olin 6-aastane, koos venna (3) ja vanatädiga peedipõllul. Meist möödus hunt, välimuselt vibalik, peenike, pea longus. Tädi, kes oli eluaegne karjus, pidevalt lambaid kaitsnud huntide eest, hakkas karjuma: hunt, hunt ja meie ka. Õnneks hunt ei pannud meid tähele. Hunt sörkis Prangli kooli poole ja mõne aja pärast kostis inimeste kisa. Kooli direktor nägi hunti tulemas naabite juurde ja hüüdis naabrimeele, et hunt on sinu aia taga. Mees, kes oli Siberis paljude huntidega võidelnud, otsustas hundile vastu hakata. Ta hüppas üle aia, õnnetuseks seljaga hundi poole, rünnak tuli ootamatult, mees võttis küll hundi pea haardesse, kuid hunt ulatas kõri kallale. Mehe vapper naine surus rusika hundi kurku ja nii päästis mehe elu. Hunt lasti maha. Kannatanud viibisid haiglaravil. Läbi metsatuka viis minu koolitee ( 600m), mis oli talvel hundikarja poolt sisse sõtkutud. Hommikuti liikus väike rongkäik kooli poole: eespool väikene koer, jumalalaulev vanaema laternaga, mina, viimasena suurem koer. ||[579]

Adult August 1979 Rabid Sinezerka, Bryansk Oblast, Russia Bitten on the cheek and buttocks. The wolf involved was a rabid female, which had also attacked four adults and an eight-year-old boy. [580]
7 13 August 1977 Predatory Delmenhorst, Germany The wolf had escaped from a transport to an animal parc and was on the run for four days. [581]
Javier Iglesias Balbin 3 July 10, 1974 Predatory Rante, Spain Probably the same wolf as below. It grabbed Balbin, who was sitting beside an elderly woman, and carried him off. His body was found 250m away in a patch of woodland. The wolf was identified as a lactating female. The wolf involved died from eating poisoned bait four days later. The attacks had occurred in a 6 km area surrounding a den with two pups. Although the animal tested negative for rabies, it had a severe parasite infestation. [582]
Jose Tomas Martinez Perez 11 months July 4, 1974 Predatory Rante, Spain The wolf grabbed Perez, who was lying close to some adults and older children on a field, and carried him through some scrub before letting the dying baby go after being chased by the adults. [582]
77 May 23, 1974 Rabid Arkadak, Saratov, Russia Died directly of severe injuries to the head and extremities. The wolf involved attacked nine other people, who all survived after post rabies exposure treatment. [583]
Three people February 3, 1973 Rabid Aurangabad district, Bihar, India The wolf attacked 12 people and six animals, before being killed by villagers after biting a pregnant woman. All the victims who died had received head wounds.[584]
18 people Adults Autumn, 1971 Rabid Hindu Kush, Afghanistan All 18 victims were attacked while guarding crops. [585]
Adult 1961 Rabid Slovakia [586]
Manuel Sar Pazos 4 June 21, 1959 Predatory Tines village, Castrelo, Spain Pazos was playing with a friend when a wolf attacked him and bit him on the back before chasing the second child. Adults managed to chase the wolf away. Two wolves were subsequently killed in the area in August that year, putting a stop to the attacks.


Luis Vasquez Perez 5 June 25, 1957 Predatory Vilare village, Castrelo, Spain Perez was walking along a road with a friend when a wolf, later identified as a lactating female, attacked and killed him. The wolf chased the other boy and approached a 15-year-old girl before being chased off by adults. Perz's body was discovered an hour later hidden in a bush, with bite marks on the head, chest and legs.


Adult 1956 Predatory Italy Postman killed and eaten by wolves about two hours drive from Rome. [587]
Lidia Tupitsyna 6 April 12, 1952 Predatory Orichevsky District, Kirov Oblast, Russia Dragged off by a wolf while picking berries. [588]
Four people Children 1951–1953 Predatory Oritji, Kirov Oblast, Russia [583]
10 April 29, 1951 Predatory Tarasovok, Orichevsky District, Kirov Oblast, Russia Killed by a wolf while bathing with a friend in a small creek. [589]
3-6 ♀/♀/♂ July/August 1950 Predatory Lebyazhsky District, Kirov Oblast, Russia [589]
Three children Reported in 1950 Predatory Poltava Oblast, Ukraine Killed by multiple wolves. [590]
Svetlana Tueva 8 November 17, 1948 Predatory Zykov, Nolinsky District, Kirov Oblast, Russia The victim was walking home from school with friends, and was attacked by five wolves, which dragged her about a kilometre into a forest. Only her overcoat was recovered. [589]
Nine children 7-12 July–August 1948 Predatory Darovskoy District, Kirov Oblast, Russia [589]
Adult/Adolescent ♀/? December 1947 Predatory Kirov Oblast, Russia The victims were killed by a large male wolf near the Kirov railway's Suna station. The wolf had previously bitten and scratched 13 people over the course of a month. When finally killed, it was found to be 138 cm in body length, and was very emaciated. A bundle of woman's hair was found in its stomach. The wolf was thought to have become a man-eater due to being unable to catch ungulates, and was likely used to scavenging human corpses during the war. [590]
Veniamina Fokina 13 1947 Predatory Rusanov, Khalturinsky District, Kirov Oblast, Russia [589]
Anna Mikheeva 16 1947 Predatory Rusanov, Khalturinsky District, Kirov Oblast, Russia Wolves attacked the victim and her mother near Chernyabevij village. After killing her, the wolves dragged her into a forest. Following her blood trail, villagers first discovered her blood-stained dress, then her body, which was found to be partially eaten, and with a broken neck. [589]
14 people Children Summer, 1946 Predatory Kolchinsky, Malinsky and Savinsky localities, Kaluga Oblast, Russia [591]
Child July 14, 1946 Predatory Red Warrior settlement, Kaluga Oblast, Russia [591]
Pimma Molchanova 5 May 8, 1945 Predatory Shilyavo, Nemsky District, Kirov Oblast, Russia The victim was attacked while washing galoshes by a stream with a seven-year-old friend. Villagers followed her blood trail and found her body 500 metres away with injuries to the throat and the thigh muscles partially eaten. [589]
Maria Berdnikova 17 April 29, 1945 Predatory Golodaevshchina, Kirov Oblast, Russia The victim was grabbed by the throat while working with her sister 50 metres from their cattle yard. Despite intervention from villagers, the wolf dragged her toward a forest, letting go about 200 yards into the forest. The same wolf killed a lamb the next day, and was thought to have lost its fear of humans because of a lack of hunters in the village since 1944. [592]
10 people Mainly children 1945–1947 Predatory Vladimir, Kirov Oblast, Russia See Kirov wolf attacks. [583]
11 children children 1945 Predatory Portugal Eaten by wolves [587]
Valya Starikova 13 September 21, 1944 Predatory Golodaevshchina, Kirov Oblast, Russia The victim was carried into a forest. Only pieces of her shoes were recovered. [592]
Two people Adult/7 ♀/♀ Summer, 1944 Predatory Dubniaki, Mari El, Russia The woman and her granddaughter were killed by wolves while picking berries in the Mari-Solinsky forest. The bodies were covered with dark bruises, and one of the victim's throat was torn out. [591]
22 people 3-17 1944–1950 Predatory Kirov, Kirov Oblast, Russia See Kirov wolf attacks. [583]
Inuit Boy Child 1943 Rabid near the Wainwright area in Alaska Died of rabies from a timber wolf bite. [593]
Inuit Hunter Adult 1942 Rabid near the Noorvik area in Alaska Died of rabies from a timber wolf bite.


3 1940s Predatory Near Bytosh railway station, Kaluga Oblast, Russia Killed while picking flowers. [595]
Five people Children July–August, 1937 Predatory Tymoszewicze and Hryniewicze villages, Belarus The attacks were perpetrated by two wolves, which acted during daylight hours near human habitations. [596]
6 Winter 1932 Predatory Puumalan, Uikkaala, Finland 6-year-old girl was visiting next door, and did not return home. The search for the road vieren thicket found in meat and bone waste, and bloody rags. Source
Ten people 1924 Rabid Kirov, Kirov Oblast, Russia Killed by two rabid wolves, which bit another ten people who survived. [597]
Three people Adult December 23, 1922 Sturgeon River, Manitoba, Canada A trapper was killed by timber wolves two-miles from a settlement and found by two First Nations men. A bounty was placed on the wolves and the two aboriginal men decided to go after the wolves. The two did not return and a search and rescue party was formed. Their corpses were found two-miles further out from the first occurrence. Surrounding the two men were the carcasses of sixteen timber wolves showing the extent of the battle, but the rest of the pack had overwhelmed and killed them. [598]
Ben Cochrane Adult male April 1922 Predatory Fisher River near Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada Cochrane was employed in trapping animals when a large pack of timber wolves attacked him. When searchers arrived at the horrific scene they found the bones of Cochrane's remains, a rifle with a broken buttstock, and the bones of eleven huge timber wolves. Seven of the wolves had been shot and four had been clubbed to death by Cochrane's rifle buttstock. [599]
Adult February 10, 1918 Predatory Châlus, France Killed and eaten near victim's house. [600]
8 January 27, 1914 Predatory Les Cars, France Throat torn out by wolves near the border of Les Cars forest. [600]
Lavabre 1912 Predatory Alrance, France Killed and partially eaten by wolves near Nazareth in the forest of Lagast. [600]
Adult 1900 Predatory France Eaten in her own classroom. [587]


Victim(s) Age Gender Date Type of attack Location Details Source(s)
25 people 1897–1914 Rabid Seven different counties, Poland [596]
205 people 1896–1897 Predatory Kirov Oblast, Russia [601]
10 people 1896–1897 Predatory Vologda Oblast, Russia [601]
18 people 1896–1897 Predatory Kostroma Oblast, Russia [601]
One person 1896–1897 Predatory Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia [601]
Nine people 1896–1897 Predatory Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia [601]
8 1880 Predatory Uusikirkko, Karelia (then part of Finland) [602]
Child 1880 Predatory France Throat torn out by a wolf in a barn. [600]
22-35 people Children 1879–1882 Predatory Åbo, Finland The attacks were committed by a mated pair of wolves. As the attacks progressed, hunters from Russia, Lithuania and the Finnish army contributed to the effort in stopping them. The attacks ended after a female wolf was shot in January 1882, and a male 12 days later. [602]
Nine people Children 1877 Tammerfors, Finland [596]
160 people 1875 Russia [603]
21 people 1875 Kurland, Latvia [604]
L. Laurens 62 1 March 1873 Predatory Meyrueis, France "Eaten by a wolf". [600]
0 1863 Predatory Saint-Amant-de-Bonnieure, France The newborn's body was found in a forest, with the upper body eaten by wolves. [600]
12 1859 Predatory Eurajoki, Finland [602]
Marie Bourret Adult August 25, 1857 Predatory Châteauneuf-de-Randon, France Killed and eaten by wolves, along with her daughter (see below). [600]
Bourret 10 August 25, 1857 Predatory Châteauneuf-de-Randon, France Died along with her mother from a lacerated leg. [600]
Child 1850 Predatory Luz-la-Croix-Haute, France Killed and eaten by a wolf while searching for rope in a granary. [600]
376 people 266 adults/110 children 1849–1851 Russia [603]
Ten people children Autumn, 1847 Predatory 20 km from Shuya, Russia The wolf involved was a female, which had previously killed four other children the previous June (see below). [601]
Four children 4/8/6/9 ♂/♀/♀/♀ June, 1847 Predatory 20 km from Shuya, Russia The wolf's first victim was a four-year-old boy. It then "tore to pieces" an eight-year-old girl, who was picking berries with two friends. A few days later, it killed a six-year-old girl in front of her mother. It later carried off a nine-year-old girl in the presence of several workers tending to fields. [601]
21 people One adult and 20 children 1839–1850 Kimito, modern Russian Karelia [604]
3 people Children 1836 Kimito, Finland [604]
Nine people One adult woman and eight children January 1831 – summer 1832 Predatory Kaukola, Kareila, Finland [604]
7 July 9, 1824 Predatory Saint-Mary, France "Eaten by a female wolf." [600]
6 May 31, 1824 Mszaniec village, Bieszczady Mountains, Poland [596]
14 months May 19, 1824 Predatory Les Pins, France "Eaten by a wolf." [600]
Ertmann, Joseph Fuge adult/46 female/male March 15, 1823 Rabid Mönsdorf village, near town of Rössel, East Prussia (today Mnichowo, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Poland) Around 5.30 AM the wolf first crossed the yard of farmer Joseph Fuge (* July 15, 1776, in Mönsdorf), then attacked and injured in the immediate neighbourhood both an adult women (Katramski) at her little house and a pig, thereafter in the vicinity another adult women (Ertmann) as well as a cattle and farmer Lingnau, who had tried to help. When Fuge armed with an axe arrived in order to fight the wolf, he himself was attacked and injured. Other farmers arrived and killed the wolf fighting with Fuge and held by him to the ground. Immediately after the attacks the four victims were treated by medical doctors in the nearby town of Rössel. On April 15, Ertmann, who had been injured most seriously, showed symptoms of hydrophobia and died. On April 30, Fuge showed symptoms of hydrophobia too; he died on May 3 at 1 AM at his home. [605]
Pierre Clausse 3 September 7, 1821 Predatory Théding, France Dragged off and eaten by a wolf in the canton of Almeth. Only a portion of his leg, a shoulder, two ribs, and his intestine were recovered. [600]
Dubois 6 June 26, 1821 Predatory Saint-Estèphe, France Killed at 8:00 am while tending to pigs with three older boys. Despite fierce resistance, the victim was dragged off and killed in a wheat field. [600]
12 people 3.5-19 December 30, 1820 – March 27, 1821 Predatory Gysinge, Gästrikland, Sweden The wolf in question had also attacked 15 other people, who survived. It is thought that the wolf had previously been kept in captivity for 3–4 years before escaping. With the exception of a 19-year-old woman, all fatal attacks were directed against children between the ages of 3.5-15. The wolf was subsequently shot. [602]
50 people 1820 Estonia [606]
4 July 11, 1819 Predatory La Ferté, Jura, France "Caught and eaten by a wolf." [600]
19 people 1819 Węgrów, Poland [596]
Jean Baron 3 January 16, 1818 Predatory Billy-sur-Oisy, France Dragged off by a wolf from a nearby wood while walking with a friend, 200m from the village of Chamoy. His head was discovered days later in a bush. [600]
François Talaron February 23, 1818 Predatory St. Martial, France Body found eaten by wolves in the mountains of Accens. [600]
4 June 30, 1817 Predatory Near Clamecy, France Killed along with an older boy (see below) while tending livestock. [607]
6 June 30, 1817 Predatory Near Clamecy, France Killed along with a younger girl while tending livestock. [607]
Child 1817 Predatory Charentenay, France Killed by a wolf, initially misidentified as a hyena. [607]
Jean-Baptiste Vigne 7 August 15, 1817 Predatory Sainte-Cécile-d'Andorge, France Dragged off from outside his house and consumed. Only his lower intestine and parts of his clothing were recovered. [607]
Jean Castanet 9 August 11, 1817 Predatory Lamelouze, France "Devoured". [607]
Anne Vaudry 6 August 11, 1817 Predatory Rahon, France Killed and eaten by a wolf described as being the size of a calf. [607]
8 July 29, 1817 Predatory Montpont-en-Bresse, France Killed and eaten by a wolf, despite vigorous defence from victim's father. The female wolf involved was identified as belonging to a non-local race, probably from the alps. The fact that it was about to whelp could have been an explanation for its behaviour. [607]
Alexis-Félix Chat 10 September 11, 1816 Predatory Gravières, France "Devoured" by multiple wolves. [607]
Jean-Louis Barre 7 October 10, 1816 Predatory Chamborigaud, France [607]
Étienne Notet 13 October 17, 1816 Predatory Surgy, France Ambushed and killed by a wolf while tending his flock with his older brother at 4:00 AM. [607]
Pierre Noireau 19 September 21, 1816 Predatory Asnières-sous-Bois, France Attacked and strangled by a wolf lying in ambush in a haystack at 2:00 AM. The wolf dragged him for 10-12 yards before the attack was interrupted. The victim subsequently died of his wounds in Dornecy. [607]
Child May 10, 1816 Predatory Brèves, France Third victim of a man-eating wolf, which claimed its victims between the Nièvre and the Yonne. A three-year-old female wolf was subsequently killed on July 16, and was found to have human hair in its digestive tract. [607]
9/10 ♀/♀ May 10, 1816 Predatory Brèves, France Two girls killed by a female wolf (see above). [607]
10/10 ♂/♂ October 22, 1815 Predatory Fontenay-sous-Fouronnes, France Two boys killed by a wolf. [607]
Françoise Courtet 10 October 11, 1815 Predatory Festigny, France Killed in the presence of an eight-year-old girl, with whom she was picking acorns. The girl stated that the victim was killed by a greyish-white animal, with big ears and a large tail. [607]
Rose Rainard 6 August 8, 1815 Predatory Courry, France Dragged off by a wolf. Only her head, entrails, and three ribs were recovered. [607]
Cécile Trial 12 June 20, 1815 Predatory Les Vans, France Throat torn out. [607]
Rose Coste 7 May 9, 1815 Predatory Malbosc, France Killed and eaten by a wolf at 6:00 AM, in front of her house. [607]
December 6, 1814 Predatory Chaingy, France Two victims of the beast of Orléans, which injured eight others. [607]
Marie-Anne Cribier 14 December 5, 1814 Predatory Huisseau-sur-Mauves, France [607]
Marie Domergue 30 November 20, 1814 Predatory Saint-André-Capcèze, France Attacked and killed by a wolf, which consumed her breasts and entrails. [607]
Anne Robert veuve Comte 38 October 14, 1814 Predatory Aujac, France "Devoured by a wolf". [608]
Frédéric Comte 4 October 28, 1814 Predatory Les Vans, France [608]
Child September 3, 1814 Predatory Blannay, France Attacked by a wolf, and died shortly after. [608]
Child September 3, 1814 Predatory Sermizelles, France [608]
Child September 1, 1814 Predatory Malbosc, France [608]
Child September 1, 1814 Predatory Aujac, France [608]
Rose Figeire 4 September 1, 1814 Predatory Ponteils-et-Brésis, France Dragged off by a wolf in front of her house. Only her head and some bones were recovered. [608]
François 6 August 28, 1814 Predatory Malons-et-Elze, France "Devoured by a wolf". [608]
Adult July 14, 1814 Predatory Saint-Cyr-les-Colons, France Killed and eaten by a "furious" wolf. [608]
8 June 31, 1814 Predatory Saint-Moré, France Killed and eaten by a wolf, which had injured two other children on the same day. [608]
8 May 26, 1814 Predatory Voutenay-sur-Cure, France Dragged off and consumed by a wolf. The same animal had knocked over and bitten a 16-year-old girl on the same day. [608]
Rose Henriette Dumas 7 October 22, 1813 Predatory Saint-André-de-Cruzières, France Killed and partially eaten in a wood. [608]
Joseph Gadilhe 14 September 8, 1813 Predatory Banne, France Killed and eaten by a "wolf-like" animal. [608]
Marie Rose André 7 August 22, 1813 Predatory Concoules, France Killed and partially eaten. Her body was discovered with the head and an arm missing. [608]
Child June 29, 1813 Predatory Morey, France [608]
Adult June 29, 1813 Predatory Percey-le-Grand, France Eaten by wolves. Only her feet were discovered. [608]
Charbonnet 12 June 28, 1813 Predatory Cult, Haute-Saône, France Killed and eaten by a wolf while guarding her flock with her mother. [608]
Cardot 10 June 25, 1813 Predatory Chancey, France Killed and eaten while gathering herbs near her village between 7:00-8:00 AM. [608]
Jean-Baptiste Nicolas 7 May 30, 1813 Predatory Sénéchas, France Died from multiple wolf bites. [608]
Catherine Figeire 11 February 6, 1813 Predatory Ponteils, France "Devoured". [608]
Marie-Rose Hours 9 January 22, 1812 Predatory Malbosc, France Died from multiple wolf bites. [608]
Augustin Coulomb 8 January 8, 1813 Predatory Sainte-Marguerite-Lafigère, France Eaten by a wolf. Only the victim's head was recovered. [608]
Joseph Pialet 3 December 30, 1812 Predatory Malbosc, France Dragged off by a wolf in front of his father's house, and was recovered with his throat torn out. [608]
Marie Dairès 9 November 21, 1812 Predatory Malons-et-Elze, France Killed by three wolves while protecting her flock. [608]
Pierre-Victor Albaric 4 November 19, 1812 Predatory Vialas, France Killed and eaten by a wolf, leaving only the victim's head and a few bones. [608]
Joseph Auziol 13 October 29, 1812 Predatory Malbosc, France Killed and eaten by a wolf near his house. [608]
Marie Chat 3 October 28, 1812 Predatory Gravières, France Killed and eaten by a wolf near Albourniès, close to her home. [608]
Jean Placide Hours 6 October 26, 1812 Predatory Malbosc, France "Devoured." [608]
Cyprien Marcias 10 October 21, 1812 Predatory Concoules, France Killed by an "enormous" wolf. [609]
François Marcy 7 September 8, 1812 Predatory Les Vans, France Killed and eaten near his home. His head, arms, legs and buttocks were found buried in a pit. [609]
Child August 14, 1812 Predatory Near Mailley, France Throat torn out by wolves while walking home. [609]
13 January, 1812 Predatory Crozon, France [609]
Louis Herpeux 14 October 11, 1811 Predatory Québriac, France Dragged into a forest by a large wolf. [609]
Isaac 5 September 22, 1811 Predatory Concoules, France Killed by a wolf, which left only the victim's head, heart and liver. [609]
Jaques-François Claudinot 10 September 15, 1811 Predatory Aujac, France [609]
Pierre André 5 August 25, 1811 Predatory Concoules, France Killed by a wolf, which left only the victim's head, heart and liver. [609]
Child July 3, 1811 Predatory Vezet, France [609]
Child July 3, 1811 Predatory Arbecey, France [609]
Three people Children April 14, 1811 Predatory Near Ponteils, France [609]
Jean-Baptiste Blanc 6 March 24, 1811 Predatory Saint-André-Capèze, France Killed by wolves while defending his flock. [609]
9 February 15, 1811 Predatory Clairefontaine, France Attacked by a wolf near the outskirts of a wood. The wolf severely mutilated her, and she survived after only half an hour of being rescued by her parents. [609]
Victoire Polge 7 October 6, 1809 Predatory Génolhac, France Only the victims rags, some bones and head were recovered. [609]
Jean Almeras 5 October 2, 1809 Predatory Ponteils, France Killed and eaten by a wolf while guarding his flock. Only some bones remained. [609]
Adélaïde Simon 9 June 10, 1809 Predatory Sénoncourt, France Killed by a wolf while guarding her flock. [609]
10 June 3, 1809 Predatory Amance, France Killed and partially eaten by a wolf while tending livestock with two friends. [610]
Antoine Fleurot 19 March 28, 1809 Predatory Saint-Léger-Vauban, France Killed and partially eaten. [610]
Child 1807 Predatory Cugnet, France Killed and partially eaten. [610]
Two children ?/11 July, 1807 Predatory Near Beauvais, France [610]
4 June 24, 1807 Predatory Yssingeaux, France Taken in front of his mother, dragged 50 feet away and eaten. [610]
Vitaux 8 June 13, 1807 Predatory Sacy, France Almost completely eaten by starving wolves. [610]
Child June, 1807 Predatory Near Beauvais, France The victim was killed by a wolf, which seriously injured another child. [610]
4 July, 1806 Predatory Saint-Géry, France Partially eaten in front of her parents' house. [610]
Berthe 12 July 1, 1801 Predatory La Chapelle-Saint-André, France Eaten by a wolf that injured several other children. [610]
Midrouillet 14 June 30, 1801 Predatory Colméry, France [610]
Gayeux 14 June 17, 1801 Predatory La Chapelle-Saint-André, France Eaten by a wolf while tending his flock. [610]
Coignet 12 June 15, 1801 Predatory Menou, France Eaten by a wolf while tending her flock. [610]
Jean Aimard 10 June 13, 1801 Predatory Oudan, France Eaten by a wolf while tending his flock. [610]
Jean Paisan 5 June 12, 1801 Predatory Varzy, France Eaten by a wolf while tending his flock. [611]
Madeleine Champy 10 May 25, 1801 Predatory Varzy, France Killed and eaten by a wolf termed "greyhound" or "morning wolf". [611]
c. 6-8 December 28, 1800 Predatory Sørum, Akershus, Norway [602]


Victim(s) Age Gender Date Type of attack Location Details Source(s)
Julien Child July 7, 1799 Predatory Veyreau, France [611]
Graille Child July 7, 1799 Predatory Veyreau, France [611]
Pierre-Jean Mauri 6 June 23, 1799 Predatory Veyreau, France [611]
François Nante 10 November 4, 1797 Predatory La Tranclière, France Eaten by wolves. [611]
5 August 18, 1797 Predatory Viliers-sur-Loir, France Eaten by wolves, which infested the outskirts of Montoire. The attack prompted a large-scale hunt for the animals. [611]
Jean Delpuech 7 September 10, 1796 Predatory Pleaux, France Throat torn out by a wolf near the "Dix-Maisons" section at 10:00 AM. [611]
8-10 people Children May 4, 1796 Predatory Donzy, France [611]
Marie Angélique 4 May 17, 1795 Predatory Morteau, France Victim's hair was found in a wolf's stomach. [611]
Maupin 9 November 11, 1793 Predatory Perrancey, France Throat torn out and eaten by an animal, confirmed to be a wolf by eyewitnesses. [611]
Aubin Charles 12 October 7, 1793 Sacquenay, France Died from blood-loss from a wolf bite. [611]
Nicolas Roth 6 September 1, 1793 Predatory Selongey, France Eaten near the Saint-Anne chapel. [611]
Anne Claude Berthiaux Child June 20, 1793 Predatory Thervay, France Killed by a wolf on the way to Bussière. [611]
Maria Antonia Rimoldi Child August 22, 1792 Predatory Mazzo, Northern Italy. Attacked while sitting under the shade of a walnut tree. The attack was seen by numerous witnesses, who drove the wolf off. Rimoldi died the following day from her injuries. The wolf responsible was likely the same one in the nine cases described below. It was ultimately caught in a pit on September 18, and killed outside Porta Vercellina in Milan. [612]
Giuseppa Re 13 August 21, 1792 Predatory Bareggio, Northern Italy. Attacked while gathering wood in the Chiappa Grande woods. Her partially eaten body was later found 600 yards from the attack site. [612]
Anna Maria Borghi 13 August 16, 1792 Predatory Groana di Barlassina, Northern Italy. Attacked along with a friend while tending her flock. The wolf fatally grabbed her by the throat, but was driven off by a nearby peasant. [612]
Regina Mosca 12 August 11, 1792 Predatory San Siro, Northern Italy. Killed while picking herbs with other children. The wolf was driven off by people alerted to the children's screams. The same wolf later attacked a young boy in Boldinasco, but was driven off by an adult. [612]
Giovanna Sada 10 August 4, 1792 Predatory Arluno, Northern Italy. Attacked while tending her flock with other children. The wolf grabbed her by the chest, dragged her a short distance then ate her throat. [612]
Domenico Cattaneo 13 August 3, 1792 Predatory Assiano, Northern Italy. Dragged off by a wolf while tending his flock with other children. His remains were found days later in the Cazzarate woods. [612]
Antonia Maria Beretta 8 August 1, 1792 Predatory Senago, Northern Italy. Attacked while tending her flock. Despite being rescued, she died shortly after from deep wounds to the throat. [612]
Giuseppa Saracchi 6 July 10, 1792 Predatory Boundary between Cascina Piobba and Corbetta, Northern Italy. Attacked while walking with her sister. Her body was discovered half a mile away from the attack site. [612]
Carlo Oca 8 July 8, 1792 Predatory Limbiate, Northern Italy. Grabbed by the throat by a wolf while tending his flock with other children. He was dragged into a nearby wood, and was discovered later partially eaten. [612]
Giuseppe Antonio Gaudenzio 10 July 4, 1792 Predatory Cusago, Northern Italy. The victim, a cowherd, returned home without the cow he had been instructed to guard. His father sent him back to retrieve it, and he did not return home. His remains and bloodied clothes were discovered a few days later. [612]
Anne Court 25 June 19, 1788 Predatory Les Adrets-de-l'Estérel, France [611]
François 8 June 26, 1788 Predatory Plan de la Tour, France Killed and eaten during the night near the bastide of Guigonet. [611]
Dominique Pierruguès 11 June 6, 1788 Predatory Callas, France [611]
14 April 1, 1788 Predatory Brie, France Pulled down and eaten by a "monstrous" wolf. [613]
10 1788 Predatory Castelnau-de-Brassac, France Attacked in full daylight by wolves, and died subsequently from sustained injuries. [613]
Child August 29, 1787 Rabid Saint-Marcel, France Torn apart by a rabid wolf. [613]
Adult September 25, 1786 Predatory Rabouillet, France Attacked near his cabin by five large wolves. [613]
Two men Adult ♂/♂ 1785 Predatory Mirebeau, France Killed by wolves previously unknown to the area. [613]
Geneviève Gauthier 62 August 29, 1785 Predatory Baule, France Throat torn out by a wolf which had been terrorising the area for 5–6 months. [613]
Louise Angélique Sainson 18 June 22, 1785 Predatory Meung-sur-Loire, France [613]
Madaleine Fournier 40 March 11, 1784 Predatory Houssay, France Attacked on February 28 by a starving female wolf, which partially ate her head. [613]
Jeanne Crosnier 60 February 28, 1784 Predatory Houssay, France [613]
37 June 11, 1784 Predatory Vouzy, France Strangled and eaten. [613]
10 April 15, 1783 Predatory Montsauche, France Dragged off by a wolf into a nearby forest while guarding his flock with two other boys. His body was found with tooth marks on the throat. [613]
Benoîte Branchu 13 October 13, 1777 Predatory Cormaranche-en-Bugey, France [613]
Philibert Martinaud 3 October 9, 1777 Predatory Ruffieu, France [613]
3 September 16, 1777 Predatory Dramely, France Dragged off by a wolf, despite the efforts of the victim's parents to intervene. The body was discovered 200 feet away from the village, with the head, thorax and arms missing. [613]
Françoise Combet 4 August 6, 1777 Predatory Hautville-Lompnes, France [613]
Jean-Baptiste Flamier 7 July 23, 1777 Predatory Arinthod, France Seized by a wolf and dragged into a wheat field. His body was found with the belly and chest torn open, with cuts to the head. [613]
Benoît Janin-Tivolet 9 June 13, 1777 Predatory Hauteville-Lompnes, France Fatally bitten on the throat. [613]
Marie-Claudine Marillier 4 April 2, 1777 Predatory Charchilla, France [613]
Marchon Child February, 1776 Predatory Valfin-sur-Valouse, France Partially eaten by a wolf. [614]
Claude Joseph Comte 5 November 11, 1776 Predatory Vescles, France [614]
Joseph Charpillon 7 September 4, 1776 Predatory Vescles, France [614]
Claude-Marie Perrot 8 August 22, 1776 Predatory Légna, France [614]
Jeanne-Louise Robert 7 June 17, 1776 Predatory Le Balme-de-Siligny, France Died from multiple wolf bites [614]
13 May 11, 1776 Predatory Onoz, France Killed and eaten by wolves. [614]
17 people Children 1773 Predatory Arinthod, France [614]
Isabelle Le Deuff 9 August 13, 1773 Predatory Melgven, France Killed and eaten by an animal thought to have been a starving female wolf. [614]
8 August, 1773 Predatory Rosporden, France Carried off by a wolf. Her bones were discovered alongside the skull of an older person. [614]
Jean-Baptiste Leroy 7 May 20, 1772 Predatory Saint-Ay, France The victim's remains were found by the Loire. Tracks indicated wolf involvement. [614]
Nicolas Guillaumé 4 December 4, 1772 Predatory Paucourt, France [614]
Adult October, 1771 Predatory Near Forges-les-Eaux, France Torn apart by wolves, which left his head and leg. [614]
Child September 23, 1770 Predatory Charleval, France [614]
Child September 22, 1770 Predatory Auzouville-sur-Ry, France Saved from a wolf by other children, but died from his injuries. [614]
11 September 21, 1770 Predatory Saint-Aignan-sur-Ry, France Throttled to death by a wolf nicknamed "hare wolf". [614]
Mulot 8 September 13, 1770 Predatory Charleval, France Killed by a white female wolf with pups. The attack spurred several rumors, including that the animal was a werewolf, a Jesuit or a witch. [614]
Passeleur 6 September 8, 1770 Predatory Saint-Denis-le-Thiboult, France [614]
7 September 8, 1770 Predatory Ry, France Dragged off by a wolf nicknamed "hare wolf". The victim's father followed the animal's tracks, and found his son's body with the throat, chest, stomach and ribs eaten. [614]
14 people November 21, 1765 Rabid Orio Litta, Northern Italy. The perpetrator was a female wolf from the woods of Adda. It bit 16 people, as well as several dogs and horses, before being suffocated to death by a man and his nephew. Its body was dissected by a medic in Milan, who confirmed that it had been rabid. [612]
113 people June 1764 - June 19, 1767 Predatory Gévaudan, France. A singular or pair of abnormal wolves killed 113 people. In total there were 210 attacks. 49 people were wounded. The attacks finally stopped after a man named Jean Chastel shot an oversized wolf with unusual coloration. See also Beast of Gévaudan [615][616]
Nils Nilsson 8 January, 1763 Predatory Västergötland, Sweden [602]
Antonio Selva 65 August 15, 1747 Rabid Mottalciata, Northern Italy Bitten on the head by a rabid wolf. [612]
Margherita Cracco 12 August 26, 1738 Predatory Salussola, Northern Italy. [612]
Maria Lozia 14 June 29, 1738 Predatory Salussola, Northern Italy. [612]
Maria Azeglio 12 October 10, 1737 Predatory Salussola, Northern Italy. [612]
Angela Maria Badone 12 September 4, 1737 Predatory Massazza, Northern Italy. Killed while grazing her flock. Her head and a few bones were found a day later. [612]
Caterina Messerano 11 July 5, 1737 Predatory Benna, Northern Italy. Killed while grazing her flock near a wood. [612]
Angelica Maria Francesca Baijs 8 October 13, 1736 Predatory Massazza, Northern Italy. The victim was picking legumes with other children near her house, when a wolf carried her off into a nearby wood. A man and his son managed to force the wolf to abandon the victim, though she had by then succumbed to deep wounds on her throat. [612]
Anna Caterina Barbero 12 July 11, 1732 Predatory Salussola, Northern Italy. [612]
Domenica Pozzo 13 Holy Saturday, 1732 Predatory Zimone, Northern Italy. [612]
Maria Borri Piombin 14 April 27, 1732 Predatory Benna, Northern Italy. [612]
Anna Maria Ferrero 6 April 14, 1732 Predatory Roppolo, Northern Italy. [612]
Margherita Noé 6 March 30, 1732 Predatory Salussola, Northern Italy. Torn apart by multiple wolves. [612]
Domenica Maria Rodda 4 March 27, 1732 Predatory Cavaglià, Northern Italy. Died from bite wounds to the face and belly. [612]
Borta Johansdotter 12 August 3, 1731 Predatory Dalsland, Sweden [602]
Margherita Garrone 8 1730 Predatory Cavaglià, Northern Italy. Killed and partially eaten near her home. [612]
Bartolomeo Perazzone di Zimone 9 September 18, 1729 Predatory Cavaglià, Northern Italy. Killed while tending his flock. His head and arm were all that remained. [612]
Caterina Cabrio 2 July 10, 1729 Predatory Cavaglià, Northern Italy. Partially eaten. [612]
Giuseppe Cabrio 10 July 7, 1729 Predatory Cavaglià, Northern Italy. [612]
Giovanni Battista Giaretti 12 June 25, 1729 Predatory Cavaglià, Northern Italy. Killed while tending his flock. [612]
Jon Ersson 9 January 6, 1728 Predatory Värmland County, Sweden Likely the same wolf as below. [602]
Jon Svensson 4.5 December 17, 1727 Predatory Värmland County, Sweden [602]
Two shepherds Adults April 29, 1711 Rabid Ronca, Northern Italy. Died from rabies after fighting and killing a wolf attacking their flock. The wolf itself came from the woods of Oglio al Tinazzo, and bit over 100 head of livestock throughout the fields of San Lino del Belvedere and San Giovanni a Longe. [612]
Annunciata Maria Almasio 7 September 9, 1705 Predatory Rebaù, Gorla Maggiore, Northern Italy. Body found partially eaten. [612]
Maria Campascina 65 August 28, 1705 Predatory Rebaù, Gorla Maggiore, Northern Italy. Killed while working in a field. [612]
Anna Maria 9 March, 1705 Predatory Gorla Maggiore, Northern Italy. Killed and eaten near her house. [612]
16 people 1704 Predatory Varesotto, Northern Italy. [612]

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