List of Transformers: Zone characters

A list of characters from the 1990 anime OVA Transformers: Zone.

Principal characters from Transformers: Zone.


Powered Masters / Big PoweredEdit

The three Powered Masters combined into a super vehicle.

  • Dai AtlasDrill Tank / Jet / Base
    • SpeederFuturistic Car
  • Sonic BomberJet / Base
  • Road FireTank / Base
    • Drill BusterDrill Tank


The Micromasters include:[citation needed]

  • Transports
Black Heat
Road Hugger
  • Battle Stations
Hot House
  • Bases


Victory Saber (Voiced by
Hideyuki Tanaka)
Galaxy Shuttle


Nine Great Generals (九大魔将軍)Edit

The Nine Great Generals include:[citation needed]

Overlord (Voiced by
Keiichi Noda)
Super God General; leader of the Nine.
Devastator (Voiced by
Hirohiko Kakegawa)
Engineering General
Menasor (Voiced by
Masato Hirano)
Intelligence General
Bruticus (Voiced by
Yukimasa Kishino)
Fire General
Trypticon (Voiced by
Daisuke Gōri)
Dinosaur General
Predaking (Voiced by
Yukimasa Kishino)
Beast General
Abominus (Voiced by
Yukimasa Kishino)
Monster General
King Poseidon (Voiced by
Masato Hirano)
Aquatic General
Black Zarak (Voiced by
Hirohiko Kakegawa)
Dark Spirit General

Micromaster Race Track PatrolEdit

F-1 Racer[citation needed]



Cain is a Nebulanoid boy from planet Feminia with a winged rabbit named Emusa. They meet a little boy named Akira when they come to Earth.

Violenjiger/Bio Ranger IgaEdit

A monstrous insectoid being who assembles the Nine Great Generals in a bid to acquire Zone Energy.

An alternate version was featured in "Ask Vector Prime" under the name Bio Ranger Iga, Lord of the Tenth Planet, and assembled a force of Thirteen "Great Demon" Generals to serve his ambitions:

  • Zarak Maximus, the Fusion Paranoia General, born after the Nebulan Zarak fused together the remains of several Autobots and Decepticons and was consumed by their feuding personalities.
  • Hydratron, the Stygian Anguish General, provided by the Quintessons.
  • Volcanicon, the Transwarp Pandemic General, seeking to avenge Planet Dinosaur.
  • Obsidian, the Radiation Mutilation General, Volcanicon's twin.
  • Sixshot, the Filicide Ninjitsu General, sent in place of an uninterested Shockwave.
  • Monstructor, the Nightmare Abyss General, offered up to Iga by the Ebon Knights.
  • Gigatron, the Destronger Chōkon General, who came to Iga's side from beyond time.
  • Ruination, the Arctic Decay General, recovered from a frozen wasteland in a Viron Cluster universe.
  • Toxitron, the Miasma Apostate General, given to Iga by an equivalent to Starscream who broke the components free from confinement.
  • Ragnarok, the Genetronic Apocalypse General, who was freed by Iga from a "dead end universe."
  • Puzzler, the Cybernetic Subjugation General, a cyborg gestalt permanently fused by Iga.
  • Shokaract, the Omega Singularity General.
  • Galvatronus, the Deceptigod Emperor General, who was selected by Iga as the leader of his generals.