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List of current members of the Iowa House of Representatives

Iowa House districts, 2012-2022.

The Iowa House of Representatives is the lower house of the Iowa General Assembly, the legislature of the U.S. state of Iowa. One State Representative is elected from each of the state's 100 electoral districts, with each House district making up half of an Senate district. The 2017-19 term is part of the 87th General Assembly. As of January 9, 2017, 59 of the seats are held by Republicans, 40 by Democrats and 1 seat is vacant. The presiding officer is the Speaker of the House, who is chosen by the majority party and elected by the House. In addition, representatives elect a Speaker Pro Tempore, chosen in the same manner as the Speaker, and the respective party caucuses elect a majority and minority leader, a majority and minority whip, and assistant party leaders.[1]

Representatives serve for two-year terms and are elected in the general election on election day, as part of the presidential and midterm elections. Newly elected representatives are sworn in and begin work on the second Monday of January.[1] Should a representative resign from office before his or her term expires, the governor calls a special election to replace the representative.[2] Representatives are not term-limited.[3]

Representatives generally serve on several standing committees and often serve on joint appropriations subcommittees, permanent statutory committees, and various boards and commissions.


Party compositionEdit

Party composition as of January 24, 2017.
Affiliation Members
Republican 59
Democratic 41

Current leadershipEdit

House leadership as of January 9, 2017.
Position Name Party District
Speaker of the House Upmeyer, LindaLinda Upmeyer Republican 54
Speaker pro tempore Windschitl, MattMatt Windschitl Republican 17
Majority Leader Hagenow, ChrisChris Hagenow Republican 43
Minority Leader Smith, MarkMark Smith Democratic 71

Current State RepresentativesEdit

Jurisdiction(s) represented
1 Dickinson, Lyon, and Osceola Wills, JohnJohn Wills Republican 2014
2 Clay, Dickinson, and Palo Alto   Jones, MeganMegan Jones Republican 2012 Judiciary (Vice Chair) Justice System
3 Cherokee, O'Brien, Plymouth, and Sioux   Huseman, DanDan Huseman Republican 1994 N/A Transportation, Infrastructure and Capitals (Chair)
4 Sioux Wheeler, SkylerSkyler Wheeler Republican 2016
5 Plymouth and Woodbury Holz, ChuckChuck Holz Republican 2015[a] N/A
6 Woodbury Bossman, JacobJacob Bossman Republican 2018
7 Emmet, Kossuth, and Winnebago   Gassman, TeddTedd Gassman Republican 2012 N/A Administration and Regulation (Vice Chair)
8 Hancock, Kossuth, and Wright Baxter, TerryTerry Baxter Republican 2014
9 Webster   Miller, HelenHelen Miller Democratic 2002 Agriculture (Ranking Member) N/A
10 Calhoun, Humboldt, Pocahontas, and Webster Sexton, MikeMike Sexton Republican 2014
11 Buena Vista and Sac   Worthan, GaryGary Worthan Republican 2006[b] N/A Justice System (Chair)
12 Audubon, Carroll, and Crawford Best, BrianBrian Best Republican 2014
13 Woodbury   Hall, ChrisChris Hall Democratic 2010 Commerce (Ranking Member) N/A
14 Woodbury Kacena, TimothyTimothy Kacena Democratic 2016
15 Pottawattamie McConkey, CharlieCharlie McConkey Democratic 2014
16 Pottawattamie   Hanusa, Mary AnnMary Ann Hanusa Republican 2010 Economic Growth (Chair) Economic Development
17 Harrison, Ida, Monona, and Woodbury   Windschitl, MattMatt Windschitl Republican 2006 Administration and Rules (Chair) N/A
18 Crawford, Harrison, and Shelby Holt, StevenSteven Holt Republican 2014
19 Dallas and Polk   Watts, RalphRalph Watts Republican 2002 N/A Administration and Regulation (Chair)
20 Adair, Cass, Dallas, and Guthrie   Baudler, ClelClel Baudler Republican 2002 Public Safety (Chair) N/A
21 Adams, Cass, Pottawattamie, and Union Moore, TomTom Moore Republican 2015[c]
22 Pottawattamie Jacobsen, JonJon Jacobsen Republican 2017
23 Fremont, Mills, and Montgomery Sieck, DavidDavid Sieck Republican 2015[d]
24 Montgomery, Page, Ringgold, and Taylor   Dolecheck, CecilCecil Dolecheck Republican 1996 N/A Education (Chair)
25 Madison and Warren Gustafson, StanStan Gustafson Republican 2014[e]
26 Warren   Ourth, ScottScott Ourth Democratic 2012 N/A Agriculture and Natural Resources
27 Clarke, Decatur, Lucas, and Wayne   Fry, JoelJoel Fry Republican 2010 N/A N/A
28 Jasper, Lucas, and Marion   Heartsill, GregGreg Heartsill Republican 2012 Government Oversight (Vice Chair), Local Government (Vice Chair) N/A
29 Jasper Breckenridge, WesWes Breckenridge Democratic 2016
30 Polk Nunn, ZachZach Nunn Republican 2014
31 Polk   Olson, RickRick Olson Democratic 2004 N/A Justice System
32 Polk   Gaines, Ruth AnnRuth Ann Gaines Democratic 2010 Government Oversight (Ranking Member) N/A
33 Polk Meyer, BrianBrian Meyer Democratic 2013 N/A N/A
34 Polk   Hunter, BruceBruce Hunter Democratic 2003[f] Labor (Ranking Member) Administration and Regulation
35 Polk   Abdul-Samad, AkoAko Abdul-Samad Democratic 2006 N/A N/A
36 Polk   Anderson, MartiMarti Anderson Democratic 2012 N/A Justice System
37 Polk   Landon, JohnJohn Landon Republican 2012 Ways and Means (Vice Chair) Transportation, Infrastructure and Capitals
38 Polk   Koester, KevinKevin Koester Republican 2008 Government Oversight (Chair) N/A
39 Polk   Highfill, JakeJake Highfill Republican 2012 State Government (Vice Chair) Education
40 Polk   Forbes, JohnJohn Forbes Democratic 2012 N/A Health and Human Services
41 Polk   Oldson, JoJo Oldson Democratic 2002 Ways and Means (Ranking Member) N/A
42 Polk and Warren   Cownie, PeterPeter Cownie Republican 2008 Commerce (Chair) N/A
43 Polk   Hagenow, ChrisChris Hagenow Republican 2008 N/A N/A
44 Dallas   Taylor, RobRob Taylor Republican 2012 Environmental Protection (Vice Chair) Education (Vice Chair)
45 Story   Wessel-Kroeschell, BethBeth Wessel-Kroeschell Democratic 2004 Human Resources (Ranking Member) Health and Human Services
46 Story   Heddens, LisaLisa Heddens Democratic 2002 N/A Health and Human Services (Ranking Member)
47 Boone and Greene   Baltimore, ChipChip Baltimore Republican 2010 Judiciary (Chair) Justice System
48 Boone, Hamilton, Story, and Webster   Bacon, RobertRobert Bacon Republican 2012 Human Resources (Vice Chair) Health and Human Services
49 Hardin and Story   Deyoe, DaveDave Deyoe Republican 2006 N/A Economic Development (Chair)
50 Butler, Grundy, and Hardin County, Iowa   Grassley, PatPat Grassley Republican 2006 Agriculture (Chair) Agriculture and Natural Resources
51 Howard, Mitchell, Winneshiek, and Worth Bloomingdale, JaneJane Bloomingdale Republican 2016
52 Cerro Gordo, Chickasaw, and Floyd   Todd Prichard Democratic 2013[g] N/A N/A
53 Cerro Gordo   Steckman, SharonSharon Steckman Democratic 2008 Education (Ranking Member) Education
54 Butler, Cerro Gordo, and Franklin   Upmeyer, LindaLinda Upmeyer Republican 2002 N/A N/A
55 Clayton, Fayette, and Winneshiek Bergan, MichaelMichael Bergan Republican 2016
56 Allamakee and Clayton Hager, KristiKristi Hager Republican 2016
57 Dubuque Lundgren, ShannonShannon Lundgren Republican 2016
58 Dubuque, Jackson, and Jones McKean, AndyAndy McKean Republican 2016
59 Black Hawk   Kressig, BobBob Kressig Democratic 2004 Public Safety (Ranking Member) Economic Development
60 Black Hawk   Rogers, WaltWalt Rogers Republican 2010 Administration and Rules (Vice Chair) N/A
61 Black Hawk Brown-Powers, TimiTimi Brown-Powers Democratic 2014
62 Black Hawk Smith, RasRas Smith Democratic 2016
63 Black Hawk and Bremer   Salmon, SandySandy Salmon Republican 2012 Veterans Affairs (Vice Chair) Agriculture and Natural Resources
64 Buchanan and Fayette   Bearinger, BruceBruce Bearinger Democratic 2012 N/A Agriculture and Natural Resources
65 Linn Bennett, LizLiz Bennett Democratic 2014
66 Linn   Staed, ArtArt Staed Democratic 2006; 2012 [h] Local Government (Ranking Member) Administration and Regulation
67 Linn Hinson, AshleyAshley Hinson Republican 2016
68 Linn Rizer, KenKen Rizer Republican 2014
69 Linn   Running-Marquardt, KirstenKirsten Running-Marquardt Democratic 2009[i] N/A Economic Development (Ranking Member)
70 Linn   Taylor, ToddTodd Taylor Democratic 1995[j] N/A Justice System (Ranking Member)
71 Marshall   Smith, MarkMark Smith Democratic 2000 N/A N/A
72 Black Hawk, Marshall, and Tama   Fisher, DeanDean Fisher Republican 2012 Natural Resources (Vice Chair) Health and Human Services
73 Cedar, Johnson, and Muscatine   Kaufmann, BobbyBobby Kaufmann Republican 2012 Economic Growth (Vice Chair) Economic Development (Vice Chair)
74 Johnson   Jacoby, DavidDavid Jacoby Democratic 2003[k] N/A Transportation, Infrastructure and Capitals
75 Benton and Iowa   Pettengill, DawnDawn Pettengill Republican[l] 2004 N/A N/A
76 Iowa, Johnson, and Poweshiek   Maxwell, DavidDavid Maxwell Republican 2012 N/A Transportation, Infrastructure, and Capitals (Vice Chair)
77 Johnson Nielsen, AmyAmy Nielsen Democratic 2016
78 Keokuk and Washington   Klein, JaradJarad Klein Republican 2010 Agriculture (Vice Chair) Agriculture and Natural Resources (Vice Chair)
79 Mahaska and Marion   Vander Linden, GuyGuy Vander Linden Republican 2010 State Government (Chair) Administration and Regulation
80 Appanoose, Mahaska, Monroe, and Wapello   Sheets, LarryLarry Sheets Republican 2012 Labor (Vice Chair) Economic Development
81 Wapello   Gaskill, MaryMary Gaskill Democratic 2002 N/A N/A
82 Davis, Jefferson, Van Buren Miller, PhilPhil Miller Democratic 2017
83 Lee   Kearns, JerryJerry Kearns Democratic 2008 Veterans Affairs (Ranking Member) N/A
84 Henry, Jefferson, Lee County, Iowa, and Washington   Heaton, DavidDavid Heaton Republican 1994 N/A Health and Human Services (Chair)
85 Johnson   Lensing, VickiVicki Lensing Democratic 2000 State Government (Ranking Member) N/A
86 Johnson   Mascher, MaryMary Mascher Democratic 1994 N/A N/A
87 Des Moines   Cohoon, DennisDennis Cohoon Democratic 1986 N/A Transportation, Infrastructure and Capitals (Ranking Member)
88 Des Moines, Louisa, and Muscatine Kerr, DavidDavid Kerr Republican 2016
89 Scott Kurth, MonicaMonica Kurth Democratic 2017
90 Scott   Winckler, CindyCindy Winckler Democratic 2000 N/A Education (Ranking Member)
91 Muscatine Carlson, GaryGary Carlson Republican 2014
92 Scott Paustian, RossRoss Paustian Republican 2014
93 Scott   Thede, PhyllisPhyllis Thede Democratic 2008 Ethics (Ranking Member) N/A
94 Scott Mohr, GaryGary Mohr Republican 2016
95 Buchanan and Linn Zumbach, LouieLouie Zumbach Republican 2016
96 Delaware and Jones   Hein, LeeLee Hein Republican 2010 Environmental Protection (Chair) Agriculture and Natural Resources
97 Clinton and Scott Mommsen, NorlinNorlin Mommsen Republican 2014
98 Clinton   Wolfe, MaryMary Wolfe Democratic 2010 Judiciary (Ranking Member) N/A
99 Dubuque Finkenauer, AbbyAbby Finkenauer Democratic 2014
100 Dubuque   Isenhart, CharlesCharles Isenhart Democratic 2008 Environmental Protection (Ranking Member) Economic Development


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  9. ^ First elected in a November 24, 2009 special election.
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  12. ^ Pettengill was a Democrat until 2007.[5]

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