List of billionaire spacetravellers

This is a list of billionaire (USD) space travellers.[1][2]


Billionaire Spaceflight Launch Date Landing Date Notes
    Dennis Tito   Space Adventures / MirCorp ISS EP-1 (Soyuz TM-32/TM-31) 28 April 2001 6 May 2001 First billionaire in space, orbital space; first space tourist to the International Space Station [3][1][4]
    Mark Shuttleworth   Space Adventures ISS EP-3 (Soyuz TM-34/TM-33) 25 April 2002 2 May 2002 First insured space tourist; First South African, first person from Africa in space, orbital space; second space tourist to the International Space Station [3] [1] [5] [6] [7] [8]
    Charles Simonyi Space Adventures Soyuz TMA-10/TMA-9 7 April 2007 21 April 2007 First spaceflight First two-time space tourist [9] [3][10]
Space Adventures Soyuz TMA-13/TMA-12 26 March 2009 8 April 2009 Second spaceflight [11]
    Guy Laliberté Space Adventures Soyuz TMA-16/TMA-14 30 September 2009 11 October 2009 First Canadian space tourist; Last space tourist before the U.S. STS Space Shuttle programme shut down, and increase in long-term ISS crew to 6, leading to a decade without space tourist flights to the ISS [3][1][12][13]
    Richard Branson   Virgin Galactic Unity 22 11 July 2021 11 July 2021 First billionaire to fly in his own spacecraft into space, above the 80km McDowell line to suborbital space; First fully occupied SpaceShipTwo flight [2][14][15]
    Jeff Bezos Blue Origin NS-16 20 July 2021 20 July 2021 First billionaire to fly in his own spacecraft above the 100km Karman line into suborbital space; First wholly commercial civilian flightcrew-less flight into space, suborbital space; First crewed Blue Origin launch [2][14][15][16]
  Jared Isaacman   SpaceX Shift4 Inspiration4 15 September 2021 18 September 2021 First wholly commercial civilian flightcrew-less flight into orbital space; Fourth crewed SpaceX launch [2]
    Yusaku Maezawa   Space Adventures Soyuz MS-20 8 December 2021 20 December 2021 First spaceflight Maezawa is set to become the first tourist around the Moon [2] [17]
  SpaceX dearMoon TBA TBA Circumlunar flight aboard SpaceX's Starship [18]
    Larry Connor Axiom/SpaceX Ax-1 21 February 2022 21 February 2022 First flight for AxiomSpace, first private spaceflight to the International Space Station [14][19][20]
    Eytan Stibbe Axiom/SpaceX Ax-1 First Israeli space tourist. Second Israeli in space, orbital space. [14][19][21]
  John Shoffner Axiom/SpaceX Ax-2 2022 H2 2022 H2 [22]
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  Currently in space
  Scheduled future flight


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