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List of diplomatic missions in Israel

Map of nations with diplomatic missions in Israel

Diplomatic missions in Israel are foreign embassies and consulates in Israel. There are currently 88 embassies in Israel, of which 86 embassies are located in Tel Aviv and the Gush Dan Metropolitan Area and 2 embassies are located in Jerusalem. In addition to an embassy, some countries also maintain a consulate in other cities, including Eilat, Haifa or Jerusalem. In diplomatic practice, consulates are not considered to be diplomatic missions, requiring, for example, accreditation to the president.

On 6 December 2017 the President of the United States, Donald Trump announced that the US embassy to Israel would be moved to Jerusalem.[1] The move was made on 14 May 2018.[2] On 11 April 2018, Guatemala announced that their embassy would move to Jerusalem on 16 May 2018.[3] Brazil has reflected on moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, as well, along with Honduras. [4]

As of January 2019, two countries operate embassies to Israel in Jerusalem though with a handful vowing to make the move, 12 countries operate Honorary Consulates accredited to Israel in Jerusalem, and 9 countries operate consulates in Jerusalem accredited for the West Bank and Gaza Strip which are not regarded as diplomatic missions to Israel but are located within Jerusalem municipal boundary.



Angolan Embassy in Tel Aviv
Belarusian Embassy in Tel Aviv
British Embassy in Tel Aviv
Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv
French Embassy in Tel Aviv
Moldovan Embassy in Tel Aviv
Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv
Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv
Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv and Gush Dan metropolitan areaEdit






Other Missions in JerusalemEdit

These are the list of countries that operate consulates within the Jerusalem municipal boundary but are accredited for the city of Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip only. These missions are not directly accredited to the Palestinian Authority and also not to Israel. Countries listed below already maintain separate embassies to Israel. For diplomatic missions accredited to the Palestinian Authority directly located inside the Palestinian territories of West Bank and Gaza Strip, see: List of diplomatic missions in the Palestinian territories.


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Honorary ConsulatesEdit

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